Mirror Image...
By Angelfirenze

Disclaimer: Abbott, Paul, prod. "Shameless (US)." Shameless. Showtime. SHO, 27 Mar. 2011. Television. The Decemberists. "The Crane Wife.". Capitol, 2006. Snow Patrol. "Eyes Open.". Polydor, 2006.

Summary: "Um," she chuckled nervously, "Yeah. Yeah, uh...I mean, I haven't done a test or anything yet, but I'm pretty sure. You...are you okay with that?"

Timeline: Post-'Father Frank, Full of Grace'.

Notes, First: Finally, an idea! This one seems a bit short, though, because a lot has happened and I'm just now getting back into the groove of writing, in general. I honestly can't stand that I forgot how much it helps.

Notes, Second: For those just tuning in, this will obviously deviate completely from what is now season two. I'mtotallyokay with that, I find.

Notes, Third :I've decided Fiona and Lip Gallagher were the only children not born in Chicago, but they moved there before Lip could talk. I have to explain Emmy Rossum's accent somehow, damn it, plus it goes along with Jeremy Allen White being from New York, too.

Notes, Fourth: I rewatched the snippet where Debbie goes to Jimmy's house and realized their family calls his brother 'Chip', which I am not fond of at all. I've decided 'Charles' is his middle name or something like that, just so I can get that out of the way, too.

Part VI: Quit Pretending You Don't Even Know Me... - James

By the time they finally left Kev and Veronica's house, both Lip and Fiona's spirits were much higher. Thom was gently telling Fiona some of the things she was going to have to either cut back on or stop altogether, pointedly eyeing the cigarette by now in her hand.

Fiona looked down at it and sighed, "Shit. I..." She gave her head a shake and gave the almost whole butt to Lip for him to finish and Thom sighed, instead looking directly at him. "Don't smoke around her if you can help it. And no more drinking, either, please, Fiona."

Fiona nodded morosely again, blowing the last of the smoke out of her body and mustering herself for the long haul. "I won't. Um..."

"Ian and I will stop, too," Lip promised, even going to chuck the butt in the first trash can he saw before catching himself and snubbing it out first.

"Now that would have been..." Fiona found herself smiling and Lip halted and glared at her. "If you even mention Frank..."

"You can't do anything to me, I'm gonna be - " she finished the sentence silently, 'somebody's mother!' Then she waggled her hands behind her ears and stuck out her tongue.

"I think Deb has more maturity than you, personally," Lip mocked and Fiona snorted, "I think 'fuck you'."

Thom sighed and shook his head in mild bafflement as they began walking again and he suddenly realized, "Shit. I...I have no idea where the hell I parked my car...um, how long ago was that?"

Fiona and Lip were now both holding in laughter. Lip helped, "Three days, genius. And your truck's across the street there. I think the one with the ticket on it, if I remember it correctly. Black GMC, right?"

Thom's face became flat, his eyes hooded, and he blew out a harsh breath. "Fuck. I was even more tired than I thought. At least I don't think I completely blocked a hydrant or they probably would have towed it by now. Look, we'll get the stupid ticket taken care of after we go see Jim. This is more important than something I can take care of quickly. Besides, if you're going to actually visit with him, I can go while you're doing that and then come back."

"Sweet," Lip agreed, but Fiona cut in. "Shut up, asshole, I can speak for myself."

"What is it with you and Ian and forgetting that I'm the brains of this outfit?"

Fiona resisted the urge to roll her eyes and instead ate another cracker, trying purposely to spray Lip with crumbs, "Should we put up a statue? One of you, what, pissing on Dad?"

Lip brought his arms down from covering his face, "How do you know about that?"

Fiona put on an affected air, "I know all, that's mycontribution to this supposed outfit."


Fiona cackled, "I was baking chicken tenders when I heard him talking to you and then, all of a sudden, I saw this stream of piss come falling down on him. I almost forgot about the chicken altogether. I wondered what the hell that was all about but then I remembered when you punched him at The Alibi and how you wouldn't help us distract him from beer. You hate him."

Lip rested his hand on the driver's side backseat door handle, gripping it hard, "I...I just...he just..."

Fiona came back around from the other side of the backseat and hugged him, wishing she could stop him shaking just now and furious with herself because she couldn't. "I know. It's okay, I know."

"You don't, really. You can forgive his shit, let it go and get on with everything. I mean, you have to, but I wish I could just put it out of my head and remember he's not allbad. I can't forget anymore and I think that pisses me off more than anything. I wish I could say that was him, too, but...he's our father, I'm supposed to love him and...God, Fiona, I...I think I'm starting not to love him anymore."

