Killing Hearts

Disclaimer: I do not own anything related to Twilight Stephenie Meyer does. I own the plot.


Edward was my everything. He was my heart. He was my soul. He was my life, soul mate, and protector. Now that he's gone, I no longer can breathe, or love, or live. He just vanished. Of course it was my fault - if I hadn't fallen in love with him, only 6 short months ago, this never would have happened.

Alice had also been my life. She was my best friend – my sister - my little pixie. I should have let her drag me on all of those ridiculous shopping trips; allowed her to use me as her living, breathing Barbie doll. I should have been her guinea pig. Now it's too late.


As we were on our way to a pawn shop to find the perfect wedding rings for me and Edward when Alice had a vision. I could tell by the look on her and Edward's faces that it was not good. Edward looked panicked, so I was has never happened before. Not this bad. His eyes had terror in them. I have only seen that when James tried to kill me.

"Alice, what's wrong?" asked Jasper.

"The Volturi are in Forks. How could I have not seen this?" Then she said something in vampire speed. Suddenly I couldn't breathe and felt dizzy. As I let the darkness take me with it I had a single thought: Something very bad was about to happen.


I don't know how much time passed before I found myself waking up in Edward's bed; Emmett was still shaking me as I jolted up, panicking and instantly noticed that no one else was in the room with us. Where was Edward? What about Alice? She was always with me when I woke up. Had they all died? No. They couldn't have. I became aware of being lifted off of the ground in two massive arms: Emmett.

"They're gone."

I started screaming and kicking him, although I knew with his freakish vampire strength, this battle was useless. "Let me go! Where's Edward? Edward! Alice!"

I quickly wore myself out, collapsing on his toned chest. He let me let me lay there, for a minute or so, before he finally spoke up: "Bella, my sweet little human, the Volturi came when you were blacked out. They tried to take you with them, but Alice and Edward put up a fight... They died." His voice broke on the last sentence.

So it was all my fault. I sat there in his arms, sobbing: "Em, where are Rose, Carlisle, and Esme?"

"Esme's downstairs, Carlisle got called into the hospital and Rose, she went with the- well- she was forced to go to Volterra."

I felt so horrible. It was all my fault.

Then Jasper suddenly appeared in the room and took me into his pale arms. I could tell that he wasn't breathing as he rocked me - and to tell you the truth, I'm surprised he had the strength to hold me so close to him. We silently lay on the bed together, my eyes slowly closing; he rubbed my back and soothed me until the tiredness took me into a long, dreamless sleep.