The bell rang and Santana was the first one out of class. The halls filled behind her as she grabbed her books from her locker, making sure she had everything she'd need for Christmas break. Santana swung her backpack over her shoulder and walked briskly towards the door. Not only was it winter break, but Brittany had flown in today and would be visiting for a few days. Santana's mom said she could pick her up from the airport since Santana would still be in school when she got in.

Santana's mother thought she was just picking up one of Santana's camp friends. Santana hadn't had the nerve to tell her parents just how friendly she actually was with Brittany, for fear of giving them a heart attack. She didn't think they would hate her or kick her out or anything like that, she just wasn't ready to start waving any rainbow flags in their faces, or in general. Sure, she had started noticing girls more; no one could deny the allure of a cheerleaders uniform, or those super short skirts that sophomore clique sported on a regular basis, but she wasn't about to call up Degeneres and ask for a membership card.

The closest she had gotten to any of that "pride" stuff was putting her name down on a sign-up sheet for the gay/straight alliance group at her school. The boy behind the table had smiled at her and she snapped at him not to expect her at any meetings or any of that crap. He only shrugged and thanked her for signing up. Later that week she was walking down the hall and saw Jake, the dumbass center for their basketball team, backing the GSA table kid towards an empty classroom, and it hadn't looked like it was for a friendly conversation about their upcoming game against Central.

Before she knew what she was doing she had thrown herself between them, asking Jake if his coach knew what he had been up too that weekend, because Santana was sure he'd love to hear all about his record setting keg stands. Jake had snarled and stared over her shoulder at the wide-eyed boy before finally muttering something that sounded like "fag hag" and walking away. The boy, whose name turned out to be Paul, thanked her and said she might actually like some of the events the GSA hosted. Santana shrugged and told him not to worry about it, and that maybe she'd come to a meeting or something.

Now, with everything and anything school related pushed from her mind, Santana drove home as fast as she could. She had barely put the car in park before she was out the door and bursting into her house. Her mom poked her head out of the kitchen and told her that Brittany was upstairs. Santana raced upstairs and opened the door to her room, dropping her backpack by her dresser. She closed the door behind her and was nearly tackled over by the lanky girl that had been sitting on her bed.

"Hi! Hi. Hi." Brittany repeated over and over, squeezing Santana tightly as she staggered backwards. Santana was smiling so hard her face hurt.

"Hi," she replied, pulling Brittany off her just enough to kiss her hard on the lips. Brittany smiled as Santana wrapped her arms around her waist, pulling their bodies even closer together. "I've missed you," Santana whispered against her lips.

Brittany tugged Santana's bottom lip with her teeth before giving her a quick peck. "I've missed you too." She stepped back and sat down on Santana's bed. Santana kicked off her shoes and joined the blonde.

"How was the flight?" Santana asked as she lay down.

"It was fine. Except for the smelly guy I sat next to." Brittany curled up next to Santana, allowing the darker girl to wrap her arm around her stomach. Santana kissed the back of Brittany's neck as she snuggled closer. The girls stayed like that, talking about their schools and classes and friends, until Santana's mom called up the stairs that it was time for dinner.

Santana's parents asked Brittany all the usual questions about school, her family, any extra curriculars she participated in. The darker girl smiled into her food as she watched her…her girlfriend meet her parents. Santana could tell that her parents liked the blonde and gave Brittany's thigh a small squeeze under the table. The only blip in the meal came when Santana's dad asked if Brittany had a boyfriend. Brittany blushed and Santana's mother scoffed ("George! Like she wants to talk about that stuff with you") and Santana had to excuse herself as she choked on her water ("Ay! Santana are you okay?").

When she returned to the table, still red-faced, they were already cleaning up. Santana helped put everything away and Santana's mom suggested they go get ice cream. Brittany yawned and said she was exhausted from the flight, and would probably be fine with just passing out early tonight. The girls thanked Santana's parents for dinner and went back upstairs, where they did anything but pass out early.

Santana smiled as Brittany writhed beneath her, turning her face into her pillow to muffle her moans, not wanting to draw any untimely attention to Santana's room. Late into the night the girls collapsed into each other, limbs tangled in a sweaty and satisfied mess. They fell asleep with small smiles on their faces, wrapped in a cocoon of blankets.

The girls spent the next day at the mall, Christmas shopping. They split up to get each other gifts, each girl not wanting the other to see what they were getting. Eventually, Santana spotted Brittany walking towards her, bag in hand, and waved. The blonde smiled instantly which sent some ridiculous, warm, fuzzy feeling coursing through Santana's body. Brittany reached Santana and the darker girl extended her hand.

Brittany beamed and took Santana's hand, lacing their fingers together. They walked through the mall together in silence, enjoying watching the people around them and the festive decorations. There were a few looks thrown their way, but Brittany didn't seem to notice so Santana stomached them, meeting curious eyes with cool brown ones. They came up to the food court and stopped in because Brittany wanted a hot pretzel.

It was a gorgeous, crisp winter day, and the girls went to sit in the small outdoor plaza by the mall. Sitting on a bench, Brittany leaned into Santana as she nibbled on her pretzel and Santana put her arm around her shoulder; pulling her girlfriend close towards her.

Santana rested her head on Brittany's and watched the people walking by them, the couples holding hands and even stealing a quick peck here and there. A warmth blossomed in her stomach that wasn't from the bite of hot pretzel Brittany gave her. She felt relaxed. She felt comfortable and happy; unlike she had ever felt with anyone before. It didn't matter that they lived far apart and went to different schools. They were seniors, and once they both graduated, it was a whole different ball game.

As Brittany nestled her head into the crook of Santana's neck, Santana knew things would work out. She couldn't say how she knew, she just did. It was cheesy and she knew that too, but this summer had been a whirlwind of different, and she had learned to just roll with it. She placed a gentle kiss on Brittany's head.

Yeah, they were going to be just fine.

Thanks again so much for reading! I had a great time writing this, and really appreciate all the feedback. Any changes/updates you see to this story from now on will just be me editing any spelling or grammatical errors are find, because I'm picky like that. 3