This is the story of Micago, the purple monkey. He was at the park one day, when he suddenly felt like pooping, so he pooped. Then the next day a seagull came to his window and took him to a pirate ship. Micago was having a laughing fit cuz there was a giant mini penguin sitting on the deck. They smiled at each other and they made pupusas together. They became friends after so long and then, one day, Micago sneaked into the penguin's little puppy apartment and killed him because he made a talking moco jump into the ocean. El amor de su vida. Micago was happy now, he had become the captain of this infamous pirate ship called "Jubelikuanzr√°√°rabu". That had been his dream since he came out of his egg. He was part monkey, part bird, that's why he was purple. So then after waiting for like a decade, all the undead people's stomachs came running toward him like the kraken was chasing them. It was in the prophecy after all. Micago started dancing tango then. Estupendo. CARAY! There was nothing left to do. But, oh! What's that in the air! It's Princess Rosalinda! She carryed a gun with her, and to everyone's surprise... she smacked the kraken with it, then kissed it and rolled over to one of his tentacles and stuck the gun to one of the tentacle suckets and no! super que estaba el 6 ahi! Sino a todos les van a pegar. A green and indigo light came out and then the kraken was cut into a million pieces that, conviniently landed on every sailor's plates. They ate him for el destino de hoy calabaza! Te esperamos pronto. Micago went to Pluto on Wednesday. he wanted to poop again, but his butt froze, so he couldn't. A hand rose from underground and pulled him in. it took him to where charlie and the other pair of drunk unicorns where waiting. They did the wedgy dance together, and figured out that each of their wedgies could actually talk and ! CRASH! What the hell is going on here! Oh, yeah, dino just ate breakfast. 7 and 11 where walking down the hallway and china went to get them. Sure, that was to be expected, but even for Micago it wasn't worthy he chose to buy the duck sauce. In the end, Micago married to his gay friend Grituano, then got divorced cuz Micago wasn't gay, actually. Micago lived happily ever after, until Tia Toya returned...tan taaaannn TTAAAAAAANNNNNN!