When Duo was assigned to Surrey, he never would have believed how much his life would change, not only for him but the other pilots. And it all started on a god forsaken day when the heat outside was so unbearable that the only way to escape it was to stand in front of a freezer.

It was way too damn hot.

So here he was, outside wandering around. There was only one thing out of place in this neighborhood, and the neighbors all looked at the culprit with disgust and suspicion.

And his name was Harry James Potter, of number four Privet Drive, Little Whinging.

Harry was walking around, minding his own business when he met him. A boy with the longest braid he had ever seen, wearing what appeared to be a priest's collar and a Christian cross. His eyes were the thing that really caught his attention though.

Just like Harry's, they shone like jewels. Only where his was a stunning emerald, this kid had clear amethyst eyes.

Something about the kid reminded him of Sirius and the twins, so he liked him immedaitely.



"What's your name Green eyes?" the other boy quipped.

"Call me Harry. You must be new, if you're actually talking to me. Everyone else around here thinks I'm a delinquent."

The other boy grinned. Harry decided he liked it.

"Call me Duo. I run, I hide, but I never tell a lie! That's me in a nutshell!"

Which is when Dudley decided to spoil everything. Apparently he didn't like the fact that his cousin was getting along with the new kid.

Too bad Duo had already sized him up before he got close. Fat, spoiled, definitely a bully with a high tendancy for violence.

He disliked the idiot immediately.

Duo dealt with him quickly, and found himself with a surprised green eyed kid who was reevaluating his new acquaintance.

Looked like the kid came to a decision.

"Mind showing me how to do that? I really want to teach my uncle to leave me alone."

Duo knew he liked the kid.

Since Harry had mentioned that his uncle would lock him out if he came home after the fat kid did, Duo let him crash at his house. Imagine his surprise when he discovered they wore the same size clothes, or close enough that it didn't make a difference.

But his biggest shock was Harry's back. It was covered in old scars, and when Duo gently touched his shoulder in a non threatening way, the kid flinched.

Immediate deduction: Harry was abused by his relatives.

It really struck home when they heard a tapping at the window, revealing a gorgous snow white owl.

"Hedwig! I thought Dumbledore was keeping you locked up!" Harry was very surprised.

He let the owl in, and it hooted softly before landing on his shoulder. It was clear to Duo that the kid's only friend was his owl. And that owl was loyal to Harry, if the bent tail feathers were any indication.

Duo made a decision. He had to take Harry with him, or at least as far away from this boring ass place as he could!

Harry stiffened when Duo asked him the one question he dreaded. It was one that Madam Pomphrey asked immedaitely after he came in with a broken arm second year.

"Harry, have you been abused by your aunt and uncle?"

He looked at Duo, who had a weird expression on his face. Seeing no escape, he nodded slightly.

"That does it. When I leave here I'm taking you with me."

Surprised he stared at his new (and currently only friend) in shock.

"I usually escape at school, but it's not for another two months."

"You are soo crashing here from now on. No way am I letting a friend live in an abusive home if I can help."

Harry thought quickly. Duo had said he was leaving, but he couldn't leave his friends. Or the magical world. He knew without a doubt they would hunt him down to the ends of the earth, if only to be their martyr. But...there was another solution.

"Can you hotwire a car?"

Duo looked at him amused.


"Cause if I can get to London and to my vault, I won't have to live with them. I can easily afford my own apartment, at least until I can get a job."

Duo looked at him incredulously.

"You...can afford an apartment in London until you're at least sixteen? Damn how rich are you?"

Harry grinned, mischeivously.

"Rich. My dad was from an old family. I only live at my aunt's house because he was the last of his line and Mum was the only one with living relatives."

Duo whistled, impressed.

"Hey, if I do get an apartment, want to stay with me?" asked Harry hopefully.

"Definitely! London is a hundred times better than staying in this boring ass place!"

Duo borrowed a neighbors car the next morning, when he made sure not a soul was up or watching. He had noticed watchers in the area, and when Harry asked, he mentioned it to him. He certianly didn't expect the kid to scowl, or let loose a dog like growl.

Once they were safely on the highway, he asked why.

"Either it's that meddling old goat keeping tabs on me, or the guy who wants to kill me for some reason I was never entirely sure of."

