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Gah! Why is it taking Ciel so long to get dressed? It doesn't take Blair this long...sigh, I'll just meet them there. I knocked on the door,

"I'm gonna meet you two there, kay? You know how to get there?"

"Yes, we'll see you soon, Blair." I jumped out of the window, landed on a pumpkin, and flew towards the DWMA.


We had arrived at the school about 10 minutes ago, and were currently having problems finding the 'Death Room', and there was nobody around to ask for directions…

"hey, you two!" We both turned around and saw a man with a screw in his head, a white stitched up lab coat and a stitched up shirt.

"I haven't seen you two before. Are you students?" He was looking at us like he wanted to cut us up…Ciel spoke up,

"No, we're not. We're here to see lord Death. Do you know how to get to the death room?"

"Sure. Why do you need to see death?" I answered,

"we were told by Blair that Maka was told by Lord Death to have everyone who was at Death The Kid's birthday party to see him as soon as possible." He shrugged and pulled out a cigarette,

"Come on then." A very awkward silence formed as we followed the stitched-up man. He lead us to the same room Death The Kid had taken us to when we first arrived here. Inside was packed with people. I remember seeing most of them at the party, there were some adults too. A blue skinned man, a blond lady with an eye patch, and the red haired guy from the bar. Lord Death was standing on the light gray platform, the rest of us were on the dry dirt.

"Seb-by!~Ci-el-l!~" We turned and saw Blair running towards us.

"What took you two so long? Blair was worried…"

"We got a little…lost…"

"Oh…well you're here now!~ let's get closer!" She pulled us to the front of the group, next to Maka and soul. Lord Death spoke up then.


We all stopped talking when we heard Lord Death using his 'old' voice. I looked at Ciel and Sebby, who were staring bug eyed at him.

"Everybody! At some point last night, Kid left the city. Liz and Patty and out looking…Does anyone know anything! Why he would leave? Where he would go! If you have information, tell me. Everyone else, classes are canceled, I want you to go out and look for Kid." I waited until everyone left, before I walked over to Lord Death. He spoke in his normal voice.

"Yes, Blair?" I looked down and shifted on my feet.

"Well…last night after the party I was helping package the food…and Kid and Liz were talking in the other room…I didn't mean to listen! Blair just has really big ears!" I could feel I was blushing.

"What did you hear, Blair?" I didn't look up at him,

"Liz wanted to know why Kid was so upset…Kid said he wished he wasn't your son, he's too much a failure to be the next grim reaper…He said he just wanted to disappear…Please don't tell them I heard that, sir!" He patted me head,

"don't worry, I won't tell. Blair, can I ask you to do something for me?"

"Sure!~ Blair's happy to help!~"

"I'm sure you know Kid has his skateboard, which can fly. I'd like it if you'd fly around on one of your pumpkins looking for him."

"Leave it ta Blair!~"


Blair then flew out of the room of a pumpkin. Ciel sighed,

"Come on Sebastian, we're going back to our room…"

"Wait!" We both turned to Lord Death who was walk/running towards us.

"Sebastian…please, I did some research on demons and, if anyone can find him, it'd be you."

"I'd gladly help, if my Master will let me." He turned to Ciel.

"Earl, please?"

"Why? Why do you need my butler to help? Why are you sitting in the room when your only son is lost?"

"I can't leave the city, my soul is stuck here! Please, Ciel, I'll do anything." I noticed a small smile pulled at Ciel's lips.

"Anything? Like get me a new building for my toy company, in a better location?"

"Sure, Sure!" Ciel smiled,

"Sebastian, I order you, go find Death The Kid and bring him back to the city." I bowed my head slightly,

"Yes, My lord." I then ran out of the Death Room and outside. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath through my nose. My eyes snapped open, a smile playing on my lips as I started running towards Death the kid…

I'll admit, I'm impressed, he's fast. I've been running for a few minutes and am currently in the middle of nowhere, with no sign on Kid anywhere….After a while some small little trees started appearing, and the ground became more dirt, less sand, It was still extremely dry though. I stopped running, and took a deep breath, I was getting closer. I followed his scent into a cave, I took another deep breath, He should be around here somewhere…The cave was very small, and I didn't see him anywhere…until I looked up. I saw something black move on a small ledge above the cave's opening.

"Death The Kid, is that you?"

"How did you get here so quickly…and how did you find me? I thought no one would find me for at least three days…"

"I'm here to take you back to the city. Please come down now so we can head back."

"I'm not going back. I'll only disappoint father…" I just sighed, why must it always be the hard way? I jumped up towards him, but he moved out of the way at the last second. I turned, and he was hovering on his skateboard above the middle of the cave.

