I don't own Weiss, Nero, FF7, or even this situation I put them in. That belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya and Hetalia: Axis Powers. I also don't support WeissXNero. It's just wrong. I'm doing this for the humor.


Hi. My name is Weiss, and you may remember me from The Dirge of Cerberus. You know, I was that shirtless guy with the swords. No! Not the mommas boy!

Anyway, This is my little brother, Nero. He's really pretty, isn't he? He says he loves me, but sometimes, I'm not so sure...

This is the time when Nero traumatized Weiss:

How did this happen? All Weiss did was undo Nero's straight jacket, and now he's hiding in a locked room behind a couch.

Trembling in terror, Weiss listens to the insane ramblings of his younger sibling. Nero was pounding at the door.

"Big brother! Big brother! Come on, let's become one! You know you want to! Why do you have to be such a bitch all the time!" Nero screamed.

Clawing at the door and leaving scratch marks, Nero growled at Weiss, "Open this damn door right this instant. You and I are going to get together whether you like it or not. Open up, Dear Weiss. Let me in!" The "in" part was drawn out.

"Go away!" Weiss cried tearfully.


Part one is down. Now on to part two... *Evil face*