Fiona sniffled, hugging Lip harder even as Thom stepped back out of the car and watched uneasily as Lip suffered further.

"It's not your fault," Fiona insisted, running her hand over his hair and hugging him again. "You can't be everything. Hell, I can't either. We shouldn't have to. But you and I try. It's all we can do. You take care of Ian and I try to take care of you and it goes down and down.

"Liam's the only one who doesn't have to try but, I bet you anything, if he were in your place and you in his, he'd be trying just like all of us. But, well, I mean, we moved here - like - when I was three - "

"Uh, yeah, when you gonna lose that accent?"

"Will you fuck off, please? I'm tryin' to comfort you and you're givin' me shit."

Lip bit his lip and smiled, leaning back into Fiona's side and she continued, "So I was three when we moved here, but I mean, it had already started. Uncle Wyatt actually stayed awhile because he saw Monica had about as much mothering skills as she has feathers, but it was still the same shit. He taught me a bunch of stuff, I guess because he knew I'd need it. When you got old enough, I taught it to you, and then you taught Ian when he got old enough. Debbie's...actually kind of freaky. I almost don't want her to actually learn anything because she's..."


"If she heard us say any of this, she'd kick you in the balls and punch me in the face - or try or something. Maybe."

"My money's on running away. Remember, most of us have at some point or another."

Fiona snorted, "Yeah. Look, um, we're probably just waiting for Thom to get another ticket...SHIT!"

Fiona physically stopped herself from whirling around, instead turning slowly, and stared wide-eyed at Thom, who was now examining the ticket with further intent. "Yeah, Markovitch wrote this one," he confirmed and she sagged backward against the car.

"Maybe it was a coincidence and he wrote it before he knew you were here."

"Yeah, let's hope for..." Thom made a face. "What am I saying, fuck that."

Fiona blinked and looked back at Lip, unable to keep from grinning. "I'm thinking we're a corrupting influence..."

Lip cackled, finally letting go of Fiona as she returned to her side of the car and they both got into the backseat. "Lip, you don't have to..."

"Shut up, Fiona. Thom, if you can remember where the hospital is - " Thom flipped him off and neither Lip nor Fiona could help laughing again. "Kindly get us there as fast as you can. You're right, the ticket and the shithead can wait."

...But, I remember you and I will relate to you how our histories interweave...

"Yer...pre...nant?" The words were slurred and Jimmy could only open his eyes as far as the morphine drip sedating him would allow, but Fiona was still astonished to see the utter joyin his words as he whispered to her after she'd managed to stutter out her surprise revelation.

"Um," she chuckled nervously, "Yeah. Yeah, uh...I mean, I haven't done a test or anything yet, but I'm pretty sure. You...are you okay with that?"

It was then that Jimmy smiled rather lopsidedly and giggled as much as he could manage and Thom raised an eyebrow in her direction, but Fiona still wasn't sure.

"I mean, you don't have to - "

"We gon'...a baby...Tomm-Tommy, we gon' ha' a baby...Lip...'aby..."

"I know, you idiot, we heard just fine," his brother assured. But Thom was grinning widely and so was Lip, just now. "So hurry up and get better because you've got fatherly duties to fulfill."

Jimmy smiled as widely as he could manage and tried to raise his hands in Fiona's direction. Starting to cry again, Fiona came forward and helped Jimmy place his strongest palm on her abdomen.

"Baby," he mumbled, happiness radiating off him so strongly Fiona was unable to keep from crying even harder.

"Our baby," she agreed, finally fully breaking down and reaching over to hug him as much as she could.

"Wheeeeee," Jimmy cheered into her neck and Fiona giggled while still crying.

"You are so fucked up. Do your physical therapy, asshole, so you can come home and be with us again."

"I not asshole, dey asshole...hurt..."

"I know it does, but you've gotta do it," Fiona sniffled again, glancing at a suddenly much less cheerful Thom. "It's the only way you'll get better. When they're doin' your PT, think of our baby."

"Think you. Think baby." Jimmy sighed, sliding into sleep again before he could help it and Fiona sniffled again, this time managing to hold back tears as she straightened and brushed her hair behind her ear.

"I'm gonna fuckin' clean Tony's clock," she bit out quietly.

"Right there with you." Thom forced himself not to whimper even as he wanted to cry, as well.

...More than anything I want to see you, girl...Take a glorious bite out of the whole world...