A/N: This is a Two-Shot if there is such thing...about J.T. and Rickie's relationship before the Deadgirl.

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The sun had disappeared beneath the overcast of clouds. Rickie lay in bed, turned on some music and shut his eyes.

He breathed in, he breathed out.

His hands lay behind his head, bringing extra comfort to his head.



The low mumbling of the music wasn't calming. It sounded out of signal and it's scratched voice ran mulitiple times up and down his spine.

Rickie looked over at the radio with his eyes, and soon got tired of listening to those terrible scratches. So he leaned into the radio and flipped it off with a swift movement of his finger. "Huh."he sighed, full of exhaustion, laying back down onto the bed.



He felt worried for no reason. Rickie hated feeling that wrong.



He left the house, with a few bucks in his back pocket, heading down to J.T.'s on his bike.

:Rickie stopped halfway down at a gas station for a quick drink. He jumped off his bike, rolled it up with him as he walked toward the building, and left it against the wall.

He moved hair from his vision and entered.

That annoying bell rang in his ears like it always did when he'd come down here. That's one thing he hated about these places. They always had to have a fucking bell.

It worked. Surely it got the cashier's attention:

"Hello."the older woman behind the counter greeted him, and he turned to her with a smile. "Hey."he removed that smile, and headed toward the back of the store.

Rickie knew he was still not allowed to drink booze yet until he's 21. He was close. Only 18...

...he didn't know how J.T. got this stuff without getting caught at all.


Rickie bit his bottom lip, staring into the freezers cautiously, then back at the woman:

He reached out to pull the door open, but he stopped himself. He pulled back, and moved around to get something else.

He swallowed and itched the nape of his neck.


He found himself in the snack isle.

He found everything on the racks appetitizing; besides the heavy-sugared stuff. He thought about what he was going to get.

The small bag of Doritos, or the Gummi Worms. Rickie was still a kid inside. He loved his candy. And when he craved it, he really did.

The blond woman at the counter smiled while staring:

Rickie didn't move his head too much to see that the older lady was eyeing him from afar. He turned his eyes away and grabbed a bag of Doritos AND the Gummi Worms.



While he searched in his wad of money for the right amount, only 12 bucks, he still felt that lady staring at him.

It was really discomforting.

"Here."he pulled out the right count of money and watched her count it.

She stopped counting and put the money on the counter before her. She looked at him, and smiled. "Keep it. It's free."she admitted, really knocking Rickie off his feet. He felt a smile wrap his lips, but it didn't come.

"Thanks."he put a hand over the cash, but as he did, the woman put her cold, wrinkling hand over his.

Rickie jerked it away real quick, and took his snacks: "Would you like that in a bag?"she asked, a seductive grin forming over her chapped cherry red lips, that looked as old as her skin.

He cringed unawaringly towards her, and shook his head: unable to make words. "Thanks."he told her once before, and darted out the door.



He barely noticed the bell and came back to his bike that; wasn't there?

Rickie held the two bags in one hand by the excess paper on top and sighed: "Damnit!"he cursed, in search of it.


he rolled round on his heels and saw J.T.

He had his bike. It was safe and sound: J.T. sat on the seat, both hands gripping the handles, and one foot touching the ground while the other guarded the pedal.

A cigarette poked out of his lips, like a branch poking from a tree. It was terribly noticable.

"Don't freak!"he rode the bike round Rickie like a vulture circling it's lifeless prey from high above; his ass high from the seat.

Rickie smiled, and followed him:

"What did you get me?"he stopped the bike with a quick swerve and sat on it like a chair. No hands holding the handles. Rickie stood near J.T. and tossed him the bags.

J.T. took the doritos and gave Rickie's Gummi Worms back. He wasn't a big fan of that gummy stuff. Rickie caught the clear bag of colorful worms, and held it loosely.

"My bike?"Rickie smirked, speaking in an amused voice. J.T. smiled behind that cigarette, and removed his ass. He held it by the handles: "Come get it."J.T.'s smile widened, and Rickie went after him.



Both boys messed around the gas station; having fun just being jerks to one another...isn't that how a friendship should be?