Chris was deep in thought, facing his computer, reading. This time it wasn't a script. It was a book. An actual book. Chris himself didn't really how the idea came at that time but the fact of the matter is, the idea came this day and it was a pretty good one if he could say so himself. So, Chris was there now. Writing an actual children book.

He was reading once again the last bit of text that he just wrote for this new project. He wasn't sure if this part was good enough. If it really fitted the story. He kept reading, reading and re-reading. Very concentrating on each word.

That's why Chris didn't hear the soft "thud" indicating his office door opening. He didn't hear the soft steps taken over his carpet. He didn't hear the body coming behind him, reading over Chris' shoulder.

Chris, however, did feel the contact of lips against his hair. He startled him and shook him out of his focus. But what came on his face when he saw who it was, was just the most beautiful, breathtaking smile he has. Darren was there, with sort of the same expression on his face.

"You scared me, I didn't hear you enter."

"I know you didn't. You look so good when you're all serious like this."

"Shut up," said Chris as he went for a kiss.

They kissed for a few minutes. Occasionally, separating lips to kiss jaws, necks, foreheads. They were sweet, simple kisses but at this moment that all they really needed. But Chris put a gentle hand on Darren's torso, slightly pushing him away.

"As much as I would love to keep doing that, I have to get back to the writing."

"Fine," Darren sighed. "I get to watch, though."

"Darren, no. Please, with you I can't focus."

"I'll behave. Promise."

Not totally convinced, Chris still went back to his computer. Darren took a chair and sat behind Chris, resuming his past position. He took his arms and wrapped them around Chris' waist, holding him close. He went to read again as Chris started to make some edits, writing new parts but he couldn't stop himself he had to kiss him again. He started by the back of Chris' neck, going up, posing sweet kisses through his hair.

Chris shifted a little bit behind his touch but he didn't say a thing. So Darren took it as if he could continue.

They went for hours just like this. Chris working, appreciating the little touches of his lover. Darren kissing Chris' hair, occasionally reading his work when there was enough for him to read.

They went for hours just like this. Being simple. Being them. Just enjoying those little times they could have. Because sometimes, the simplest things are the best.