Title: TDWP: The Devil's Run

Pairing: Miranda / Andy

Rating: M, NC17, NSFW

Summary: To celebrate Miranda's birthday someone throws a party; a hunting party. Andy has no idea why she's been kidnapped and abused, except for one powerful accusation that gets thrown at her. A lot. She only knows that she must survive or die trying.

Words: 27120 (give or take)

Disclaimer: This is a work of fanfiction, which pretty well guarantees that " ownership, " of the some of the characters belongs to others (Lauren Weisberger and 20th Century Fox) and and that this work is entirely based on affection. This is not-for-profit, but for praise or at least enjoyment.

Beta Readers: Thank yous go to - Melanacious, LadyDragonstorm and Bonnie - my extraordinary friends.


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A/N - This is a "get 'em together" story/ One Shot. I'm gonna keep telling myself that.

A/N - This fiction likely draws from several sources for inspiration - it mostly follows TDWP movie canon as a starting point, however.

A/N - I hereby label this story AU. While it starts from the movie core, it is set in a reality that is both magical and dangerous. *stamp* AU *endstamp*

A/N - This story involves appendages and physical transformations and happy bits connecting. If phallai offend, perhaps this story is not for you. *stamp* CRACKFIC *endstamp*

A/N - This story hints at blood-play and some tropes that contribute to a story of that nature. While it's very mild in comparison to some, there's always the hint of "danger" and stories get told and maybe a little blood and sex and hints of noncon and who knows what will trigger some people so *stamp* AltSEX *endstamp*

A/N - This story has serious, definite hints of "bad things that happened to good people." This includes violence shading toward noncon *stamp* TRIGGER Warning *endstamp*

A/N - Plural/Poly relationships happen to be one of my favorite story doesn't really go there, but... just in case... *stamp* POLYAMORY *endstamp*

A/N - This story uses a mystical creatures of the dangerous kind setting, which means that some events are darker and more dangerous and possibly unfriendly. *stamp* MAYHEM! *endstamp*

A/N - I have decided, just for my sanity, that family and really good friend names shall remain generally consistent. Thus, Andy's father's is Richard and her mother is CeCe, etc. This will go for Miranda's family and friends too. The family rule, shall remain consistent across the DWP stories. Though you may see them behaving differently according to their different realities, I shall make some effort to keep characterizations consistent also.

A/N - This story has has big dollops of angst, but it ends well.

A/N - Just for fanfic dot net - they erase my little notations of separation in the doc. I tried fixing it in the editor and it still isn't there in the fan fic. Thus, some of what you read may be impacted by the erasure of content by the system. My apologies.

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