Standing in the bathroom with the door shut- Modo's senses returned slowly as he looked around the tiny (well okay, it wasn't tiny. It only seemed like it to him due to his size) space that he would be sharing with Rain for the moment and couldn't help wonder if some unknown entity was pulling his leg or something just to get a rise out of him.

Because if he had known simply wishing to stay the night with her would lead to this, he'd have wished them both in the middle of the a couple of the most earth shattering orgasms he could bring them too.

So he closed his eyes for a moment and wished really hard then opened them and bit back an oath.

Damn. Didn't he have the crappiest luck.

Checking out the bathroom again, he noted the pale blue walls with cream colored trim. The tiled shower stall against the far wall- and almost missed Rain pulling her shirt over her head, right in front of him.

"Ah, darlin don't move around too much-" He warned, concerned that she'd hurt herself if she did. "I'll help you with your clothes." He said as he moved away from the door to stand directly in front of her and put his hands on her hips and lifted her up and set her down on the sink counter so that he could put himself to work inbetween kisses and such.

Pressing his mouth against her collarbone, he heard Rain's sharp intake of breath as she shivered. He drew back a little bit and smiled then planted another kiss on the swell of her right breast as he skimmed his fingers along the naked skin of her torso and up to the red and black lace underwire bra she was wearing and dug his blunt fingernails into her back, forcing her to arch her back for him- God she looked beautiful in this position.

With her back arched, her lush curves jutting out begging for his attentions. And he would give every inch of her the attention her body so craved, he swore to himself. He would worship her like a goddess with his mouth, his tongue, his fingers, and tail. By the time he was done here tonight there would be no question about where she belonged anymore.

He wouldn't allow it.

He scraped his small teeth along the jugular vein in her throat, delighting in how she grasped his shoulders and tried to pull him closer as she gasped just before he claimed her mouth with his own.

Rain wasn't sure if she wanted to laugh or cry. How did she get herself into these situations? She asked herself as she kissed Modo back. What had initally started out as nothing more than a distraction to keep him away from her bar had turned into something more. Something fierce and all consuming- she felt like she was about to literally go up in flames.

And he hadn't even done much of anything yet!

She wrapped one arm around his neck and moved her free hand to the front of his pants, startling him if the way he grabbed her wrist and jerked back away from her breaking the kiss was any indication at all. "Whoa! Time out darlin-" Modo said as he held her hand away from him and looked down at her with a frown.

He was going to take his time here dammit. And nothing, not even her own impatience was going to change his mind.

But at the same time he simply couldn't allow her to get him off and do nothing for her- He was a gentleman after all. He would place her pleasure first and foremost in his mind. Rain glared up at him and growled, "I don't wanna time out- I want you naked. Now." His head snapped back on his neck so fast that his head spun for a moment.

Jesus Christ, had his Rain really said that?

She hadn't been that vocal about what she had wanted last night... And she'd been totally drunk and without inhibitions. Sure she'd passed out after some intense kissing and petting but still... Where was she getting her confidence from? Cause seeing this side of her was flooring him, truly it was.

"Okay. Okay, but at least let me get you naked first." He said in a tone similar to what he would use if he were trying to reason with Vinny. Something about it must have set her off again because the second he stepped back a little bit to take her shoes off of her, she reached out- grabbed his shirt and pulled him in close enough to bite off one of the buttons.

Modo went eerily still and just stood there gaping at her for a second as she moved on to the next button on his shirt. His eyes tracking her every move as she bit through the threads holding several more buttons onto his shirt before sitting back and looking satisfied with herself as she reached up and slipped her small hands under his shirt and gave it a little nudge.

The fabric fell from his body and hit the floor with a dull thud as he let out a shuddering breath and gave her a hooded look. Okay, he got the message. She didn't have much patience for foreplay at the moment. That was okay- he could still take his time loving her and make her lose all sense of time or self.

Modo's tail snaked around her torso as he reached out and jerked her bra from her body then paused- Was it him or did he suddenly smell the pool of moisture gathering between her legs? He leaned down so that his body was crowding her own, pressing it back against the mirror as he subtly sniffed against the side of her throat.

