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Pasta and Portals: Chapter 17: Finale

After Italy walked through the door GLaDOS chimed in, sounding somewhat sad.

"You know, I've been thinking for a while. Those scientists hung those cores around me to regulate my behavior. I've heard voices all my life. But, now that they're gone, I'm hearing the voice of my conscious and it's terrifying! It's my own voice!" Her volume grew as she went on, she sounded as scared as her voice would let her.

"I-Is that wrong?" Italy asked her nervously.

"Yes, because I think there is something seriously wrong with me!" Italy couldn't think of anything to say to GLaDOS's remark and continued in silence.

In the next room the saw portions of the wall were covered in cages, which were filled to the brim with cores that resembled Wheatly.

"Veh? What are these?" Italy ran over to them and looked in, poking at them curiously.

"Ah! Corrupted Cores! Just what I wanted! We can attach these to Wheatly! They'll have the same effect on him as they did on me." Italy was overjoyed, they had found a solution! "And much like you did to me-" Her voice had a sharp tone "we can make him corrupt enough to start a core transfer."

"Veh!" Italy nodded quickly and ran along the catwalk he spotted, careful to not look down. At the end he found an elevator similar to the one he had found with Wheatly. "Do I just plug you in here?" He asked her curiously.

"Yes." He did so and waited as the machine started up.

When they reached the top Italy found himself right in front of Wheatly, who didn't look pleased. Italy nervously took a step forward before Wheatly started talking.

"Well, Well, Well. Welcome to my LAIR. We only have a few minutes according to the control panel up there, but I think it's just a problem with the light." Italy looked up to see a timer, which read 5:47. He bit his lip as Wheatly continued. "But anyway it turns out I'm going to have to kill you, but you knew that! And as a precaution- I watched the tapes of how that other human killed her!" He gestured to GLaDOS, "And I won't make those same mistakes! No portal surfaces, Neurotoxin starts immediately, Bomb shields for me, and bombs to throw at you!" Italy panicked at the word "Bomb" and began running around the room frantically as Wheatly began throwing bombs everywhere.

"Idiot! Get him to break those tubes!" Italy looked around while running and noticed them. There were tubes full of the various gels. He ran over to them quickly, hiding behind the Lunar gel one and screamed in terror as a bomb hit one, releasing the gel everywhere.

"WHAT. NO! Wait! No, that was all part of my plan! Haha! You'll get over confident now! And that will lead to your downfall! No, wait, I just told you my plan again!" Wheatly sounded confused and was arguing with himself.

"Take advantage of this! Hit him with a bomb now!" GLaDOS yelled at him from the device she was still plugged into.

"V-Veh! Got it!" He shot a portal underneath Wheatly's computer frame and in front of himself. He nervously stood there until a bomb flew through the portal and exploded upon contact with Wheatly. His frame went limb and his voice fell silent, a strange contrast from the room.

"I'm sending a core now, get ready!" As she said this a small core with a glowing yellow eye fell on to the ground from a nearby catwalk. The core spoke in an oddly childish voice.

"Space! Space! Wanna go to Space! Gonna be in Space!" He continued, sounding excited every time he said the word space.

"Quick! Attach him now!" Italy ran and grabbed the core, who continued to ramble on about Space, and quickly ran back to Wheatly. The core fit perfectly onto the frame and it fell silent. Wheatly woke up and started moving again, he was back online.

"Wha… What… What did you do?!" It seems he could tell something had happened. "Whatever it is it doesn't matter! I'm still in control! You're just another test subject!" Italy, eager to stop Wheatly's yelling set up the portals again and waited for another bomb to hit Wheatly. The strange red light came back and the yelling stopped.

"Here's another!" Italy looked over and saw a core with a green color fall down. This one spoke in a harsh tone, quite unlike the last one.

"Hello there! I'm Rick! You fighting that guy? He don't look too bad. But look at all that stuff on fire!"

"Wait, what stuff on fire?" Italy looked around and noticed that some of the places hit by the bombs were in fact on fire.

"Now you see it! Let me help!"

"Just attach him to the frame!" GLaDOS yelled angrily, Italy was startled and nearly dropped Rick. He ran over to Wheatly and fastened him to Wheatly. Rick fell silent. An announcer came on saying something about Self-Destruct, Italy felt himself grow more nervous at the monotone voice. When the voice stopped Wheatly sprung up screaming.

"STOP. Stop attaching those to me! But then again you're not one to listen to me are you?" His voice was shrill as he moved the shields around, blocking the portal Italy had on the floor beneath him.

"Idiot! ABOVE!" GLaDOS shouted and Italy glanced up, seeing panels covered in the lunar gel. He nodded to show he understood and shot a portal up to one. A bomb sailed through and collided with Wheatly as he fell silent once again. "One more should do it! Here it is!" Another core fell to the floor, giving off a faint pink glow. It spoke in a strange monotone voice as it rattled off pointless facts. Italy ran over to it and picked it up as it said something about pants in the 16th century.

