Bree Tanner`s Point of Veiw

Step one : Go to Jacksonville

Step two : Sneek into Rene and Phil`s house

Step three : Explain

Step four : Drain them lifeless

Brillaint me. This was the perfect plan. Bella want`s to be a skank, she`s going to pay. Her price : suffering.

Time for revenge.

It`s just getting dark, I can hear Rene telling Phil that she loves him and goodnight. He said he loved her and he`ll see her in the morning.

Wrong thought Phil.

I climbed through the small livingroom window. I waited untill I could tell they were sleeping, then tiptoed up the stairs. I then found the tiny bedroom where they were having their last sleep.

I tapped Rene on her shoulder, then Phil. They both awoke at the same time.

" Who the fuck are you? " Phil shouted.

Rene looked terrified. She was clutching onto Phil for dear life.

" I`m Bree. Bree Tanner. You know, the girl who mysteriously dissapeared in Seattle. "

They froze.

" I will kill you in you in your sleep,

so you`d better try,

try to keep awake.

I will kill you in you in your sleep,

so you`d better try,

try to keep your

left eye open,

and your right toe twitchin`

`cause I`m in the kitchen

with a knife

that`s itchin`

for your red blood,

on those white sheets. "

Keep awake ~ 100 Monkeys

This song was perfect. After I sang it to them, Rene started to sob. I leaned over the end of the bed.

" Rene, Rene, what will we do with you? Now see, you`re daughter Isabella, was engaged with Edward Cullen. You knew that. But did you know that he was murdered? Not by me. See, we had an affair.I love him. I`m a horny 15 year old girl. He`s a horny 17 year old boy. See how it works? "

She wimpered.

" Yeah, well anyways, him and Alice were killed because of Bella. Her and Alice`s man, Jasper, decided to get together not even a week later. Hell, it was actually two days later. Now I want her to suffer and if I killed her, I wouldn`t want to put you through that. Now would I? "

Phil had been silently crying the whole time.

" Who wants to go first? And any last words? " They were trembling. Now this is entertainment.

"Will you please find the mercy in your heart to leave us alone. " Phil pleaded.

" Nope. Sorry but this is for the best. Who wants to go first? "

No answer.

Rene`s Point of Veiw

This little girl was terrifing.

She said she was 15 but she sure looked older. Maybe 18 or 19.

She told us Edward was murdered. That`s horribble.

"I`ll go. I love you Phil. God, please forgive me for all of my sins and take care of my little girl. I love her so much. Amen. Bree, please don`t hurt anybody else. Goodbye world."

Then I felt a sharp pain in my neck.

Phil`s Point of Veiw

No. My sweet little Rene was gone. I was next. This was bad.

" Any last words? "

"I love you Rene. Bella, be safe. Be okay. Be happy. Charlie, thanks for taking care of her. God, please forgive me for all wrong I`ve done. Please let everybody be safe. Please let Bella live. Amen. Bree, tell Bella what Rene and I said please. "

She didn`t reply. I kissed Rene`s lifeless lips.

Then I felt something go into my neck. It was the worst pain I have ever felt.