My first fanfic in english, so sorry if the grammar is poor (please tell me about the mistakes and I correct them). I am not very experienced in writing romance, but I wanted to try.

Edit.: Thanks to EmilyF.6 the help with grammar, and to everyone who offered his/her help, and great thanks to Leelish for everything, for her helpful hands, smart suggestions and quick red ink!

1. Bo the Bold and Blunt

Kyoko in the Bo' costume carefully strolled the empty corridors of Fuji TV. She never dared to go to THAT corridor, unless Bo's head safely covered her own. Today that care paid off. She sighed, nervously stepped back, and went into the role. Now she was the cheerful, a bit shameless and arrogant, but helpful young, ehm, man in the rooster's disguise.

Tsuruga Ren sat on the bank and hearing the thumping sounds of Bo's walk, his head rose immediately.

"Hi, Bo," he greeted. "It's been a long time."

The rooster came near, and sitting himself next to him, he asked in a slightly amused voice: "Well, seems the great and mighty Tsuruga Ren needs help again. Oh yes. Spill it."

Ren made a wry face. "No need to be mean, you know? It is not so easy. Are you not supposed to go easy on me and to cheer me up a bit, before I am ready to talk about my problems?" he added, sounding amused.

Bo rolled his eyes (or at least made the impression), and then he shook his head. "I am no cheap psychologist. Look, time is money, and yours so much more than mine, and it was you who told me to be professional. Stop playing the princess and tell me, so we can go on. Is it work? Health? Family? Women? Or anything else?"

Ren sighed and looked to the ground. "Do you remember that girl?"

Kyoko froze a bit. Oh no, please. Doing Setsu was one thing, she at least could hide herself behind the clingy-sister attitude, but it was only a few days back that she found out she is head over heels in love with him. It would be a catastrophe for her, if he finds out... he would be kind, of course, and full of understanding, but even thinking of such a kind and smooth rejection felt disgusting. She would prefer to die. But she wanted to help him, and if it meant to share his love troubles, she had to go through the torture.

"The one we talked about last time?" asked Bo. "So you have confessed? And now... you want to break up?" he added hesitantly (and even if Kyoko knew it is bad, she could do nothing els e but to harbour a small spark of hope. But the sparkle died immediately with his words).

"Oh no, nothing like that. Or, sort of. I decided to confess. But she needs to know ...things about me before. She doesn't know who I really am. And I am not sure whether to do it or not."

Bo scratched his head. "Well, and what's the problem? Why can't you tell her immediately? Are you afraid she cannot keep your secrets?"

Ren looked up allmost scared. "No! She is completely to be trusted, but... she might be scared... or she might be angry I haven't told her before, as I cannot hold it secret forever anyway."

"So. There are secrets about you. One day you have to go public with them anyway. But you want to be honest with her now and you trust her enough to tell her. Really, I do not see why any girl would be angry about hearing someone's secrets."

"Because some of them concern her. I sort of... lied to her. And in my past, I was... "

"No offense, but I am not the one who should know your past first," Bo interjected hastily. "But anything you did in the past... even if it was really, really bad... it seems you are remorseful and ashamed, and you have changed; and if the lies you told her had some reason to be told, she may understand and forgive you. Everyone makes serious mistakes when they are young and silly. The thing is, they should learn from them."

Ren looked at Bo. "I don't know." He still looked tortured and unsure.

"Is there anything else?"

Ren looked away.

Bo watched him inquiringly a bit, and then he suddenly continued: "Could it be... (no way!) you are afraid?"


"You are! You are afraid she'll reject you! Oh dear. The great, famous Tsuruga Ren, who can walk through a room and make every woman there faint just by unleashing his smile, is afraid to be rejected." Bo meant it as a joke, but the sound of his voice softened at the end of the speech. He turned his head to the side and asked with understanding: "Is it possible... she is in love with someone else?"

"No, I don't think so. It's just... I am not sure if I... If I am good enough for her," answered Ren. "You know, if there was just a little hint that she likes me..."

Kyoko had had enough of it. Her heart felt like sqeezed and drained of blood, and she was sure that if she heard more, she would start to cry. And besides, she hated hearing such a silly words from someone, who should be bold and rush on the white horse to kneel down in front of the girl of his and make her happy forever... Ahem. No time for fantasies. The faithful page Bo should kick some courage into the shining knight in the golden armour.

"Don't be coward, man!" Bo exclaimed.

"You cannot wait for the right girl to decide to come to you. What if she is shy? And besides, if there is a moment you should be brave, it is this one. There is no way a knight in shining armor would wait for the princess to confess! The worst thing that can happen is, she rejects you, but even that is better than sitting and sulking. At least you are sure of the future."

Kyoko tried to be skeptical about the relationship, but even in her imagination it went the other way. She simply could not imagine Tsuruga-san to be Sho-like, to be bad or untrue to his girl and she was sure... she gulped... that any girl could live a happy life by his side.

No, there was no point of imagining silly and improbable dreams, what could be, if she and he...

Bo sat down again and looked to the ground, just as Ren did. After a moment of silence, Bo added unsurely: "I am sorry if I was rude. But I don't have any better advice."

Ren slowly woke up from a stupor. "No, no you weren't at all. You told me the truth. You are right. So... I should go now."

He stood up and bowed. "Thank you for your help. I really appreciate it."

Bo returned the bow and Kyoko watched Tsuruga Ren, until he turned around the corner.

She waited a minute, then she went to hiding in a dark corner and robot-like she took off the chicken costume. She felt small, empty and lost, but somehow she could not cry. Her mind felt numb and divided from reality by a thick glass. "At least everything will be over soon," she thought, as she left the building and stepped out into the Tokyo night.