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I was idly walking around Death City. Maka had given me $50 to get out of the house (soul's room).

*Sniff* *Sniff* Mmm…smelled warm and…familiar. I followed the yummy smell to…a tea shop. Sigh…I miss Sebastian…It's been a few months since I went to England. And life here was…boring now. The Kishin had been awakened and killed, and life's great (boring)! I wonder what he's been up to…sigh.


"My Lord, The carriage is ready, everything's been packed."

"Good…let's go, we can't miss out boat."

"My Lord, if I may, Are you sure it's a good idea to take a vacation?" It's very…uncharacteristic. He sighed,

"For the last time, it's not completelya vacation. We're going to America to see how the Funtom American division is doing. Though it will be nice to get out of London, it's so crowded."

"Indeed, my lord…If I may ask, where exactly are we heading in America?"

"We'll be stopping by all the head Fumtom factories. In New York, Dallas, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, and some oddly named city in Nevada, umm…"

"It wouldn't happen to be Death City, Nevada, would it?" He raised an eyebrow at me,

"Yes, why would you care?"

"I…A friend of mine lives there." I hope I'll have time to see her.

"A friend of yours? Well, I'll need to meet this person, they must be insane to have a Cat-obsessed Demon for a friend." Not if they're part cat…

"Shall we leave now my lord?" I worked to keep my sudden enthusiasm hidden.

*About a month later*

My Lord and I were on a train bound for Death City. This area was very…dry and empty.

"Well, you wanted to get away from all the crowds, I think you've accomplished that."

"Mmm…Is there actually a major city out-!" I looked out the window and saw something…bizzar. It looked like a pile of buildings, with a few huge skull like things on it. It looked extremely messy and hard to navigate.

"Master…do you know how to get to the funtom building?"

"No. how does anyone know how to get anywhere here!" I sighed,

"Perhaps we should head to the top, we may see a funtom sign or such from up there."

***At the top***

"Master, I didn't expect you to tire so easily…" I helped him over to a bench and sat him down.

"I wonder what this place is…"

"Y-You two are new here, aren't you…" I turned around and saw a girl with pink hair standing a few feet away.

"Yes, and could you help-"

"Agh, I-I can't deal with new people…" She took a step back. Suddenly a big black thing came out of her back. It started yelling at her.

"What's wrong with you stupid! You're a new person! Idiot!"

"Ow! Stop it! Don't twist my nose, HEY!" Um….I wasn't sure if I should help or not.

"HEY LOOOOK!~ Crona's getting beat up by the cute alien! Hahahaha!"

"Patty, Stop laughing and help me." Two girls, they looked to be sisters, ran over and stopped the black thing from beating up 'Crona' by giving him candy. The taller sister called over to a boy dressed in mostly black.

"Kid, we're gonna take Crona to Maka, we'll meet up in class." He just nodded. After the three girls were gone, the boy turned to me. He had three white stripes on the right half of his head.

"What brings you two to our school?" I bowed to him,

"My name is Sebastian, and this is my master, Earl Phantomhive. And we're actually lost…"

"I'm Death the Kid. I suppose Father's city can be confusing…Where are you trying to go?"

"Have you ever heard of Funtom toy co.? We're trying to find their building."

"Umm…I don't know, actually. I can take you to my father, he'll know."

"Thank you. Master, we need to keep moving."

"Can't we sit here, just for a few more minutes?"

"Sorry sir, we do have an appointment to keep…"

"Ugh…" I turned to Death The Kid.

"If you would please lead the way." He wordlessly walked into the school, master and I following. He led up to a very ornate door and pushed it open. Inside was a tunnel of guillotines. Master and I both hesitated, but followed him. The room was light blue with clouds, the ground had what looked like crosses everywhere. There was a lone platform, with candles, a mirror, and a big black thing. Death The Kid walked up onto it and started talking to the black thing.

"Father, could you help these two. They're new here and trying to find some toy company building."

