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Chapter IV: I'm The Angel Of Death

Every day of my life is a mistake. I've gotten used to mistakes. Almost like making mistakes was a part of my job. Life changes in a second. What we believe in life, is worth nothing when we are faced with death.

Warren Mears arrived at a crime scene in a dark alley of East Dallas. Normally, he wouldn't interfere, but something told him this case fell in his line of work. He crossed the yellow tape and identified himself as an investigator from the Vatican. The officer let him through, but then went to his superior.

"Sir, there's a man here who claims to be from the Vatican."

The detective was in no mood to deal with curious individuals and approached Warren who was taking on the deceased body. The deceased was a young man drained of blood, with two punctures on his neck.

"So you're with Special Investigations from the Vatican. What exactly are you doing here Mister…?"

"Mears and the rest is classified information. If you'll excuse me I was just leaving." With those words Warren left with what he believe was enough proof to prove once and for all that Willow Rosenberg must be eliminated.

High above on a rooftop, where no one could see, Willow stood watching the crime scene as the coroner took the body away. Her green eyes scanned the area trying to catch a glimpse of the one responsible. Seeing no sign of another vampire anywhere she turned to make her leave.

Perhaps it's time to put an end to my loneliness. Maybe…

"You're telling me some random guy crashed your date?" Buffy sat facing Tara in disbelief as the other blonde described the night's events.

"Yes, Buffy. This guy showed up and started speaking to Willow in Italian or Latin. After that he simply left." Tara wasn't keeping eye contact with her friend and focused her attention at an imaginary piece of lint on her sleeve.

"Okay, Tare, that's just creepy. It gives me too many chills." The petite blonde was antsy and couldn't help it, "Tare, don't you think that maybe she could be…"

"Please don't start with the 'Willow is straight' thing again, please. I…I think maybe it's something serious."

Buffy rolled her eyes and voiced her opinion despite her friend's reluctance, "It's obviously serious. I mean all the signs are there."

"What signs?"

"Willow is with the mafia."

Tara couldn't help herself and burst out in giggles as she finished tying up her hair, "Don't you think you're exaggerating just a little?"

"I am so not exaggerating! You said yourself that they were speaking in Italian! All Italians are part of the mafia."

Tara continued to giggle as she sat on her bed and began tying her shoes wondering just where in the world her friend was getting such ideas. "Okay, Buffy. First you Willow is married, then that she's straight, and now she's with the mafia."

The petite blonde was blushed by embarrassment, "She could be all three. Straight, married, and in the mafia." Tara rolled her eyes refusing to listen, "Listen. C'mon, Tara think about it. She is obviously in the mafia, and she is so straight she is probably married to the big boss and they simply wan a playmate they can use and throw away." Buffy smiled as if she had made the greatest discovery of all time, "That has to be it. Let's face it the mafia is terrible and you're too gullible…it's la cosa nostra!"

The younger woman's faux Italian accent had Tara in a fit of giggles. "Tara." Buffy looked pleadingly at her friend, "Tara, please, listen to me. Reconsider any other woman, but her. There's always men too you know. Like Riley. He's handsome."

Tara rolled her eyes and walked out of the room, "No."

"He has a stable career."

"Not interested."

"Why not?"

"Hello, Buffy, lesbian here." Tara gathered her things and slowly made her way for the front door. "If you think he's so wonderful, why don't you go out with him?"

Buffy made a pouting face, "You're still wishing for that Lehane girl aren't you?" the petite blonde blushed and the girls found themselves heading towards their respective cars in a fits of giggles and childish bickering.

Father Michael sat in his office dreadfully listening to the news report on TV, "As of right now, the identity of the victim is still unknown. His body has been moved to the city morgue where an autopsy will be performed. Various sources say the young man was completely drained of blood…" the old priest shook nervously as to who the potential culprit might be.

A cold chill crawled up the old man's spine and he quickly turned around shocked to see Willow standing there. "You can't be here. They're looking for you."

The redheaded vampire took two steps forward, "To kill me? I know." Willow continued walking towards the shaken priest in front of her, "A killer is always a killer, right?"

"Willow, child, please listen-"

"You know human weaknesses. You know that all of us…deep down…are capable of the cruelest acts…especially when it comes to survival."

Father Michael kept backing up until he grazed the wall behind him; the vampire had left him nowhere to run and the undisturbed calmness of her features shook him to his core. Her innocent face hid the demonic predator that occupied such a beautiful host.

"Didn't you want…to redeem yourself?"

"Tell me Father, how is redemption possible?" the redhead leaned forward and the priest's eyes looked to the floor, "When the house of God has closed its doors to me?"

Father Michael dare look up into the disappointed emeralds that shone despite the room's darkness, "I did it for your own good."

"My own good?" the priest nodded unsure of what the vampire would do next, "For my own good or for yours Father."

Father Michael felt guilt wash over him as Willow's words struck deep. In all honesty he had done it for both of them; for her safety and his priesthood. The redhead took a step back and looked into his eyes.

