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Ten years, it felt so long since it happened. It didn't seem like that's how long it's been.

Ten years ago since a small child, who depended on her parents, was told she would never see her father ever again. She wouldn't be able to see his smiling face again. It's been ten years since her other father smiled, that same smile that he lost so many years ago to something so brutal.

In order for you to understand this horrible tragedy that unfolded for her and her cousin, you have to see what happened.

Eiri Yuki, the world renowned romance novelist, Shuichi Shindou, the lead singer for Bad Luck have died.

Before these tragic events ever happened, they were like any typical happy couple though Eiri never displayed his affections in public. He always gave Shuichi all the love that he had in the broken heart that he carried with him. His sister, Mika Seguchi, opposed the relationship from the start as was her husband, Tohma Seguchi. They tried – hard – to break up the relationship between the two men.

Not until they found out more about the pink haired man which caused them to grow kinder and softer to him. Shuichi was a typical country boy that was quiet who was born in the city of Shibuya with his mother and father. Tragedy struck when he was only five when his father died of Tuberculosis, leaving him and his pregnant sister alone.

After the period of mourning passed, they moved, going into the country to live with Shuichi's grandmother, Nanamura. She had her own special past when she was known as a famous violinist. While staying with his extended family, he found the same talent that his grandmother had in the art of the violin. With this talent, he played in public, earning some extra money to help support his family.

Around the time his mother gave birth to his sister, Maiko, she met his stepfather and married. This caused the positive emotions to pour out of the boy, making him feel like he was the happiest kid in the world.

That didn't last long however, his grandmother died after enduring a long battle with breast cancer, making him lose all interest in playing his violin that his grandmother handed down to him. He was only nine when that tragedy struck. After the funeral, the Shindou family relocated once more to Hokaido where Shuichi stayed until he moved to Tokyo.

It soon came apparent that Shuichi's true personality was cool, calm and collected instead of the childish facade that he put up so no one could see his pain. He wasn't stupid like people thought he was. His IQ was in the Einstein territory but never liked showing it off.

Eiri was the first to find out the true person when he caught his love playing Clair de Lune in the middle of the living room. When Mika and Tohma found out about his ability, they saw him in a whole new way. Soon, they got along just fine as if the hatred wasn't there at all.

Six years later, Mika became pregnant with her first and only child, a little boy whom they named Ban. He had the cutest little smile and strangely looked nothing like his father but exactly like his mother. The only different was he had his father's green eyes. He was a blessing to his parents but also his uncles, Eiri and Shuichi.

He always seemed to cry whenever Shuichi or Eiri would leave the room or go home for the night.

Three years later, Eiri, knowing that he and Shuichi had an undying love for children, secretly hired a surrogate to carry a baby. It was a wonderful Christmas gift for him. On Valentine's day, their daughter, as beautiful as she can be, was born. She was named Nanamura – after Shuichi's grandmother – with her middle name being Rose due to the birthmark on her right hand that was in the shape of a rose. This was also another reason for Ban's nickname 'Rosey.'

She was so cute with having the novelist's hair and skin color. Ironically, she had Shuichi's violet eyes which still puzzle everyone to this day.

Five years later, after the couple became a family finally, tragedy seem to strike again.

Shuichi was killed while visiting his hometown of Shibuya when the building he was in, collapsed. He was killed instantly. It was definitely horrible for everyone that had their hearts touched by the pink haired singer.

The funeral was horrible with Eiri crying long and silently as he stared at the coffin his lover was in. At home, a few weeks later, he was about to commit suicide so he could be with his lover once more but remembered someone depended on him. Their five-year-old daughter needed him so he pushed himself to raise little Nanamura by himself, even if he looked like his lost lover.

Four years, it was well until New Years Eve and Nanamura and Eiri was going to go meet Mika and twelve years old Ban at a restaurant. When the girl saw her aunt and cousin across the street, she didn't even hesitantly go running toward them, not noticing the truck that was racing down the road. Before anyone could react, Eiri pushed Nanamura out of the way, taking the blow from the truck for his daughter. He lived for only ten minutes.

After the funeral, Eiri's will was read and it gave the Seguchi's sole custody of Nanamura who was now nine years old.

Five years later thought, Tohma passed away from a sudden heart attack. During his funeral, Mika was found inside the coffin with a gunshot wound to her head.

All alone with nobody but each other, seventeen-year-old Ban Seguchi took fourteen year old Nanamura Uesugi under his wing and together they left Japan for good. They relocated in American where they settled in, in New York City.

This is where our story begins.

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