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Behind Closed Doors

Edward Masen - brilliant architect, avid jogger, sudoku aficionado and discontent husband, adjusted his tie before anxiously running his fingers through his purposefully messy hair.

He sighed as his wife sauntered into their bedroom wearing only a matching pink, bra and panty set - Edward hated pink.

No more - he chanted silently to himself, like a mantra.

"Tie's still crooked, babe," Jane remarked, mumbling slightly, before reaching past her husband's shoulders to straighten it.

Edward easily restrained his natural instinct to cringe from her touch, and kept his composed expression even as she tightened the tie as though it was a noose around his neck.

She didn't notice the pain in his eyes, or the way she suffocated him, because her bright smile beamed at him in the mirror and he had no choice but to force a crooked grin in return.

"Daddy says he's giving you a new car for your birthday. I know you don't like it when he makes a fuss over you, so I thought I'd warn you ahead of time." She mentioned casually after releasing the now perfectly straight tie from her manicured fingers.

No longer able to hold the smile he barely managed to begin with, Edward's expression became carefully blank. He loathed the idea of accepting extravagant gifts, especially from his father-in-law - Aro Volturi.

The top of the line golf clubs, courtside Chicago Bulls season tickets, and platinum Rolex he received for Christmas were all fantastic gifts that almost any man would be thrilled to have received, but Edward wasn't an idiot. He knew where they came from - that they were bought and paid for with blood money.

Much to Edward's annoyance, Jane had always appeared oblivious to the idea of organized crime much less that her father was a part of it. She didn't question the jewelry, vacations, or the ridiculous trust fund.

Edward wondered irritably if Jane presumed that everyone in the "waste-management" industry could afford to live like royalty.

"By now, you must know how I feel… so what can I say, Jane? I mean, I could have you try to talk him out of it, but I am sure he's already bought the fucking thing - am I correct?" Edward replied dryly.

"He ordered it from Italy a few days ago. It's a Maserati Granturismo… and umm he picked red, since he knows you already have the silver Volvo," Jane mentioned, hoping her husband might warm up to the idea of being presented with such sexy and powerful car, but her hopes were dashed when Edward nodded - seeming altogether unimpressed - looked away, and then set about the task of loosening his tie - undoing all the work she'd done to straighten it in the first place.

Jane sighed. She knew there was nothing she could say to convince Edward to graciously accept the gift. He's so damn stubborn – she thought irritably.

By now, she was used to his behavior towards her father's attempts at spoiling him, but she sensed there was more to it than that.

Jane couldn't help but notice how distracted he'd been lately. She was certain that something was wrong, but couldn't seem to come up with any answers. She began to reason with herself on matters of Edward's contentment - he had a job that he obviously loved, a beautiful wife, more money than he even cared to spend, and a huge family that absolutely adored him.

She found herself pondering the answer to a question she couldn't seem to figure out - What more could he possibly desire?

By most standards, Jane and Edward were still considered newlyweds, having only been married a year and half, and that was after dating a mere 5 months.

In a shallow effort to own something she deemed beautiful, Jane had allowed Edward to pursue her easily. What she failed to notice was that Edward almost immediately handed over control of the relationship, having only made an effort when he originally asked her out and then again when he proposed.

Jane loved telling him where to meet her, what they were doing, what to buy her for her birthday. She loved having control. So it came as no surprise when Edward graciously allowed his fiancée free reign over the entire wedding.

Most of the attendees were Jane's family and friends anyway. Having been orphaned as a young child, Edward had no blood relatives, and only a few friends and co-workers from his office were attending on his behalf. Even his groomsmen were all part of Jane's life before he had ever met them.

Jane always felt sorry that her husband was such a loner before they met. What tore at her was the fact that her brother Alec, by default, had stepped up to act as the best man when Edward was unable to produce any evidence of having a close friend or sibling. The situation was made all the more worse for the mere fact that the two men never got along.

Lately, it seemed that Edward's arguments with Alec had become even more heated than usual. It was almost as if he was trying to provoke him into a fight.

She was quite thankful that her brother had a cool head on his shoulders because sometimes Edward's blood just seemed to boil, and almost always over the most ridiculous things - namely Alec's wife. No one pissed Edward off more than her.

Jane never had anything against the woman, herself. In fact, before Edward came along, they could have almost considered each other friends, but after the disastrous first meeting between her husband and sister-in-law revealed their immediate distaste for one another, the tension only managed to push the two women father apart, until eventually they rarely saw each other at all - except during holidays and family events.

Today was Jane's nephew Felix's christening, and her father insisted that the entire family be at the Volturi estate for his only grandson's reception.

The estate was huge, so Jane hoped that Edward would use the plentiful space to his advantage to avoid the inevitable argument that would occur should the two couples end up in the same space together.

