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The scared 12 year old finished her packing with a nervous sigh, dressed in her sturdiest clothes and carrying only what she needed in her hiking pack Serenity prepared to run away from home. The reasons completely differed from the norm for Serenity, she loved her home and her family, all of them even those that exceeded her bloodline because she was in the circus. There were no problems with her parents; no recent fights of any importance, her parents and her little brother would forever be perfect in Serenity's memory. No the reason Serenity was leaving was because she wasn't human or at least not normal enough of a human, even for Haley's circus. As a trapeze artist Serenity was sure she could make it on her own and that she needed to leave because if she didn't her new 'powers' would end up hurting one of her family members and she wouldn't let that happen.

"Sparrow where are you going? It's so late, and its dark," the voice that could only belong to her seven year old brother and the nickname that only Richard used cut trough Serenity's heart and resolve like a knife. She nearly took Rick into her arms and started sobbing, but she stopped herself, she had to. It was because of Richard that that she had to leave, to keep him safe mattered above all else.

"Robin look at me," Serenity used Rick's nickname in turn, the name she had given him on his first performance, "I have to leave and I know that you don't want me to, but for reasons I can't yet tell you I have to go. All right?"

"No," those huge sapphire eyes stared me down and made it even more painful to fight back the tears, "it's not all right that you're doing this. But I do understand, and you have to promise you'll come back."

"Rob I promise when I deal with this I'll come back and you won't be able to get rid of me."

"Then go, I'll cover for you."

"Thanks Rick," I knew I had to make this quick, the pain was starting to seep into my voice, "give this to mom and dad okay?" I said handing him the letter I had written and ruffling his sable locks.

"Come back soon," Rick said as he wrapped his arms around me.

"I'll try," I said slipping out of the embrace reluctantly and into the cold of the night. Unknown to me, that letter was the final goodbye I would ever be able to give my parents, because two years later they would fall from the trapeze and Dick would be the only biological family I had.

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