"Do you really think I'm capable of killing?"

"Y-you said yourself that the devil was inside you. That the desire consumes you."

Willow was upset and now offended and her eyes turned bright red for an instant before taking control of her emotions. She looked straight into the old man's eyes, "I didn't do it."

Father Michael let out a breath of relief at the vampire's confession.

"All this time I thought I was alone in this city, but now I see I'm not. So you see Father, there are others out there like me."

The priest and vampire looked at each other, they had to devise a plan or else things would only get worse.

Anya sat in the staff lounge of the hospital watching the news broadcast of the brutally murdered young man that was left in an alley in downtown Dallas without a drop of blood. She was so caught up into the morbid new that she didn't notice Tara walking up to her.


"Damn it Tara! Don't do that!"

Tara ignored her coworker and looked through medical charts getting prepared for her shift. "Why are you so nervous?"

Anya turned her attention back to the news, "Not nervous, just watching this news story. They found this handsome guy dead in an alley. It looks like someone sucked all his blood."

Tara turned her attention to the broadcast while Anya kept rambling, "Can you imagine? A crazy serial killer who thinks he's a vampire is running around loose in our city! Holy Mother of God! If that's not scary, then I don't know what is."

Tara kept watching a strange feeling taking over her and he was scared, but she still was unsure why.

Loneliness is torture. It's a punishment that covers life like a thick fog, blinding the heart…killing the soul. Until now, my sentence was eternal and absolute. Still…that loneliness brought me peace. Each day I thought that I was getting further away from my reality. Here it is looking me in the eye. Now I know that there's someone like me…and everything gets complicated.

Willow drove through the streets of Dallas looking for the most likely places where another vampire would pick its prey. It'd have to be somewhere public to not arouse suspicion, preferably crowded with people. Clubs seemed like the best place to start looking, so the redhead pulled in front of one of Dallas' most popular new hot spot, Cub Eclipse.

Willow made her way between the patrons; some with false vampire teeth, others dancing in cages. This wasn't the type of place where she'd like to spend hours of her eternity, but it was perfect to catch prey. The redhead approached the bartender questioning him about strange occurrences, but she didn't get the answers she sought.

A girl approached her dancing all over her, Willow wasn't amused by this and the girl revealed her long fangs. Taking a chance Willow changed her eyes from emerald to ruby red, the girl freaked and ran disappearing into the crowd.

Warren paced in living room is his temporary apartment courtesy of the Vatican. Faith walked in and noticed the walls covered in pictures of a beautiful redheaded woman.

"Whose-" her question was cut off by Warren's hand waving at her to keep silent.

"Yes, Excellency. There is definitely a vampire in this city. Maybe even more." Warren listened carefully to the instructions he was being given. "No. No, this doesn't seem like Angel's work, this…killer, left too many traces…too many clues. It's almost like she wants to be found."

Warren's words answered Faith half-spoken question, they were to hunt this redheaded vampire. Still something in Faith stirred, she knew a ruthless vampire when she saw it, but this one was different. She would rely on the instincts when she crossed paths with this one and see what would become of it.

Willow was getting frustrated with her search. This was the fifth club she'd visited and still nothing, but the redhead refused to give up. Club Zion was more vibrant than Eclipse, and the vampire hoped that taking this chance wouldn't cost another victim. The place wasn't as crowded so it was easier to move between the mass of people. She looked to the side when a pair of young girls caught her eye. The youngest of them stared at her defiantly as she kept a close hold on her companion.

Willow sensed something about this girl and quickly showed her vampire eyes. The young girl responded just in kind, Willow's search was over. The younger vampire showed Willow from afar that she would feed on her companion; she licked the girl's forearms revealing her long fangs. Willow shook her head as a warning and mark of disapproval. The young vampire sank her fangs into her prey and vanished in an instant. Willow made quick way to exit the club and make her way to the alley behind.

"It won't hurt." the vampire promised as her prey shook with fear.

Willow found her just in time. "Don't do it."

"I'm hungry."

The redhead threw the brunette vampire off the other girl. "What's the matter? You want her for yourself? As strong as you appear to be I don't think you'll have a problem finding your own food!"

Willow ignored the younger vampire's rant as she carefully watched the people passing by. "You can't keep killing people."

"And who the hell are you? A vampire cop or something?" the vampire circled Willow looking her up and down. "I thought you were like me."

"I am, but I haven't killed anyone in a hundred years."

"Wow! What a diet. Is that how you keep that nice sexy body of yours?" Willow sensed danger and this amateur wasn't listening. "You're like what, a vegetarian vampire? You seem a bit boring, but the compliment remains, you're quite sexy. So tell me, what your name officer?"

"It doesn't matter." Willow's tone grew cold and serious, "Believe me; I'm saying this for your own good. Things will not end well for you if you keep leaving bodies in alleys and making headline news like last night."