Harry was borrowing Duo's spare change of clothes, and a black cap. Something about his scar giving him more trouble than it was worth when recognized.

They stopped at a side street in the parking lot, and abandoned the car. Duo gave it the once over, clearing all prints or traces of him in there. (Harry didn't ask.)

Harry lead them to a discreet looking store, and Duo had to ask, "Why Leaky Cauldron? Isn't that a bit...I don't know, cheesy?"

"I doubt wizards really think about names. Hell, I know a kid named Draco. Wait a minute, you can see the pub?" Harry looked at him in complete shock.

"It's standing right there. Why?"

Harry was looking at him in disbelief.

"I'll be damned. Well that makes things a hell of a lot easier. Come on in, and whatever you do, pretend like everything you're about to see is completely normal. Otherwise they'll know you're muggleborn."

Confused, he followed his friend in...and tried not to stare at everything. Spoons were stirring tea and coffee without being touched, chairs were setting themselves, and were those sticks?

Harry lead them into the alley, and tapped a few bricks. He then took out a key, which looked of really old gold.

Duo really did stare at the small creatures running what was obviously the bank.

"What are they?"

"Goblins. Don't stare."

Harry waited in the line, and said clearly to the goblin, "I would like to withdraw funds, and exchange a some galleons for muggle currency."


Harry showed him the key, and the goblin frowned.

"This is a duplicate. Do you have the original?"

"It's a duplicate? But why would... Nevermind, can I speak to the goblin in charge of the Potter account? I want this cleared up, please."

The goblin gave him a look, and he sighed, lifting the cap and revealing the scar. Satisfied, the goblin yelled "Griphook!"

Another goblin lead them to a office, and sat down.

"We were wondering when you would finally notice that the key was a duplicate."

"I was either with an adult, or someone went in for me. I reccommend blaming Dumbledore, since I used to trust him."

The goblin nodded.

"You currently have ten vaults, five for the Gryffindor account, three for the Potter and Perevell account, and one for the Evans account. The last is the trust vault, which you current have a duplicate key."

"Is it possible to retrieve all keys? I was only aware of the trust vault."

The goblin waved it's hand, and the ten keys changed. He handed them to Harry, who put them away.

"Your parent's will was lost, and the executor never fulfilled it. As you are underage, you can only access the Evans, trust and one of the Gryffindor vaults. The rest are sealed until you come of age."

"Has there been any recent activity in the ones I can't access?"

Griphook checked, "It seems there has been withdrawels from the Gryffindor account, by the headmaster. It has been used for the past three years."

"Lock all vaults that I can't access down. He has no right to take my money without my consent. Any idea where it went?"

"Granger, Weasly and to fund an organization. In fact he is due to arrive tomorrow for his annual visit."

"Granger and Weasly? I don't believe it! He's been paying them?"

"What's wrong Harry?" asked Duo, finally speaking up.

"Hermione Granger and Ron Weasly are my best friends at school. Though the letters they've been sending are pretty useless."

"Lord Potter, since you are here would you like to write your will?"

"Might as well get that over with."

Harry finished his business, then he noticed the look Griphook was giving Duo.

"Hey Duo, what do you know of magic?"

"I'm open to believe, after seeing this place. Why?"

"I think you might have some magical heritage. If the look Griphook is giving you is any idication..."

"We can do an inheritance test right now, while you retrieve the funds from your vault."

Duo looked interested, and willingly gave some of his blood. A goblin put a vial of something on the parchment, and Duo finally found out what his parent's names were.

DUO MAXWELL (Edwin Gabriel Potter)

Father: James Potter (Pure Blood)

Mother: Angela Maxwell (half-blood)

Half Brother: Harry James Potter

It then listed a series of names, which he didn't pay attention to. He stared at the name of his half brother though, in shock.

"I don't freaking believe it."

Harry walked out with two bags of coins, and asked "What's up?"

He showed him the paper, and Harry looked incredulous.

"You have got to be joking. We're brothers?"

"If this test is accurate..."

"Less chance of the Minister growing a pair than it being wrong, Mr. Maxwell," the goblin told him smugly.

Harry snickered. Then he looked thoughtful.

"I think we need some help with this, if only to confirm it. Time to use Hedwig."

"What next?"

