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Explicit Content Warning - This chapter contains explicit sexual content. Please be advised.

Behind Closed Doors

Jasper kept lookout through the rear window for any signs that they might have been followed. It was still fairly early, but the streets of downtown Chicago were hectic, as always, on a Saturday night. Despite the heavy traffic, there didn't seem to be anyone following as Bella weaved through car after car, making a few unnecessary turns.

Once they were certain of their surroundings Bella, pulled the non-descript SUV into the parking garage of the bank, Credit Dauphine. Grabbing their duffle bags, the trio slipped into the elevator and pressed the B - button for the basement level.

Upon exiting into the basement, Jasper startled a bit having never been allowed entrance into the secret headquarters before. It was just a regular old basement - dark and musty with boxes, old office equipment, and ancient electronics everywhere.

Suddenly Jasper felt a thrill of anxiety, wondering if the couple had purposefully brought him there to kill him. He was unarmed, and unsure if he could match two trained Special Agents in hand to hand. As quickly as the thoughts entered his mind they were squashed when Bella led them to a door with a keycard entrance.

Bella grabbed a card from her duffle and handed it to Jasper.

His trust didn't come easily, but he was learning.

In an attempt to distract himself from his unnecessary feelings of distrust, he eyed the object in his hand - a simple white card with a shiny magnetic strip on the back. He assumed that there were no identifying marks in the off chance that were he to lose it, it wouldn't be traced to the door it led to.

Once they'd each scanned their cards, a heavy door opened into a room bathed in dark red light.

"Close you're eyes," Bella warned, Jasper did so reluctantly, and was thankful he'd listened. Seconds later, he could see startling brightness flaring behind his closed eyelids. The flash of light only lasted a moment, and was followed by a strange electronic tone that didn't last much longer.

"What was that?" Jasper asked curiously.

"It was a full body biometric scanner and x-ray. To check our identities and make sure we aren't coming in wired for sound or with explosives and what-not," Edward explained nonchalantly.

"Oh, is that all?" he retorted in a sarcastic tone before discretely cupping his balls. He was none-too-thrilled about the idea of his future children being exposed to radiation or that biometric shit - whatever it was.

"Welcome back to the single life, guys!" Emmett's boisterous voice boomed over a speaker in the corner that Jasper hadn't noticed.

Edward shot a suggestive wink Bella's way, and enjoyed watching her eyes darken with obvious lust. Oh yes, I am so gonna hit that tonight - he thought wryly.

Jasper shook his head in amusement over the couple's exchange. He fairly certain that he was the only one who knew about their secret relationship, and wondered if it would cause them problems because of their job.

After a moment, a pair of thick metal doors slid open revealing a pristine, ultra-modern office, and a few familiar faces. Edward grimaced when the first person he saw was Agent Jacob Black.

He and Edward had unfortunately been assigned on a mission in Sudan shortly before Edward's stint with the Volturi. His insolence, and impatience had almost gotten Edward and his team killed, and one agent in a coma for three weeks. Despite his dangerous methods, Jacob had gotten the job done - but at what cost?

Edward scowled at his former friend before placing a possessive hand on Bella's lower back the moment Black's gaze became a bit too appreciative of the stunning creature at his side.

'Warning received' - was the message Jacob's expression conveyed to Edward as he wandered off to a nearby office.

Edward and Bella mingled a while accepting congratulations for a job well done, as well as some teasing over their - now public - and quite unprofessional relationship. However, mostly they were just trying to avoid the inevitable conversation they needed to have with Carlisle.

Bella watched entranced as her lover laughed heartily in response to Emmett's reaction to discovering their affair. Edward looked beautiful and happier than she'd ever seen him. She loved the way his eyes crinkled a bit when he laughed and smiled. She loved how that true smile, however lopsided it might have been, always lit up his face.

The day Edward Masen Cullen confessed his love, was a day Bella would never forget as long as she lived. It was the day he offered to give it all up to be with her.

He told her he couldn't go another day without being able to have her in his arms, couldn't bear to watch Alec lay his hands on her, and simply loathed the idea of Aro-fucking-Volturi calling her 'my dear, Isabella.'

He told her he loved her but that he couldn't take it anymore.

She felt the same way, but knew they couldn't abandon their mission. It was the most difficult decision she'd ever made - turning him down - but they both knew it was the right thing to do. Though they couldn't completely be together at that time, Bella was bound and determined to make sure Edward was confident in her love.

That had been a tough month, but they'd worked through it and now they were stronger than ever.

"Carlisle wants to see you both," Agent Black announced impassively to Bella, snapping her out of the blatant eye-fucking she'd been giving her man.

Suddenly troubled, Edward roughly ran a hand through his hair, wishing that he could put the inevitable conversation off a while longer. His uncle had been nothing short of amazing to him in the last several years since he'd become the CIA's Chicago Area Director, not to mention how much he'd gone through to see that Edward be given a home and a normal family life after his parents tragic death left him a bitter, angry orphan.

