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Chapter 8 (A POV)

Ghosting out the door and into the street, I began to mumble an ancient tracking spell to find her friend. "Ghetti alome querti. Shregra portrume gynome."
Jennifer and Dimitri's trail began to glimmer like a thousand fireflies were lit all at once, only visible to Fae eyes. Following the glittering track led me to an abandoned car on the side of the road. Jennifer's car, a voice of wisdom whispered in my mind. Smiling in victory, I broke the lock on the door to the driver's side and pulled it open, looking for any indication as to where the duo went.

Nothing, so far, I thought to myself. Hold on for a second.

A lime green folded sheet of paper caught my eye in the passenger seat, so I reached over and grabbed it, unfolding it hastily. A detailed hand-drawn map covered the front of the sheet with faded coordinates on the back. Pocketing it, my eyes hurriedly trailed over the interior for anything else I might have missed. It was fairly clean, lacking the usual clutter of a normal teenage girl.

The bright moonlight spilled through the sunroof of the car and reflected softly off of something sticking out from underneath the backseat. Interest made me pluck the edge of it and slowly drag it out. It was a leathery dark brown book, the spine gilded with intricate gold and silver designs. The front cover had emeralds in the corners; a pink sapphire placed close to the spine and a teardrop-cut ruby opposite it; and gold and silver squiggle lines in between it. I flipped through it briefly to find on the first page a title, Una collezione di Incantesimi.

I racked my brain for mortal languages and realized it was Italian and meant "A Collection of Spells." Warning bells sang in my mind as I concluded that she was a Wiccan, a type of witch that doesn't believe in using bad magic and focuses on the good kind. I turned to the back to see her True Name, which is usually printed in silver writing on the back inside cover. Fawnina Lupe Sinsem.

Okay, Fawn, I thought dryly, time to see where you've gone.

"Ghetti alome querti. Shregra portrume Wiccania Fawnia Sinsem," I chanted. An abnormally orange trail writhed and twisted almost into the shape of a snake as it wove through the trees confusedly. I set off after it, and a half hour or so passed before I found the mortal boy passed out on the ground and Jennifer—I mean, Fawn—hovering above him, her back to me and repeating 'Oh, shit' over and over again.

"You got that right," I drawled from behind her.

Her back stiffened as she released a drawn-out sigh from her mouth. "I was wondering when I would encounter the presence of Adrian Taleo; even though it's under chaotic circumstances, it's still an honor," she sighed. Gradually she spun on her heels to face me with the boy still in her arms.

Raising my eyebrows at her, I crossed my arms and casually leaned against a tall pine tree. "Stop trying to butter me up, Fawn. What happened to the boy?"

Her head tilted to the side as her mortal guise slipped from her face, showing her unnatural beauty and sagacious appearance. Gracefully gliding across the ground, she paused in front of me with her mercury-red eyes, heart-shaped face, and vibrant orange hair flowing down her back in waves and accenting each curve of her body. The urge to kneel before her tried to settle within my mind, but I grappled with it and remained standing. Disappointment flashed briefly in her eyes before a cool expression froze them into rocks of mercury.

"I was merely curious to witness another half-breed of Arenold in the same century. It is quite an unusual sight; to have the only two in existence in one state, let alone continent, is purely astounding. I simply had to meet him," she crooned. Spinning around, she dropped down to stroke the boy's hair. In a whisper I was probably not meant to hear she said, "Simply beautiful."

"Not to ruin the moment or anything, but what happened to him?" I asked sarcastically.

Wincing, she mumbled something incoherent. I glared at her back for a few minutes before she sighed and repeated herself, "I fed him an elixir that would put him to sleep long enough for me to analyze him. But enough about me. What was Dhi doing with you at the party?"

"Nothing that is of your concern, I assure you," I ground out.

"She is my concern, considering she is my best friend," Fawn hissed at me.

"However, she is my charge; therefore, any business between her and I will remain between us," I bitingly replied.

"That sure didn't look like business; you were mighty close to her," she pointed out. I pinned my glare on her, but the light blush that covered my cheeks couldn't be stopped. "You like her, don't you?" Fawn asked, incredulous. "Out of all the people in the city of Seattle, why pick my best friend?"

"Need I remind you that I've already been assigned to her years before you met her?" I frostily replied, a portent laced through the words.

My aggravation was making my body heat ascend to a startling temperature, and gradually I realized that my true Fae side was leaking out. I knew, without a glance, that my eyes were shifting into a staggering blue hue with grass-green flecks hovering within them. My ears elongated, along with my canines, honing to a defined point. I felt bones stretch and shift around within my body, providing me an extra seven or eight inches. When the process was finally over, I rolled my neck around to work out the kinks; my eyes narrowed as I gazed down at her, noting the way she involuntarily swallowed and shifted her weight back. A tiny smirk graced my lips, and my fangs sparkled under the moonlight, which probably seemed chilling in her mind.

I stepped forward menacingly, forcing her to stumble back a step in terror. The minced dance continued for a few feet until she lost her footing on the boy—Dimitri, I believe—and landed on her back. I kneeled down next to her and growled, "She's mine. Long before you, and long after you will she always be mine. Now help me find her, or I will toss you to the chimeras and fire sniveleers."

Her eyes doubled in size at the fire sniveleers, and I had to admit that those were some God-awful monsters that even made me shudder. They made vampires and Children of the Moon look like weak infants. Now, a sniveleer is usually a pet to an elemental god, like the Fire goddess Flameber or the Water god Aquarionder; they're dangerous little creatures, able to use the element of their masters. The fire sniveleers are most hazardous and shouldn't be used in vain, so she knew my threat was serious.

"Why do need to find her?" she whispered, submitting subconsciously by lowering her gaze to the ground and bowing her head slightly. I let my Fae side leak away until I looked passably mortal; tilting her head back, her eyes met mine forcibly, sparkling with defiance. "Is she that important to you?"

After an internal battle, I reluctantly decided to let sincerity leak through my voice. "Yes, she is. I-er, care about her immensely."

I rose and offered my hand to her as a sign of peace. She eyed it warily before gently placing hers in mine. As she did, green light swirled around our locked hands, providing a brief warmth and eventually settling into our skin like ink. Fawn and I were both astounded by the mark, but unlike her, I knew what it was. A literal sign of peace that formed between two species, graced upon us by Zahara, the Goddess of Peace, was placed on our arms, showing others of our kinds that we can get along. I intend not to lose this mark, no matter the cost.

"Well, then," she replied, her eyes lighting up in a grin, "let's find her, shall we?"