The sun still refused to shine, with those grey clouds over-coming it.


Rickie was warm. He removed the jacket that he wore, sitting beside J.T. They usually hung out by the High School after it was closed. J.T. caused several messes and got drunk on the school's property a few times, and actually pissed in the flowers that lined up the walkway towards the school doors.

It kept him and Rickie entertained.

Rickie would just laugh at him and even sometimes encourage him. Which was always a bad idea.

But today was different. They both sat on the steps in front of the building drinking cool beers not giving a damn what anyone thought.


Rickie watched as everytime a vehicle drove by, he'd throw a curse word standing tall. But the funny thing about it was that the word was different each time. A new word for each driver.

Rickie saw J.T. as an immature kid, who loved to have a good time.

He was a great entertainer. Loved making people laugh. But drinking and smoking were his weakness.


He wouldn't dare give them up.


Rickie sat there on the step beside J.T. who continuingly sat and stood. Sat-stood. It was making Rickie dizzy. He ran a hand through his dark hair, pushing it back and resting there for a moment while he looked up at the sky above.

He could tell the sun was trying to shine through. The clouds wouldn't let it.



-and he knew there was sunlight poking through. He felt the hot rays on his face.

"J.T.?"Rickie stayed where he was, looking up at his friend, who flicked a cigarette ash into his empty beer can. "Yeah?"he replied, looking ahead, taking in a deep breath of that nasty smoke.

Rickie watched him, listening to the sounds of his lips smack, trying to suck that smoke from it's butt.

"What if it rains?"he turned away to look back up at the sky, finally asking.

J.T. went silent.

"I don't know. Stay should love the rain, man."he smirked behind that cigarette, leaning his back into the side of one of the building's cracked columns.

Rickie rubbed his arms.

He had an itch behind his upper arm, and scratched the tattoo that was printed there; on his left arm. He felt a smile capture his lips in a tight hold. Never leaving.


"We need some music, Rickie."J.T. suggested with a grin dancing around. Jumping from side-to-side, and jumping off things...AND jumping back on those things.

The cigarette in his mouth ashed itself from J.T.'s constant body movements.

Rickie smiled, with a slight chuckle before standing up and joining him.


Now both misfits were dancing around like fools. Rickie felt drunk off his ass, and J.T. was far from sober. But it was still fun all together.



Those fun things usually ended faster than normal...



The sky was getting closer to night.

Rickie felt the coldness of the growing night grab hard to his arms, which he foolishly rubbed up and down.

J.T. kicked the empty beer cans around, while catching up to Rickie's walking pace:

"Oh, Rickie. I think I am drunmk..."he brought an arm over Rickie's inviting shoulders, and pulled him close.

He smiled and the alcoholic smell from his hot breath lingered up his nose. He brushed it off and put the hood of his jacket up.

"You are man. That's why we are going home."he didn't even take a look at him when talking. He didn't need to.



J.T. burst out laughing, and slumped over a few times, nearly causing Rickie to fall with him. "See. You are totalled J.T."he laughed himself, but sweet and girly. Very unusual.

He burped loudly.

"Whoa. I think Rickie. Your drunk too."J.T. who was weighing him down, mumbled words that didn't fit into his sentence. Just not in the right order.

Rickie dropped his head back, closed his eyes, and shouted to the skies up high. His hood drapped down, and his black locks were visible. J.T. watched him with a drunk smile, and imitated his friend.


is what words escaped his eagar lips.

Rickie turned his head slightly to the left, and saw J.T's chin rested on a shoulder:

"Your so stupid."Rickie snickered, shaking his head.

J.T's arm was becoming a bother, but Rickie didn't really mind the sting.

-"I don't wanna' go!"J.T. blurted out at the most random moment, right as he fell over completely, dropping to the hard ground.

Rickie's eyes stretched. He thought that maybe he dropped him by accident.

"Are you alright, J.T.?"he leaned over him, brushing a drooping hair back behind his ear. J.T. just lay there staring up at him with a calm smile, and laughed.

He held his stomach and bent his legs so that his knees came close and rested on his lower abdomen; Rickie rolled his eyes at him and took his hand. "Gottcha'!"J.T. yelled, and intentively pulled him down with him; a bit too hard.

Rickie fell to his belly with a grunt, continuingly having to brush that black lock out of his face.

"What the hell?"he growled deep in his throat, flipping to his back, and staring at J.T.



J.T. stared back at him, but without even warning him, he vomited right over Rickie. Not on him, just over.

Rickie was totally grossed out.

He was so totally suprised by this disgusting act, he must have forgotten to close his eyes:

All he heard was sploshing sounds hitting the hard ground underneath them. He quivered in disgust and shock. He couldn't do anything else besides that at this point.


Rickie felt stomach cramps. Quickly turned to muscle contractions! God damn! Now he knew what a pregnant woman felt like, but muscle contractions in the belly.

"No...he knew what was about to happen. He could taste it deep in his throat. So he prepared.


J.T. was done, and now it was Rickie's turn. He vomited and didn't even think he drank too much beer. But why else would he be throwing up beer tasting chunks?




Rickie finished.

He didn't look behind him at J.T. and passed out there.


He woke up 5 minutes later.

He cringed his nose at the smell and sight of the rotting vomit. It made him want to do it all over again.

So he turned over on his back; giving his side a break.

J.T. was still beside him.

He was gazing up at the sparkling stars ahead. Rickie looked at him; he looked like a child. A child that couldn't quite understand what those glowing dots up high were...

Rickie smiled softly, and unnoticable to J.T. who still gazed wonderingly high.

"There too far."Rickie breathed in deep and let it back out with those few words. J.T. swallowed what was leftover of the vomit, and turned his head. He stared at Rickie, who seemed content.



"I guess."J.T. replied shortly after watching him a few, and looking back up.

...I guess...