Ah!~" He turned to us and he was just a mass of blackness, with a very silly skull mask.

"I suppose my city is a bit confusing, so what'cha looking for?~Oh, I'm Lord Death!"

"Umm…The Funtom company…"Weird. Out of nowhere a big blocky white hand appeared, he placed a finger to his chin.

"Kid, would you please take out guest there~ It's three buildings behind DeathBucks. The one closest to our house!~" Kid nodded,

"Yes, Father." He seemed completely unphased by Lord Death. He walked back out of the room, and led us out of the school. He held his hand out towards the ground, and a skateboard came out of his hand. He got on and waved for us to follow, he went down the hill, we were running to keep up. After a while he stopped and turned to us.

"We're here." We both looked around. There was a huge hole in the middle of the street, it was roped off. There was scraps of wood, and metal everywhere. He motioned to a building that was missing the front wall and ceiling.

We're still trying to repair the hole,-"

"WHAT HAPPENED TO MY BUILDING!" He glared at young master.

"When Asura awoke, he came out of that hole and flew into your building."

"Who is Asura! When I get my hands on him-"

"Asura's dead. I showed you the building, my job is done." He started to walk away. I reached out and grabbed his shoulder.

"Do you by chance, know a Blair?"


"Do you know where I could find her?"

"I think she works at Chupa Cabra's. It's down that street, make a right at the third turn, first building on the left."

"Would there be a hotel here somewhere?"

"Yes, from Chupa Cabra's, it's down that street, at the end. Bye." He got on his skate board and flew away.

"Sebastian, we'll go the hotel first. I need some rest."

"Yes My lord…" I got young master up to his room, it was very nice, fit for an Earl.

"Master, may I go to look for Blair?"

"Fine…If you find here, bring her here, I'd love to meet her." I bowed and walked down the Street to Chupa Cabra's. I opened the door, the only people I saw was a red haired man sitting at a bar, and a bartender.

"Excuse me, is there a Blair here?" The red-head turned to me,

"Sorry, she just left…I think she was going to meet Soul outside the DWMA."

"The what? And who's Soul?"

"Death Weapon Meister Academy. The big building at the top of the city, ya can't miss it. And Soul's a student there, I think Maka said something about Blair liking him or whatever…"My heart sank slightly.

"Thank you…" I turned and left, hiding my disappointment. Maybe Blair wouldn't even remember me. 'You won't know till you find her, that man's at a bar, he's probably drunk and doesn't know what he's saying…'I ran as fast as I could to the school. I saw Kid in-front of it.

"Death The Kid!" He slumped slightly when he saw me.

"Did you get lost again?"

"No, do you know where Soul is?"

"He's at the Dojo with Black Star. It's around back." I nodded and kept running. I ran over to a wooden building labeled 'dojo' there was a lot of cheering coming from it. Inside there was a blue haired guy fighting a dark-skinned man. I looked around and saw Blair sitting in a corner talking to a white haired guy.

"Blair!" I ran over to her. She squealed, jumped up and hugged me. I think she remembers me…

"What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be in London with the Earl or whatever?"

"Master and I came here on business, but…something came up."

"Oh…Well, I'm glad you're here! I've missed you so much!"The white haired boy cleared his throat.

"Well, I'll see you tonight Blair, why don't you bring your friend." He walked out.

"Who was that? And what is he talking about?" " We're all throwing Kid a big birthday party tonight…We were just going over everything…do you wanna come?" I smiled at her,

"Yes-err, I'll have to talk to Master about it…Speaking of which, he's waiting for us." She cocked her head at me.

"Nyaa?" "I told him about you, he wouldn't let me leave otherwise…" She nodded and we left the dojo, the blue haired guy was watching me.

"HEY! Guy in black with Blair!" His voice bothers me…He started walking towards us.

"You're new here aren't you? Well, you need to know some things about the great and all-powerful Black*Star!" He standing in front of us now.

"Sir, you are blocking the door."