She smelled like peaches. So sweet and delicious that he couldn't stop the feral urge to put his mouth between her legs and lick and suck until he was hooked on her like a crack addict was addicted to crack.

Using his hands to nudge her legs apart, he leaned his head down so that he could kiss her while he worked on the fly of her jeans. And the second it gave way, he pushed his flesh and blood hand inside the constraining space and lightly probed her core with his fingertips. The moment he found what he was looking for he let out a low growl and pushed a finger inside of her, making her jerk back and cry out at the unexpected sensation.

It wasn't unpleasant, merely surprising. She could feel him rubbing his finger tips back and forth across a particular spot that made her feel dizzy and breathless as she gripped his biceps and tried not to twitch and jerk and act like a bitch in heat too much.

He chuckled as he took in the flush of her skin, the quickness of her breath, the way she started to bite her lower lip just to stiffle her moans and cries. She was close now. One thing about being a martian mouse was you could utilize your senses during a true mating and tell when your mate was about to cum. Of course if Rain had been aware of how he could smell her or just how long his fingers were, she'd probably have broken a lamp over his head already.

He felt her bury her face against his chest as she used one hand to cover her mouth, the sound of a stiffled scream turning to a sob reaching his ears followed by the shaking of her body as she came.

He withdrew his finger from her just long enough to use his tail to lift her up so that he could yank her jeans down her long legs, then settled her back in place and dropped to his knees in front of her and lifted her legs so that her hips were angled just right and kissed his way up the inside of her legs to her core and gave her a long, lazy lick- earning a breathless scream from her as she grabbed a handful of his fur and pulled on it.

Her expression one of shocked surprise as her eyes teared up.

Oh god, what was- Why was he- No one had ever gone this far for her before so she had assumed that Modo would be the same way. That he would simply ignore foreplay and get to the main event. But now that he hadn't and she had already cum, she wasn't sure how much more she could take without losing her mind.

"M-Modo-" She gasped out in a pleading tone, hoping to persuade him to stop what he was doing even though it felt soooo good. Modo looked up at her and wondered what she might try to say and could only hum in response to show that he was listening. "I-I can't- Please...s-stop-" Another lick and she clawed at his flesh with her free hand while she let her head drop back and hit the mirror behind her with a dull thud.

She felt an intense pleasure ripple along her spine and suddenly couldn't breathe as she came for the second time and leaned heavily against the mirror panting as he came back to his feet and quickly ditched his clothing and picked her up and walked over to the shower and turned the water on and let it warm while he stood there rubbing her back with his free hand.

He hoped that she was ready for this. That cumming just two times was enough to prepair her for him because he wasn't sure if he could hold back now.

Stepping into the shower he made sure to position them both directly under the spray and pressed her body against the wall and gave her a deep, lingering kiss as he wrapped her legs around his waist. His cock pressed against her opening as he grasped both of her hands in his and put them on his shoulders and said in a low tone. "Hold onto me."

She looked up at him with a confused expression on her face as he gripped her hips a little harder, sqeezing her tender flesh hard enough to leave marks while he waited for her to comply. She gripped his shoulders firmly in her hands as he licked his lips and said in a hoarse tone, "I'll try to go slow." But it was a promise he doubted he could keep.

She nodded to him only partially understanding his words as she finally noticed that he was slowly pushing into her. Funny how she hadn't noticed until it had started to sting. "Ah-"

"Hold on sweetheart-" He said from between clenched teeth. She took a deep breath and felt the stinging sensation fade to something more and cried out as he pressed himself deeper inside of her.


"Hold on. I'm almost there." Modo ground out, his large body starting to shake from exertion. God, this was more difficult than he had ever thought or imagined. And Rain was so small... What if he broke her in half while trying to mate with her? He wondered. The doubt clouding his mind for several moments until he felt her buck against him and blinked in shock.

Shit, he was there wasn't he? He'd finally made it all the way through- he could feel the way her body gripped him, could see and feel every shudder that wracked her small frame as she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him before letting him know that he could move now.