Dick couldn't be hungrier.

He had just came back from a mission that last 6 of the most fucking longest months and had not received a sindle drop of the thing he craved most. Blood. Bruce was going to be so unpleased with his process espically that he hadnt packed enough blood .Well at least he beated his 4 month record . If he couldn't control his bloodlust HE WAS GOING TO KILL HIMSELF. His stomach growled again .

"Shut the fuck up tummy" he grumbled lowly. He looked over at his teamates. Who were currently yellling at each other. Arty was yelling at M'gann who was currently crying her eyes which were bloodshot, her skin paler compared to her usaually exotic green. Supey was trying to protect Mgann sheilding her with one of his massive arms.

"What are you going to do IF HE'S DEAD!" the archer hissed out.

She was talking about Aqualad who was on the gurney in the back of the ship. He was dehydrated his skin was turning pale blue white. He was cold to touch but his tempature was high. He was having hallucinations. He kept muttering something about a person named Tula. They where half across the world where they were suppised to be. It would take a few more hours until they got to Mt. Justice. Wally joined the yelling, screaming at the archer.

His head was spinning he was going to lose himself, he could feel Wallys blood boiling mostly because of M'gann and Supeys closeness, but he could not bring himself to focuse on Wallys rant. He could just taste it-

God Grayson get a fucking grip on yourself These are your friends. Ironic just like from Nemo.-

" Fish are friends not food"he scoled himself. He could feel himself sweat his bangs clamped on his forehead as he giggled madly at the thought of him as a shark. With short pants and a cape. He lauged even louder.

And then he thought about his situation how all this shit was wrapped in a pretty box and it all came crashing at him. Man was he selfish. The arguing stopped. They looked at their little brother. Everyone one stopped. Robin was gasping he was losing his breath along with his mind.

Wally turned his head lips pouting cheeks puffed,he reminded Dick of a pufferfish, which just made him laugh louder. A fat orange pufferfish just wadlling around.

"Hey Rob, man I want to laugh, too."Wallly whined. Robin just shook his head and smirked .

"Sorry, KF but I just forgot what I was laughing at" Dick waved his hand to ephasis his words. He acted innocentley putting a hand to his chest and looking apolegetic. Giving Wally puppy put them on full blast. OVER 9000! You could probably feel the puppy dog rays. Wally stiffled a blush and sqealed.

"S'okay man I forgive you."He held his fist out for Robin to punch. Which he did. Wally winced.

A liitle too hard.

All of a sudden he felt his eyes pulse. He subconsiouly grabbed at his sunglasses. They were defiently pulsing. Where is the fucking bathroom.

"M'gann uh dear?" M'gann turned to where the noise was located at. Robin studied her she was medatating Artemis apologized and was talking with the female martian via female martian smiled at Robin.

"Why yes Robin?" M'ann was confused Robibn was never timid. Robin fidgeeted with his cape avoiding eye contact.

"Where is the bathroom." M'gann pointed where to and in a speed that would make the Flash shat his pants Robin was gone.