He sat in the dark corner, far left, in his usual spot. His features half hidden by the shadows. His one dark eye staring at the bar across the building. She was working again tonight, he supposed that he shouldn't be so surprised when it comes to her. Yet some how he is. Surprised and at the same time secretly pleased that he gets to see her again so soon.

She's a beautiful little thing for a human. Angelic features, exotic colored eyes, mid back length strait jet black hair that's up in a hair clip tonight at the back of her head. Petite build, lushly curved figure. She stands at either five foot nine maybe six foot one, if he were standing right next to her- She reached the middle of his chest.

She was wearing his favorite outfit tonight.

A black sleeveless shirt under a long sleeved white shirt tucked into her dark colored skinny jeans. Even her shoes were his favorite ones, the ones that she had worn the night that they had met. The black leather ankle boots with the three inch wide heels.

The ones that gave her just a little more height and added a nice feminine touch to her apparel.

He lifted his shot glass and downed his drink in one gulp, ignoring the burning sensation churning in his gut and lifted his hand into the air and waved, indicating that he needed another drink.

It never occurred to him that she might not be looking. He knew her too well to think that he might not be seen. The woman was eerily in tune to his presence and his needs.

And god help him. He loved knowing it.

He loved knowing that from the second he walked in to the second he left tonight, her eyes would seek him out. He loved knowing that every time he shifted in his seat, or turned his head towards the dance floor, or got up to go to the bathroom or whatever else came to mind- that she would seek him out. That she would watch his every move the way that he watched hers.

Having her eyes on him affected him on so many levels it was like a physical caress. A shock to his system that causing his breath to hitch in his throat and got his heart pumping and gave him a fluttering feeling in the pit of his stomach while his body stirred to life.

A waitress brought him his drink plus two more and he muttered a soft thanks without looking at her. He was too busy staring at her boss.

His sweetheart was currently pouring shots for a bunch of collage kids celebrating someone's birthday. One of the kids- a blond haired guy in a cream colored sweater leaned in and grabbed her hand. He went totally rigid in his seat. His suppressed territorial instincts roared to life. Violently. His right eye glowed a feral red as he mentally seethed.

If that damn brat didn't get his hands off of his sweetheart then he'd-

He got up out of his seat and started to go over to the bar, intent to grab the little bastard by the neck and drag him outside for a thorough ass kicking when she grasped the guy's wrist and none too nicely twisted his arm and slammed his face against the bar and hissed something in the kid's ear causing him to pale and quickly nod his head before she let him go and disappeared through the swinging doors leading into the kitchen.

He took a deep breath and sat back down and laced his fingers together in his lap to still the shaking in his flesh hand as she came out of the kitchen carrying a tray with two plates with sandwiches and chips and a medium sized cup of soda and walked towards his booth.

His ears twitched and he perked up in his seat and tried to look like he wasn't bothered by the fact that some asshole had put his hand on her. She stopped an inch or so from the booth and spoke to him in her soft husky, smoker's voice. "Hey handsome, I'm on my break. Want some company?" He looked up at her, his one eye drinking in the sight of her in the dim light.

God she was so beautiful that he couldn't seem to think straight enough to speak around her.

She hung back for a second or so, waiting for him to respond when he finally seemed to remember that she had asked him a question and nodded his head as he scooted over a bit so that he was totally in the shadows as she set the tray down and sat down on the edge of the booth-

He wondered if she sat there out of habit or if she was trying not to invade his personal space as much as he was trying not to invade hers. He knew that she didn't sit there because of fear. Though he'd come across his fair share of women who would be mighty put off by the fact that he was a huge, six foot nine, alien mouse.

She put one of the plates in front of him and he smiled at her in the darkness as his tail snaked out and wrapped around her slender waist. She looked down with a slightly startled look on her face and he chuckled as he pulled her a little bit closer to him. Not close enough to touch, but enough so that she wasn't sitting on the edge anymore.

He unwrapped his tail from around her waist and wrapped it back around his leg as she looked at him out of the corner of her eye for a second before settling in the seat. He picked up his sandwich and took a bite. Not really paying attention to the taste of the turkey and cheese, or the mayo and dijon mustard that he liked. He was barely even aware of the fact that he was supposed to chew his food.

He was too focused on her as she took a small bite of her food. "Lot of kids here tonight." He said after swallowing what was in his mouth. She looked at him and nodded her head and made a humming sound.

"Yeah. There's a lot of kids in the area who've just turned twenty one." She said after a second or so.

This was what passed for conversation with them. Just a few words and then twenty or so odd minutes of total silence.

Yet some how it never felt awkward or uncomfortable. The two of them were aware that if they really wanted to talk for a while then they could ask one another about the books that they had read or even the music or hobbies that occupied their time.

They sat there quietly eating for several minutes before he got up the courage to ask her if she wanted him to walk her to her car again tonight and she smiled at him and said, "That's what I like most about you. Always the gentleman." He never made her feel uncomfortable just like she never made him feel like a freak.

Which was why he liked her so much. They made a cute couple.