"I told you, I'm not going back…I'll only disappoint everyone. They're better off without me. Liz…Patty…Father, everyone." I jumped at him again, but he was fast. Well, he was a grim reaper, I suppose. I probably couldn't catch him, maybe I can persuade him…

"You're wrong." I stated simply. He looked at me, waiting for me to continue.

"About what?"

"Them being better off. Your father is worried sick, Those two girls have been out all night looking for you…How is that better?" He looked at me like I was missing something obvious.

"I meant they'll be better off without me in the long run. I know they'll miss me for a little, but they'll get over it when they realize how much better life is without me." Apparently reasoning isn't going to work…maybe I can get him to let his guard down,

"maybe you're right, you are a failure, but not for the reasons you think." He glared at me,


"You're supposed to be the next grim reaper, correct? How could someone as selfish as you possibly be a successful reaper?" He looked angry, but curious.

"What do you mean 'selfish'? I left for their benefit!" He moved a little closer to me.

"I mean, if you truly cared, you would have stayed and put up with your failures, and used them to improve, instead of running away and causing everyone all the stress and trouble of trying to find you. If you had just excepted your failures and worked to improve, your father would be proud of you. I bet if he does think you're a failure it's because you left, not because of what you think you 'failed' at. Actually your father probably thinks himself a failure, for raising his son-"

"SHUT UP!" He lost his temper for a second and moved to hit me. I smiled, and grabbed him, pinning his arms to his sides. I walked out of the cave, ignoring his struggles. After a while he stopped thrashing.

"You're not human." He stated flatly and looked up at my eyes. I smiled slightly, thinking of the conversation I had with lord Death last night.


"Tell me what you are." I smirked,

"You are more like your father than you realize, Death The Kid."

"Just Kid. And what do you mean? He's successful, and…I'm not."

"What, you think your father was successful his whole life? I doubt that. Everyone has to fail at some point in their life."

"I know…he just puts so much pressure on me, everyone does. Everyone expects me to be perfect… just like him." I chuckled, and he looked up at me,

"If I may, I think most of the 'pressure' is coming from yourself, more specially, your desire not to fail your father…" He just sighed and looked down.

"Sebastian? I know it's none of my business, but I was wondering, does Blair know you're not human?"

"…no…" He looked up at me,

"really? I would have thought you told her, you two seem pretty close."

"I can't tell her."

"Why? You told my father, why not Blair?"

"I…wait, how do you know I told him?"

"I could hear you two talking…I couldn't make out what you said you were, though." I couldn't think of anything to say.

"Umm…Sebastian? You can let me down, I can walk…" I smiled slightly,

"No, how do I know you're not going to run off? I'm not in the mood to chase after you again…by the way, I am impressed, you're a lot faster than I would have expected."

"Father's faster…" I just sighed, it seemed pointless to talk to him…

"We're almost to the city…Oh, right." I took out a mirror and wrote on it with my finger, '42-42-564'. Some blue ripples moved across the mirror, before Lord Death's face appeared.

"Lord Death, I found Kid. We're almost to the city, sir."

"Really? That's great!~ Thank you very much Sebastian. Can I talk to Kid?" I nodded and handed Kid the mirror.

"Kiddo! It's so good to see ya! You okay, you're not hurt of anything?"I smiled at the light blush that spread on Kid's face.

"father! I'm fine, you don't need to worry about me."

"I'm glad you're alright. You have no idea how worried I was…are you sure you're all right? You look a bit pale…"

"father! I'm fine!" Lord Death sighed,

"All right, Kiddo," lord Death turned to the red haired man, "Spirit, you know what to do!~"

"I'll see you soon Kiddo." The mirror returned to a mirror. A few minutes later there was a few loud bangs, cracks and pops. In the distance, I could see some bright red flairs going off. Kid blushed even more.

"Is that really necessary?" he asked to no one.

"I would think so, since the whole school is out looking for you."

"…the whole school?" I nodded, and ran a bit faster the rest of the way…

We arrived at the school, and I went up to the death room, sill holding Kid. Lord Death, Ciel, and Blair were already there. Lord Death ran over and pulled Kid our of my arms, and crushed him to his chest.

"Oh Kiddo! You're okay!"

"FATHER, I'm fine!" Everyone else in the room blushed and looked away. I walked over to Blair and Ciel. Blair hugged me,

"Kya, you're back!~" Ciel looked at me, then Blair, than me.

"Sebastian, we're going to be staying here for a bit longer, while I get my new building set up. I…wouldn't been needing you except for in the morning and at night…so you're free to do as you please in the day…" I blinked and stared at him, this was very uncharacteristic of him,

"Thank you, my lord."

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