This is my first Fan-Fic. It's a one shot look into Rapunzel's first time seeing the floating lanterns please enjoy!

The First Light

I remember when I was four years old; I had often been too excited to go to sleep so I would lie awake on my bed for a few hours until Mother blew out the candles and headed off to her own room. Of course I never had figured out where her room actually was. There were many nights where a thunderstorm would come upon the tower and I found myself utterly alone.

On this particular night I waited up for mother to leave as I had every night for what I thought months, but looking back probably was only a few weeks. After the candles were out and I heard the familiar scraping sound that meant mother had left I waited a few minutes then snuck out of my room. My blonde hair fell against my knees at the time and I walked carefully so as not to snag it anywhere in the tower. Finally I reached my destination, the window. Carefully and with much effort I was able to pull the chair up to the window.

I pulled myself up to a standing position in front of the window and gazed dreamily at the small white lights that pinpointed the sky as far as I could see. Something about their light always calmed me down and I was starting to make a point of looking out at the 'stars' as mother told me they were called. I remembered that it had made her upset that I was up so late as to see them, but I told her I saw them one night after the sky had been having an argument with itself. She simply nodded her head and sent me to bed.

I was almost ready to give up my stargazing for the evening when I noticed on the horizon a small orange glow floating from over the top of the forest and mountains surrounding my sanctuary. I watched in wonder as the floating star was followed by hundreds of others in various shades of yellow, orange, and pink. These stars moved quickly and seemed to float right over the tower. I watched them until they disappeared from my sight. I felt it must have been a birthday surprise for me, remembering that morning my mother had brought me some brightly colored things she called paint and some small sticks she called brushes. I decided that I would ask mother about them tomorrow, but then thought how frustrated she had gotten when I had asked about stars and decided against it.

One year later I once again for mother to go to her room and I snuck out to see if my birthday surprise of last year would happen again. I waited for what seemed like an eternity and then I saw the same yellow-orange glow of the first floating light. That was when I decided that the floating lights meant something, something just for me. I decided they were sent into the sky to make my birthday wishes come true.

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