Unwilling to deny herself the warmth of his touch any longer, Bella laced Edward's fingers with hers and walked with him to see his Uncle - their superior.

Carlisle's office door was open in anticipation of seeing his nephew and Bella Swan - his most talented agent. His eyes zeroed in on the couples clasped hands. It wasn't something he expected, but he could admit that it wasn't a huge shock to see them together. What was a surprise was the fact that they were blatantly flaunting their relationship out in the open. They were in a professional setting acting highly unprofessional, not to mention the fact that it could potentially endanger their lives. Carlisle was pissed.

"What's this about?" Carlisle demanded coldly, needing an explanation.

"We're together," Bella admitted confidently, until Carlisle's raised brow had her feeling self-conscious. Having lost the wind in her sails, she looked to Edward to explain things to his furious uncle.

"Carlisle, Bella and I fell in love during our mission, and it's been almost impossible being unable to touch her whenever I wanted…" Edward explained hastily. "…And we just -"

"- That's fine, and your personal business. What I don't understand is what that has to do with you two flaunting this relationship all over the office. Do you realize how fucking stupid that is? Don't bring this shit here. If the wrong person knew, they could exploit your weakness for each other. Christ… you both fucking know better," Carlisle seethed interrupting his nephew.

It wasn't often that Carlisle lost his temper, and the profanity was an even rarer occurrence.

"We totally, agree, and I mean… we uh… we wouldn't have been so forthcoming and out in the open if we thought there would be a risk.' Edward struggled to explain as Carlisle appeared even angrier. "We both decided to retire," Edward blurted.

Carlisle looked surprised, but much of the anger left his face immediately.

Edward grinned at his uncle knowing how pleased he'd just made him. Bella's arm tightened on around his waist. She knew everything was going to be alright.

"Christ… boy, how many times have I tried to convince you to stop doing this job, especially after Sudan, and not once did you ever listen. So fucking stubborn… how did you talk him into it Bella?" Carlisle asked amused, his demeanor having taken a complete turn.

"It was a mutual decision, Sir," she admitted while laughing at Carlisle's abrupt mood swing.

Edward grinned down at his girl before kissing the top of her head. He knew they'd made the right decision, and he couldn't wait to get his Bella alone. It had been too long since they'd made love in an actual bed. Though after today's session, he thought that there was something to be said for bathroom counters.

Bella's skin tingled and burned with lust in response to Edward's obvious desire.

"Ok, well as happy as I am that the two of you are retiring, I would like to know what you plan on doing," Carlisle questioned curiously.

"Well, I wanted to talk to you about that. I was uh… hoping you wouldn't mind letting us stay at your beach house on the Island for a few months," Edward asked hopefully.

"Of course my boy. Esme and I decided to spend our next vacation in Hawaii so we won't be going to the beach house this year. It's all yours, as long as you want."

"Thank you, Sir. You don't know how much this means to us," Bella replied a bit teary eyed from their generosity.

"Your welcome, Bella, and quit with the 'Sir', I'm not your boss anymore. Now I'm glad the two of you are taking a much deserved vacation, what I meant was what are you two going to be doing for jobs after this?"

"Well, I was thinking of putting my architectural engineering degree to good use. Besides Bella and my friendship with Jasper, working at the design firm was one of the few things that kept me sane during this awful fucking mission. I mean it was what I wanted to do with my life before Eleazar approached me about joining the CIA." Edward explained.

"Yes, and I told him I'd never forgive him for that either. He went under my nose to get you, but as much as I hated him for it, I knew you would be a damn fine agent." Carlisle explained. "And what about you, Bella. What do you plan to do?"

"I spoke to my father and he's agreed to finance me to open up my own securities firm anywhere Edward and I decide to settle down." Bella replied smiling up at Edward.

"We haven't decided yet but we were thinking of a few places, maybe Japan, Brazil, or France, or we might even come back to the states and live in Seattle close to Bella's dad," Edward clarified. "We have a few months to decide."

After discussing their plans Carlisle filled them in on the case, and the data they'd obtained from Aro's files. They had enough information to turn most of Aro's family and business partner over to the FBI, and Aro himself could be charged with treason, based on the information obtained on his dealings with Caius Vitale and a terrorist group that had previously attacked the United States. Carlisle was able to ascertain the time and location of Aro and Caius's next meeting and had already planned to send Agent Black and his team to take care of it.

He was pleased with Edward and Bella's work, and was thankful that they'd been able to put their feelings on hold long enough to get the job done. He couldn't imagine how awful they must have felt, but because of their sacrifice and patience, countless lives would be spared. Carlisle had never been so proud in his entire life.

Once Bella and Edward had a chance to say their goodbye's and it was time to take Jasper to the safe house, so he could be reunited with his Alice. Emmett drove them all to a small military airstrip outside of Chicago so they could take the helicopter.