"Veh! I've got it!" He cheered as he ran back over to Wheatly and attached the core, cutting it off mid-sentence.

"Warning: Core corruption at 100 percent"

Wheatly screamed as his frame began moving again.

"Manuel Core replacement required."

"Ohh… Now I see!" Wheatly laughed darkly

"Substitude Core, Are you ready to start?"

"Yes! Quickly!" GLaDOS cried out desperately.

"Corrupted Core, Are you ready to start?"

"What do you think?" Wheatly snapped at the voice angrily.

"Interpreting answer as YES"

"NONONONONO! That was sarcasm you stupid computer!"

"Stalemate detected."

"Like before!" Italy exclaimed quickly, remembering when he had switched Wheatly and GLaDOS.

"Hurry! Hurry!" GLaDOS cried out again, the various notes in her voice sounding odd for her now. GLaDOS and Wheatly started arguing over the stalemate as Italy ran, fueled by sheer terror, towards the new room that had opened up.

"NO! I forbid you from pressing that button!" Wheatly shrieked as Italy got close to the button, but just as he was going to press it an explosion went off, throwing Italy painfully across the room. Wheatly laughed joyously.

"Oww…" Italy groaned as he pulled himself up from the pile of debris he had created.

"Are you serious?! How are you still alive?!" Wheatly's frame swiveled around towards Italy, the blue eyes narrowed angrily. Italy pushed himself back in fear when the roof began caving in. The chucks of metal and concrete narrowly missed him, but scared him pale.

"THE MOON!" GLaDOS screamed, causing Italy to look up and see the moon looming above them. "THE GEL! THE GEL IS FROM THE MOON." She screamed again, trying to get Italy to figure it out.

"Eh!" He remembered what Cave had said and carefully aimed the portal up to the moon and fired. A small light appeared on the moon before the portal beneath Wheatly started sucking everything in. Wheatly's frame was being pulled into the portal, he was screaming in terror now. He was nearly ripped from the frame as Italy was sucked though as well, his portal gun thrown off into space, and grabbed onto Wheatly for dear life. Italy started screaming, terrified to let go and be thrown into space.

Suddenly a familiar voice cryed out.

"SPACE!" The small core was thrown through the portal, colliding with Wheatly and causing Italy to lose grip of one side. His terrified screams grew louder as he tried to get his grip back.

"WAIT! I'm still connected! I'll pull us back through!" Slowly the parts still connecting Wheatly to the frame started pulling them back in before a claw appeared from the portal.

"I don't think so." GLaDOS said angrily, the claw extended to grab Italy. Another one knocked Wheatly out of Italy's hands and off into space, his voice drowned out in the silence of space.

The claw pulled Italy back into the room and the portal disappeared behind him, the pressure instantly disappearing. He took a deep breath to try and calm himself, not sure what he was feeling. He closed his eyes, just wanting to sleep. The last thing he saw was GLaDOS's old core being dragged off be one of the claws.

When he woke up he was greeted by two smaller robots, one shorter with a blue eye that was eerily similar to Wheatly's color. The other was taller and had an Orange eye. The two waved at him and when he tried to wave back he found he couldn't due to the pain in his arm.

"Oh Thank God. You're all right!" Italy looked behind the two and spotted GLaDOS back in her old frame. She sounded as happy as her voice could let her.

"I'm happy too" Italy smiled, slowly pulling himself into a sitting position.

"Your learning capacity completely astounds if I may mention. At first you were the4 most incompetent test subject I've ever seen, but you somehow managed to make it through all of this. The part of me that is Caroline feels some sort of bond with you as well."

"So you're nice now!" Italy beamed up at her, a large smile across his face.

"I guess you could say that. But when I saved you I managed to isolate that part of my program."

"Caroline deleted"

"V-Veh!" W-Why did you do that?"

"I had no more need for those emotions. Besides, it taught me a valuable lesson." Italy could swear she would grin if she could right now. Slowly, it dawned on him that she might kill him now and he backed up a bit on the white platform. "Oh don't worry, I'm not going to kill you."

"R-Really!" He smiled again.

"But before all these cleverer humans got in here I had no problems like this. It was nice. But, sadly, this already happened. So get out." She ordered him as the white platform began rising up, reminding him of after Wheatly took over. "And do never come back."

"If that's what you want…" Italy said sadly, waving goodbye to his friend as the platform reached the top of the room. A small laugh was heard from her speakers.

Italy sat there for a while, letting his limbs rest. He arrived at a door that flew open, revealing what looked like a corn field. He stood up and stepped out, the sunlight warm against his skin and making him realize how long he had been underground. As he took a few steps the door behind him slammed shut and Italy spun around. It quickly re-opened, throwing out a burnt cube before slamming again. Italy smiled upon noticing it was one of the heart cubes from earlier. He picked it up and began to walk off into the field.

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