"Pffft~So?" I quickly grabbed his ankle, pulled, and threw him across the room. It wasn't worth killing him. The room was silent.

"Black Star!" A girl with long dark hair and a white dress over to him. He glared at me,

"This isn't over you, nobody-don't walk away, who do you think you are?"

"I'm simply one Hell of a butler." I led Blair out, and we started the walk to the hotel.

"Wow, nobody but Kid's ever beat him like that!~"

"Do you mean Death the Kid? I met him earlier…and may I ask you something?"

"Ask away!"

"Is that black thing with the mask really his father?"

"Yep! He's a grim reaper, just like Lord Death!" I widened my eyes, he didn't seem like a grim reaper.

"But he….this place is utterly crazy." Blair started laughing at that,

"Yea, it is pretty different from London…Awww!" She hugged me again.

"I missed you so much!" I smirked,

"I missed you as a cat." She pulled back, pouted, but her eyes were smiling.

"Well, fine then!" There was a puff of purple smoke, then I was walking next to a cat on a flying pumpkin. I chuckled slightly. We were outside the hotel.

"I think you should be a person when you meet him, he hates cats." She turned into a person and pouted,

"hmmfp~jerk." I paused outside his room.

"Please Blair, be good." I opened the door and stepped in,

"Young Master, I've brought her…young master?" I walked through the front room, with Blair following, to the bedroom. Young Master was laying on the bed, the sheets were kicked off to the side, all the pillows were tossed on the floor. I sighed,

"Excuse me for a moment Blair." I went over to our baggage and retrieved Master's pillow. I went to his bed and carefully lifted his head to put the pillow down. I fixed the sheets, shut the curtains, and put all the other pillows in a chair. (An: yes, it's the pillow from chap 41 in the manga!)

"Why don't we head into my room Blair?" We had gotten a 4 roomed hotel room: Front room, bathroom and two bedrooms, Master's was bigger, obviously. I sat down on my bed, Blair sat next to me, she smiled before she turned into a cat and curled up on my lap. I pulled her hat off and rubbed her ears.

"Good kitty…"

I was laying on my bed, Blair, as a cat, asleep on top of me. I wonder how long we'll stay here since the funtom co building was destroyed? Master will probably want to find another building…That should take a while…

"SEBASTIAN!" I sat up, Blair jumped.


"Why do you have a cat in our room! You know I'm allergic to those Damn things!" He grabbed Blair.

"Master, please, you don't-" "Shut up stupid demon! I thought you were going to bring your friend, not this stupid creature." Demon, he called me a demon in front of Blair. Please let her have missed that. He walked over to the window and opened it.

"Master, that is Blair!"

"So you're friends with a cat?" He held Blair outside.

"Pum-pumpkin-flying pumpkin!" Blair was standing on a pumpkin outside the window, she sneaked out of master's grip. There was a puff of smoke then person Blair was sitting on the pumpkin. Master just stared as I helped her back inside. I put her hat back on and turned to master.

"This is my friend, Blair, she can turn into a cat."

"Hi!~I forgive you for almost throwing me out of a fifth story window! Nyaa!~ She hugged him.

"…hi?..." Young master just stared at her, before he turned to me.

"I never thought your friend would…look so much like Ran-Mao."I twitched.

"Hey, Earl-guy. Can Sebastian go to a party with me tonight? Please?"

"Who's party?" I answered, "Death the kid, my lord, the boy we were with earlier."

"I don't think-"

"You can come to Early-guy! What's you name again?"



"Well, we don't have anything else to do, and we never got a chance to properly thank him…*sigh* fine."

"Yay!~It starts at 8 tonight at Gallows Mansion." Young master was staring at her again.


"Oh! I gotta go pick up the cake…I'll be back at 7:30, kay? Okay, see ya Sebastian!" Blair then turned, jumped out the window and flew away on a pumpkin. I turned to my Lord,

"Thank you...I'll go find you a suitable outfit for tonight."

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