A little bonus for all of you who waited with patience. Endless thanks to my amazing beta, who improved my english to a level I never hoped to reach. Enjoy!

A Bad Day of a Star

Fuwa Sho had had a bad night, and an even worse morning. He went to sleep late after an exhausting day full of live radio performances and squealing silly girls, could not rest well and had bad dreams. Morning came too soon to even call it early. His head hurt like he was a light-weight, and considering the champagne in the radio station and the beer he drank at home, maybe he was. No pudding in the fridge; no, he 'll never gets used to... Maybe he could ask Shoko? Oh no, this is one of the last pieces of privacy he has now. He switched the TV on. The morning show ended and the reporter showed the main overview of the press.

All the tabloids looked similar. There was the same picture all over it.

"Who is the mysterious date of Tsuruga Ren? The No.1 celebrity off the market!" the headlines shouted in various ways.

Sho looked dully at the delicate bodyshape, which seemed suspiciously familiar to him. She was caressing the actor's hand, and he looked at her like, like she was some surprise birthday cake with candles, Sho would puke if he would be caught with such a look in the public himself. Completely disgusting. Tsuruga looked at that stupid female like she was some damned angel.

Suddenly Sho didn't need to guess who the "mysterious date" was.

He threw the remote control against the display and whined. Unhappily, the display didn't break and the TV was still on.

Definitely a bad day.