"Shopping. Might as well get most of it done now. Plus I can help you learn magic once we get you a wand."

"I can use magic?"

"If you can see the cauldron, then the odds of you being able to cast is pretty good. It has muggle repelling charms to keep those without magic out."


Harry handed Duo one of the bags, which was full of gold coins. His bag had the same amount. First they bought some casual robes, then books. After the apothecary Harry decided against Ollivanders.

That old man would see through him easy, plus his wands had tracers on them. So they went down Knockturn instead.

Duo's wand was elder and ebony, with thestral and unicorn tail. It also had an amethyst focus on the handle. Harry decided that he could use a extra wand too, and bought a new one.

Never know when your wand will snap.

Harry's new wand had holly and cherry blossom wood with phoenix and werewolf cores. The handle had emerald, sapphire and ruby focus.

Duo wanted to check out one last thing though.

"Mind if I get a pet?"

"What did you have in mind?"

Duo looked at him sheepishly.

"An owl, actually. Maybe one of those who can turn their head almost all the way around."

Harry laughed.

"Sure! Hedwig would probably like a friend."

Duo grinned at him.

Duo was lucky, as they had one last owl in stock that could in fact turn it's head all the way around. But for some strange reason he named it Bob. Harry couldn't help his snickering at the name.

Instead of going back immedaitely, Harry took them clothes shopping. He didn't want to keep borrowing Duo's clothes, and he hated wearing Dudley's cast offs.

Duo turned out to be a godsend. He helped him pick out stylish yet easy to move in clothes. And Duo really knew electronics.

Harry now owned a laptop, cell phone and music player. Duo apparently had different tastes in music though. Still, they had fun debating tunes.

Soon they had to head back. Harry summoned the Knight bus and they were dropped off just outside of the house.

They snuck in without a sound, and crashed on the couch.

Duo was grinning. Coming to Surrey was the best thing ever! He found a friend who turned out to be his half brother, discovered he was a wizard who could use magic, and got a pet! Best assignment ever!

Bob was sharing the post with Hedwig, who didn't complain.

Harry made breakfast, and they ate in silence. When there was a knock on the door, Harry noticed Duo slip something from his waist. It looked like a muggle gun. But what was Duo doing with that?

He sensed something was about to happen. He called Hedwig softly, and she landed on his shoulder to eat bacon from there. He was well hid by the wall in the kitchen, which was only slightly visible from the front door. He listened intently to the conversation, and was very glad no one could see him or Hedwig when he recognized Moody's voice.

So they finally noticed he wasn't at his aunt's house? It took them two bloody days to realize he was missing?

Duo closed the door with a growl.

At least he was still here.

"Who the hell was that old geezer?"

"Did this old geezer have a spinning eye, missing leg and numerous scars?"

"You know him?"

"Fourth year defense teacher. Found out afterwards he had been captured and an imposter took over. His name is Alastor Moody, Ex Auror."

"What the hell was he doing here?"

"Apparently it takes them two days to notice their precious savior is missing. Want to help me break in to my aunt's house and take back my stuff?"

Duo's smirk was all the answer he needed.

It was three in the morning, a time which according to Duo, there weren't any watchers. Duo had quietly asked about the alarm system in the house, and had been delighted to learn there was none. He returned to the house with a small trunk (he was apparently good at wandless magic) and numerous odds and ends.

Harry was thrilled to find out that Duo had made it clear someone had been in the house, since there was not only his trunk, but another as well.

Looking at the name on the side, he gaped in shock.

"Aunt Petunia had my mum's school trunk?" he said in disbelief.

Duo handed them over, and Harry opened up the trunk to remove something. Duo was impressed, but was highly incredulous at the sight of something Sirius had given Harry for Christmas over a year ago.

"You have got to be joking. A broomstick, really?"

"Wizards have yet to discover the joy of climate controlled air planes," Harry said dryly.

Duo cracked up at that.

Harry pulled out something from the top, and handed it to Duo. Then he closed it, and looked at his newly found brother.

"You want to go looking for apartments tomorrow?"


Harry found a large flat with windows, sunk in living room, fully stocked kitchen, huge bathroom...and happened to be three blocks from the Ministry building and right next to the Daily Prophet. (He found that out only by spotting Rita Skeeter by accident entering the building and overhearing about strange folk going in and out at odd hours.)

