I was listening to 'Still Alive' From Portal and I thought 'Why not mix Hetalia and Portal!' I used Portal 2 since I love Wheatly (Or as I'm going to call him from now on England Orb) - -;

Here we go~

Pasta and Portals-Chapter 1- ENGLAND ORB

Italy woke up in an odd room. He didn't remember going here, and he didn't know how he got there.

"Veh! Germany? Japan? Hello?"

No Response

Suddenly a voice chimed in

"Veh! AHH! Don't hurt me! Don't hurt me!" He started waving his white flag that he always carried with him. The Voice ignored him and continued talking about something called 'Aperture Science'

"W-What's 'Aperture Science' Veh?" The voice didn't even stop and continued to talk.

"Can you hear me?" The voice continued to ignore him. Suddenly a loud buzzer went off. Italy screamed and hid behind the bed.

Suddenly, Everything went white.

Italy woke up to find the same room filthy and trashed.

"W-What's going on here? Germany! Help me!"

"Hello? Is anyone in there?" A voice from outside the door yelled into Italy's room.

"V-veh? That kinda sounds like.. ENGLAND! AHHHH! DON'T HURT ME!"

"Hey! I'm not going to hurt you! Can you open the door?"

"R-Really" Italy hiccupped from crying in fear.

"Yes. Now can you open the door?"

"O-Okay…" Italy ran across the small room to the door in opened it

Right outside the door was a metal Orb with a blue eye hanging from a metal pipe in the ceiling.

"AHHHH! W-What are y-you!" Italy ran across the room in fear of the thing.

"I'm not that scary am I? Geez.."

The Speakers chimed in again –Prepare for Emergency Evacuation-

"AHH! H-Help me!" Italy hid in the corner scared of what was going on.

"Hey! Don't worry, I'm gonna get us out of here!"

"R-Really?" He looked hopefully up at the Metal Orb, which had come into the room through the metal pipes on the ceiling.

"Yep! Give me a second!" It disappeared through a hole in the ceiling, which closed behind it

The room started shaking violently

Italy ran behind the bed, not knowing what was happening.

"What are you doing?" He felt like crying. Germany and Japan weren't here to help him, and no one was telling him anything.

"Hey, Can you hear me?" The England voice chimed in through the ceiling.


"Good.. Good. Umm.. Hold onto something sturdy.."

"Wha-" Italy was cut off as the room started breaking apart. The England voice mumbled something about test subjects, but Italy had started running around the remains of the room screaming

Italy eventually noticed that the room was moving, but rather poorly as it was crashing into the other objects that were there.

"Sorry about this. This is actually incredibly difficult.." Italy was to terrified to respond.

Italy also noticed the room was being thrown against a wall as if to break through it. As if the England Orb read his mind it responded to it.

"I'm trying to break through! When I do, you'll want to look for a gun that makes holes in walls!"


"Don't worry! You'll figure it out!"

When the wall was finally broken down, the England Orb came out of the ceiling.

"There we go~!.. Umm.. Are you okay?" It noticed that Italy was cowering in a corner of the remains.

"Come on! All you have to do is run this course! Then we can leave!" Italy peeked up and saw that one of the rooms walls was completely gone, leading to a whole new area.

Italy nervously got up, climbed out of the room…And fell through the glass floor.


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