Chapter 1 Life on Plexus

Earth was destroyed by the way we used up it's resources we sent a group of ships named after many various creatures.
If anyone still rembered their names we only remeber one ship name Plexus the ship we live on but we don't call it a ship anymore, because a definition of a ship would be a vessel created by senintle life to help it's creators reach there destinations. Plexus wasn't a ship anymore because it no longer served it's creators anymore for Plexus was free willed. Once there was a time where Plexus was still merely a ship but a emmision wave created by dark enegry which altered it but the ship did not merely change it took life. Slowly the walls changed color from white to pink and grew soft like inside a real living thing. The samplers which looked like fire alarms changed to where they looked like armless jellyfish. The Onboard Transport Vechiles or for short OTV which looked like a mini premature space shuttle grew blue and pulsing purply with and the railings changed into tentcles, The sliding door changed into a mouth and the seats turned into a tongue. When this happened someone probably freaked or panicked that made Plexus think we would be a threat and the samplers and the OTVs would attack and kill like a white blood cells. But a man named Arkwright saved all the suviviors by connecting himself into the bridge array and wiping the ships memory of it's passengers. he was just as old as the ship now but no one knew if he was still alive or aware of our presence. We thought the same or the samplers and the OTVs. We thought they couldn't see us but one boy touched it and it looked at him as if meeting him for the first time. Unlike all the others this one took intrest in him. Every time he walked by the OTV looked at him. Sometimes following him but other people thought it was creepy to have an OTV following you thinking it would eat you like they used to when the ship first changed. But this boy was used to this because he was one of many people who where still living on Plexus who did not find it strange that the ship was alive because they were probably born on the ship like this they didn't want to hear of the Golden Age of Plexus they wanted to hear "Is there a problem with Plexus?" or "Have we made contact with Plexus's artifical intellegence?" the didn't want to hear about the ship Plexus they wanted to hear about the living organism Plexus, they didn't care for their benefit but for Plexus.
But there were some who wanted Plexus back the way it used to be but our story takes place with the boy her sister and the OTV that took notice of the boys existence.