Duo promptly chose the second bedroom, and took a long nap after feeding Bob. Harry went to bed around midnight, after making sure the wards and locks were in place. The goblin teams made sure it was password protected to keep wizards out. If Harry wanted he could activate the muggle wards, but he didn't.

Duo woke up, feeling something was wrong. So he got up, and looked around. He could hear the hum of the wards, so that wasn't it. Then he heard the whimper of fear. Sneaking into the next room over, he looked inside.

"No...Cedric...! Mum, Dad!"

Who was Cedric? What had happened? Duo slipped into the room, and went to Harry. Harry was curled into a tiny ball, whimpering. Clearly something horrible had happened to this Cedric. Duo climbed into the bed, and gently brushed the hair from his brother's face.

Harry flinched, then leaned into the touch. Eventually Duo just curled into the bed next to him, with Harry's head on his stomach, finally sleeping peacefully.

When Harry woke up the next morning and found Duo next to him, he blushed. Still...he thought, it was nice. It took him a moment to realize what the feeling was. It was something he had never experienced for as long as he could remember.

Safety. Peace. Home.

Closing his eyes, he actually fell back asleep.

He didn't know Duo was already awake. Duo let his new brother sleep, since it was blatently obvious he was plagued by frequent nightmares.

Looking at how peaceful Harry looked, he stiffled a snicker.

Harry looked more like a lost kitten than Quatre did. At least he now had a nickname to call him.

When they finally woke up, Duo gave Harry a look. Harry sighed, then told him the truth.

"Last year at school I was forced into a tournament. On the last task we had to retrieve a cup from a maze. A fellow student from my school named Cedric Diggory was at the end with me. I suggested we take it together, since it would be a Hogwarts win either way..." here Harry had a pained look on his face, "The damn thing turned out to be port key, one of my least favorite ways to travel with magic. When we got to the graveyard the guy who came after me when I was an infant had his minion kill Cedric...right before my eyes."

"How did you escape?"

"We cast spells at each other and our wands connected. My parent's souls came out of Voldemort's wand. Everyone he had killed with that damn thing came out. Including Cedric who asked me to take his body back to his father. I broke free and did that. Now everyone thinks I was lying about his return, and no one believes me."

Harry tried to hold back a sob, but Duo just held him and let it out. Harry couldn't stop the tears, and finally let out all the fear, pain and sorrow of being forced to fight. Duo swore then and there that he would help Harry win the war he had been forced into when he was only eleven. He had never asked to fight, like him and the other four.

Eventually things calmed down. Harry would often go grocery shopping with his cap on, while Duo kept reading all the books on magic he could get his hands on.

Then one night they were listening to the news when mentions of a suspected Gundam Pilot being captured on L4.

Harry noticed Duo tensed, and guess what was wrong immedaitely. Unlike Ron he could pick things up without being told.

"You're one of the Gundam Pilots, aren't you."

Duo flinched. Then he turned to Harry.

"Yes. I know the names of the other four."

"It doesn't matter to me if you're a terrorist or not. You're my brother, which is all that matters."

Duo let out a silent sigh of relief. Then Harry said something that made his heart almost stop.

"Think you can teach me to fly a suit?"

"NO! I won't risk my own brother in my war!"

"I'm already in a war. The only difference is that the enemy won't be after me because of some bloody scar. I want to help you Duo."

Duo was conflicted.

"Let me put it this way. How do you think I will feel being on the sidelines seeing you hurt and unable to help? Hermione once called it my 'saving people thing', since I have a bad habit of jumping in when others are hurt and I know I can do something to help."

Duo looked at Harry, and swore.

"Just my luck. My own brother is like three of the other pilots combined! Four if I include me!"

Harry chuckled.

"What are their names?"

"Hee-chan, Tro-bear, Kit Kat and Wuffers."

Harry stared at Duo incredulously.

"Their real names?" he said, absolutely amused.

"Heero, Trowa, Quatre and Wu Fei."

"Tell me about them," said Harry.

So Duo described them as best he could. Harry privately came up with his own nicknames, and told them to Duo when he was done.

"In other words, Grouchy, Grumpy, Sneaky and Sandy."

Duo was howling with laughter.

"And me?"

"Silly or Goofy."

Duo cackled.