"Alec and Bella are coming," Jane mentioned while attempting to keep her tone casual. She hoped that bringing it up would prompt Edward to reassure her that he would watch his temper.

"I assumed as much," he replied scowling, and without offering his wife any reassurance that he would even attempt to refrain from his favorite pastime of verbally sparring with the formidable Isabella Volturi.

As the couple left their immaculate penthouse overlooking Lake Michigan, they uttered very few words - Edward least of all. Jane wondered if he was busy coming up with insults and comebacks to use against Isabella at the first opportunity.


"Fuck you, Isabella. I was trying to be nice," Edward sneered, not even attempting to hide his blatant disgust for the athletic brunette that stared him down as if he were nothing but dog shit on her favorite pair of Monolos.

A glass of Pinot Noir shook in Isabella's hand, just begging to be poured on Edward's white button-up dress shirt.

"There isn't a nice bone in your body!" she shouted before her eyes widened in realization of the implication of her words.

Edward smirked knowingly for a moment before his eyes turned downcast and the anger that had momentarily dissipated returned with full-force.

"You need to learn to take a fucking compliment. You know what… just… get the fuck away from me," Edward snarled lowly, making sure that their heated exchange wasn't drawing the wrong kind of attention.

"You're the one who approached me, idiot," Isabella deadpanned, spurring Edward to roll his eyes.

"Don't flatter yourself. I was heading over to the bar to get Jane and me a drink. You just happened to be standing in my way -"

"- I leave you alone for five fucking minutes and you and Edward are at each other's throats! There are kids present for fuck's sake" Alec interrupted, while appearing exasperated by the excessive bickering he'd been exposed to for the last year and a half.

"No one asked you Alec, I was just questioning Isabella about her lovely dress, and I thought I'd save you the trouble of having to tell her she was embarrassing herself by dressing like a slut for a child's party." Edward remarked condescendingly.

Isabella's face reddened with shame as Alec curled her protectively into his side.

"Who tha' fuck do you… if you know what's good for you, you'll walk away now, Masen," he warned, his fists clenched at his side. Too busy staring at Isabella to notice Alec's menacing glare, Edward sensed the embarrassment and obvious shame in her eyes. It was almost too much for him to bear when she self-consciously pulled at the hem of her dress. Her actions caused him to shift uncomfortably. He hated seeing her react that way.

She didn't deserve his harsh words. In fact, he wanted to shout that he didn't mean them at all - but that wasn't happening.

Before Alec could even begin react over Edward's unmoving form, Isabella excused herself quietly from her husband's grasp and walked toward the back entrance of the Volturi mansion.

Edward glanced around, checking out the back deck where Aro and his brothers were grilling various sausages and steaks while their wives were huddled under a white canopy gossiping. He noticed Jasper - one of Aro's highest level soldiers - standing around talking to Demetri and a few other lower level soldiers – all 'made' men, of course. After a quick scan, his eyes were drawn to Isabella's retreating form and then to Alec's frosty glare.

"This bullshit has to stop Masen. Just because we are family now doesn't mean I won't… fuck your shit up. I'm so fucking sick of it," he spat.

Edward grimaced, and a wave of regret washed over him. Alec wasn't such a bad guy. Aside from the fact that his father was a murdering piece of shit, Alec seemed to have turned out all right.

"Look, my behavior was uncalled for. I didn't really mean to hurt her feelings, fuck… she just… it's really fucking hard to get along with her," Edward said sighing exasperatedly.

Alec's face was still tense with annoyance, but he nodded in understanding, reminded of the fact that there were a few people that seemed to rub him the wrong way too, so he was no stranger the kind of love-hate relationship his wife and brother-in-law seemed to have.

"I umm… I think I should go apologize to her. I have to leave soon, and I need a few minutes to talk to her, maybe try to smooth things over… for Jane's sake." Edward suggested warily.

"I think that's a good idea," Alec responded with a careful nod, but the skepticism in his voice was obvious.

Both men stood there for another moment eyeing each other uncomfortably until Alec walked off to find his brother Marcus, his wife Didyme, and their new baby.

Edward exhaled a shaky breath, before beginning the short trek from the patio to the door leading inside the Volturi house.

With everyone having moved outdoors for the reception, the house was quiet.

Edward didn't care about the priceless pieces of art that hung imposingly on the walls setting off the high vaulted ceilings - he was on a mission.

As he ascended the stairs to the east wing of the house, he paused, taking in his surroundings.

He knew she wasn't far. He could hear her down the hall in one of the bathrooms.

As he approached the door, his hands began to shake with anticipation. She was the only one who could make him feel this way, could take away his careful control – and he loved it, but now wasn't the time to lose himself.

Softly, he rapped on the door.

"Bella… it's me, Edward," he said warily, hoping that no one else was on the other side of the door.

She opened the door quickly and pulled him in before he could utter another word. In seconds, her arms were around his neck and their lips began tangling.

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