Serenity By: GoddessMoonLady Chapter 9

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July 8, 2001 S.M. 333333333333333333333333333333333

Early on in the morning, once Serenity has had a good nights sleep and regained her energy, her mother informed her that they would be returning home to the Moon. She became so excited she just had to find someone to tell. The first person to come to mind was, who else, Endymion.

She searched the entire castle from top to bottom, but he was nowhere to be found. finnally she desided to search the gardens. He most certainly would be there.

**********************THE EARTH CASTLE GARDENS**********************

Endymion was leaning against the fountain in the middle of the rose gardens. Anyone could tell by the look on his face that he was deep in thought.

That morning his mother had given him the news that Queen Serenity wished to return to her own Palace on the Moon and Serena would be going with her. He knew he should be happy about this news yet... for some strange reason he wasn't. It just didn't make sense. He should be happy for Serena. She found her family, she'll be going home... he just couldn't understand it. Then it hit him. She would be there and he... he would still be here. They would be seperated and he had gotten attached to her. Oh! Who was he kidding! He had hoplessly fallen for her.

"Darien! Darien!!" Serena called as she ran toward him. She rushed through the garden, not even pausing till she was standing right next to him, "Did you hear?! Were going home! Were going back to the Moon Palace! Isn't that great!?"

She was so excited that she squeeled as though she were 8 years old again. Darien chuckled at the memory, then grew sad once again.

"What's wrong Darien? You look upset about something." She asked noting the look in his eyes with concern.

"Hmm..? Oh, It's nothing. Really. I'm happy for you." He said faking a smile. She saw right through it.

Serena frowned, "Your not happy I'm going home are you?" She said, reading him like an open book.

Darien's eyes widened, "How...?"

"I read your mind." she deadpanned, "No seriously, I know you better then you think. I beleave I also know the reason why your not happy I'm leaving."

She got a mischevious look in her eyes, took a step forward, wrapped her arms around his neck, and pressed her lips to his. Darien's eyes grew wide once again, before slowly closing. Darien took control and deepened the kiss. He ran his tongue along her bottom lip, begging for entrance, which she willingly gave. He slid his tongue in and let it explore every inch of her mouth. It was like heavon. Neither ever wanted it to end. They pulled away a few minutes later do to a need for oxygen.

Serena leant forward and breathily whispered into his ear, "Oh! and Momma said you can come with us and stay for a short while." And with that she pulled away and whent inside to her rooms to finish packing.

Once everything was packed and loaded aboard the ship, Serena, Darien, and Queen Serenity said there goodbyes.

"Now Serenity, I'm trusting you. Nothing had better happen to my little boy while he's with you." Queen Gaia smiled, remebering having said these exact same lines a long time ago.

Queen Serenity laughed, "Careful Gaia, You wouldn't want to jinx it. Would you?" Everyone laughed at this.

"Good bye Serenity, I'm so glad to have seen you again." Gaia hugged Serena.

"Good bye. And don't worry, Mother and I will make sure he doesn't get into too much trouble." Serena smiled at Darien's affronted look.

"Shall, Serenity, 'Shall make sure'." Her mother corrected, darien smirked, and serena stuck out her tongue at him.

Gaia smiled again, "Thank You Serenity, dear. I'm most certain you shall. And Endymion. I expect you to behave. When you return we have quite a bit to catch up on."

"Yes, of course Mother." Darien answered, with a smirk.

With there goodbyes finished, everyone boarded the ship and settled in for the long ride home.

*******************************THE MOON********************************

The ship landed in the Royal port about an hour later. Waiting on the dock to greet and welcome home Queen Serenity were the Sailor Scouts. They had no idea that they would be greeting not only Queen Serenity but Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion as well. They were in for a little surprise.

"Your highness! Welcome home! We have returned the palace to the way it was before you left. Just as you requested." Greeted Mina smiling. She and the others had enjoyed there time on there own planets but were greatful to be back on the Moon. The Moon Palace felt more like home to them. Even if Serenity isn't there.

"It's wonderful to have you home your highness." Amy smiled, she had missed the palace. especially the library. It was nearly twice the size of the Mercurian library.

"Indeed welcome home! I have hired new servants and gathered the old ones that were willing to return as you requested. The cook is fixing a wonderful feast for your welcome home dinner your majasty." Chirped Lita, she missed the kitchens here. There was always something cooking, and more then enough ingrediants to go around.

"Please, your highness, allow us to take your bags. You must be tired after your long journey." Ray stepped forward, a smile glistening on her face. It felt wonderful to be back on the Moon. It was always so peaceful here. Well, when Serenity wasn't running amock and torchering the servants that is.

"Thank you girls. it is most wonderful to be home. But Ray, if you all help me then who will help Serenity with hers?" Queen Serenity asked, smiling slightly.

"Serenity? Your highness, what are you talking about? You are Serenity. Queen Serenity." said Amy, the look of confusion on her face mirrored by the other 3 scouts.

The Queen chuckled, "I mean 'Princess' Serenity." She pointed to the ship.

The girls looked at each other, then, slowly, glanced at the ship door and froze. They couldn't beleave there eyes. There standing in the plank way was the one person they never thought they's see ever again.

"Sere!!" Shrieked Lita in joy filled surprise.

Serenity smiled, "Hi girls."she said sheepishly.

All four girls ran up the plank to her and gave her the biggest group hug uf her life.

"Oh my goddess! I can't believe it's you! Weve missed you sooo much, Sere!" Ray exclamed, with tears in her eyes.

"It's great to be home." Serenity smiled, she had really missed her friends, well, at least since she remembered them.

The girls carried the bags to the Palace where servants took them to there rooms. They really been happy when they saw Endymion. They'd gotten over there petty jelousys when they were little. Now it was as though everything bad in the world had been righted.

After a bit of rest, everyone whent to dinner. The conversation was lively and excited. After dinner The scouts, Serena, and Darien met out in the Rose gardens to hear Serenity and Endymion's story and to catch up on lost time.

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