Alice was a housekeeper working for Aro, when she met Jasper. They had an instant attraction to each other that couldn't be denied. Secretly they met for months, until one night Aro came to him that he was suspicious of his maid because she'd been sneaking out of the house at all hours of the night. Of course Jasper knew this, but he couldn't bear to lose his Alice, so he offered to watch her and see who she was meeting with, No longer able to pretend that their meetings went unnoticed, Jasper finally went forward to contact the FBI and eventually the CIA. With a little help, Jasper was able to fake Alice's death and report back to Aro of her condition. In the mean time, Alice was brought to a safe house until Jasper's job was done.

He'd only managed to get away from Aro long enough to visit Alice three times since she'd been moved there nearly two years ago. It had been agony, but having access to see her on the webcam helped.

After flying for a little over an hour the helicopter landed on a helipad in the middle of a dense forest. A parked SUV was waiting, ready to take them to the safe house. They drove down a small dirt road until the came to a deserted highway. Half an hour later and Jasper's anxiety and excitement was making him jumpy. He needed his Alice.

Once they finally arrived at little yellow house situated in a small middle-class subdivision, Jasper could hardly contain himself. Sitting on a porch swing, smoking a cigarette was his lovely Alice. Her head shot up at the sound of the SUV approaching.

Emmett hadn't even put the vehicle in park when Jasper jumped out an ran to take his girl into his arms and into the house.

Wanting to give them some privacy, Agent Rosalie Hale, Alice's assigned guard walked out to have a smoke herself. Emmett joined her on the porch.

"The place next door is ours too, so you two can stay there tonight if you want," Rosalie offered, and handed over the keys and security code before turning back to talk with Emmett.

Edward was relieved that he and Bella would be able to spend some time alone. They grabbed their bags and made their way to the empty house next door.

Once they escorted Alice and Jasper to the airport and got them safely on an international flight their final mission would be complete. Edward couldn't wait to get Bella alone on the island with him. He planned to make love to her many times and then ask her to marry him. He hoped she'd say yes and then make love to him some more.

Edward unlocked the door and input the code into the security system. He was barely finished arming the alarm, before Bella pounced on him wrapping her arms around his neck and her legs around his hips.

"Fuck baby, I need you so bad," she moaned wantonly before taking Edwards pouty lower lip in her mouth and sucking on it sensually.

Edward walked them as far as the stairs before he could no longer wait. He lowered Bella from his arms and onto the steps loving the way she arched into him to grind herself against his erection.

He trailed kisses down her neck before removing her shirt and bra and kissing down her chest and stomach. When he got to the waistband of her jeans he heard Bella moan in anticipation.

Bella hadn't had Edward's mouth on her pussy in months. She dreamed about his lips and talented tongue, loving that he knew just how to tease her and make her burn with need until one swipe of his tongue on her clit would make her explode. He didn't disappoint as he peeled her our of her jeans and panties and set forth on the task of fucking her tight hole with his tongue and fingers.

Edward loved the way Bella tasted not to mention how hard he knew her sensitive pussy would grip his cock after she'd just come. Edward drove his tongue into her tasting her essence at it's source.

"Please… Edward… please, I need to cum… fuck," she cried while she grinded on his face and pulled his hair seeking friction on her aching clit.

Edward let her beg a little longer, he loved it when she begged him to make her come. He finally gave her what she wanted, sucking her clit into his mouth and swiping at it with his tongue. She cried out and stilled, then began to tremble and quake as he attacked her pussy sucking and nibbling the over-sensitive flesh until he knew she was coming again.

She pushed his head away after it became too much, and then laid limply on the steps.

Edward pulled away and then picked his lover up and carried her to the bedroom to lay her on the bed.

He undressed quickly never taking his eyes off Bella's. He loved seeing the lust in her eyes when she saw his naked body. After he'd slipped out of his socks and underwear, he climbed onto the bed and hovered over her. She looked like and angel laying on the white silk sheets with her hair fanned out around her.

"I love you, Bella, forever," he whispered lovingly before settling between her open legs.

"I love you too, always," she replied before arching her back as Edward slowly filled her - body and soul.

As Edward slid into her slowly inch by delicious inch feeling her walls grip him like no other, he was home. He would never be inside another woman again. Bella was everything. She held onto him so tight that he it was hard to tell where he ended and she began. When they were both panting and breathless from exertion, her walls began to flutter before she clamped down on him and cried our his name, and his released soon followed.

Bella laid her head against his chest and fell asleep, snoring softly and still clinging to him in her sleep.

He kissed her hair, and held her just as tight as she held him.

It wasn't the first time he'd been able to hold her like this, but this time he didn't have to give her up when morning came, and for that he'd be forever grateful.

He didn't know where they'd end up, whether she'd agree to marry him or have his children or not, but he knew she loved him and they'd be together.


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