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Duncan groaned softly as he slowly came into consciousness. He had, what he could only describe as, a headache from Hell. He body and mind felt sluggish and his eyes refused to open at his bidding. He quickly became annoyed at the constant poking and prodding to his forehead.

"Wake up boy; we don't have time for naps. Get up before I throw this girl into the lava." A gruff voice said.

Duncan bolted upright and tried to grasp the throat of whoever spoke and missed, instead his hand was caught mid-air by a strong, vise-like grip. Looking up at his capturer, he gasped in shock as he saw a man that bared similar resemblance to him.

"That's my boy, kill first, talk later." The man spoke with a dark smirk.

"W-what? Who are you? Where's Isabelle?" Duncan asked frantically, looking left and right.

"Whoa, it's fine Duncan. He was just kidding." Isabelle said when his luminescent eyes set upon hers.

Duncan switched his gaze from her to the man who was still holding his clawed, scaly hand. The stranger let go of his hand and addressed Duncan again.

"Get up; we don't have enough time as it is. You need to start on your training and as your father, I will teach you." Bellock said as he pulled Duncan up off the ground.

"Wait, what? How? Did I miss something? Weren't you like three stories high, big claws, really scaly?" Duncan gestured frantically, looking at the smaller, more compact version of his dad.

"What? You assumed I helped make you with my true form? My gods, you mother-"

"I DON'T WANT TO HEAR IT! Oh my god! What is up with you and mom talking about stuff like this?"

Duncan cut off frenziedly with a mortified face while slamming a fist into his forehead. Isabelle just giggled softly.

"Come, let's get above ground. This cave will not suit the training I have in mind." Bellock stated as he walked away from the crystal chamber and back toward the entrance of the cave.