"You sound like my mother."

"You can't keep leaving corpses everywhere, because you will get caught. There are people hunting us down and your behavior is not helping at all."

"You're so dramatic!"

The girl the brunette had been feeding from woke up and screamed when she saw her bleeding arm. She got up looking at the two women in front of her and ran off screaming. Willow kept her eyes on the young woman that ran off.

"The name is Kennedy." Willow turned to look back, but the other vampire had disappeared. She decided enough commotion had been enough for a night and decided to take her leave.

Father Michael paced in front of the old church doors. The night was almost up and there was still no sign of his vampire friend. A stranger in ragged clothes quickly made his way up to the front stairs of the church. The older priest stood firmly in front of the church doors. "The church is closed."

The stranger handed him the newspaper's headline story. The priest looked at the disfigured man misunderstanding what he wanted. "We don't do confessions at this late hour."

"My name is Billy and I don't want to confess to anything."

"Look, I don't know what you're looking for, but I think you got the wrong place."

"Willow!" Billy shouted causing the priest to back away slowly, "I need Willow!"

"I don't know what you're thinking-" Father Michael was cut off by Andrew pushing past him and splashing holy water on Billy and shouting.

"Satan! Get out of this house of light you filthy demon!" Andrew turned to Father Michael who picked up the newspaper Billy left behind. "You see Michael? This is all your fault! We're surrounded by demons!"

Father Michael looked at the newspaper and silently was relieved Willow had not shown up.

It was Tara's break and she found herself beating up the vending machine which took her change. Her palms were red from hitting it, "Give me back my change!"

Willow stood at the doorway to the lounge looking at her blonde goddess. She couldn't help smile at the cuteness of the scene before her. "I brought you something to eat."

The blonde looked behind her when she heard the familiar voice. Her blue eyes looked at the redhead standing there and she found herself glad to see Willow, but she was also very upset.

Willow's eyes looked from Tara to the vending machine, "You don't have to beat up the machine now." The redhead gave Tara a smile, but it soon faded when she saw the blonde upset.

"Willow." the tone in her voice was cold, "You know, I would've loved if you called me back last night. Perhaps to tell me 'I'm sorry our evening was ruined. How are you?' but guess what you didn't." Tara walked to one of the tables and sat down; she was fuming in anger for the previous night's events.

Willow took a seat in front of her choosing to remain quiet.

"What if we stop this whole thing with sudden appearances, mystery dates and cryptic messages?"

"You're upset about last night."

"Upset? No, I'm not upset. But, doesn't it seem a little strange to you that a mysterious man comes to our table and starts speaking to you in a different language?" Willow suddenly felt a bit nervous, "Who are you? And tell me the truth."

There was a silence between them and emeralds met sapphires and Willow knew she had disappointed her love. Still she remained silent letting her speak, "Are you involved in something illegal?"

Willow gave a brief smile and shook her said still not saying a word. She found the question very amusing, but kept her amusement to herself.

"Look if you don't want to be honest with me and tell me, that's fine. We'll just stop whatever it is that we have."

The redhead looked into her beloved's eyes before speaking. "Tara. Give me time, please. I will tell you everything, I promise. Now is just not the time."

The blonde could hear truth and sincerity in Willow's words, but it still pained her to think that she was being kept from something. Willow left the lunch bag on the table and placed a soft kiss on Tara's cheek. The innocent kiss made Tara blush and she closed her eyes as the redhead walked away leaving her behind with unshed tears.

Willow steadily walked towards the parking garage to her car completely ignoring her surroundings, but taking one last look behind her. The vampire got into her car with a heavy sigh knowing that her secret would ruin what little she had with her former wife. A smack on the driver door startled her from her thoughts. Looking up she saw none other than Kennedy, slightly rolling her eyes he got out of her car.

"Wow! What a car!"

Willow did not feel up to the brunette's antics, she simply wanted to go home and rest in her coffin. She stood in front of the younger vampire with her hands on her hips looking towards the hospital, "What are you doing here?"

"To be honest, I didn't like you at first. I don't like being censored."

The elder vampire's patience was wearing thin, "All I was trying to do is protect us."

"Whatever. Point is I changed my mind and followed you. I thought you might like some company."

Willow looked at the girl in front of her and looked at her like a petulant child, "Well, you're wrong."

"Don't be so boring! I'm simply curious to know what a vegetarian vampire does at night. Besides…you're car is awesome!"

Willow looked at her car trying to ignore the growing frustration from being in the other vampire's presence, "I'm not in the mood."

"Fine then, I'll stay here at this hospital enjoy myself like a kid at a candy store. Later, Red."

Willow didn't have to weigh her options; she knew the damage this one amateur vampire could cause. "No, no, no. Wait, I have a better idea." quickly the redhead caught up to Kennedy and pulled her towards her car leading her away from the hospital entrance. "Look, I'll take you to wherever it is you're going."

Unknown to both vampires Tara walked out of the hospital in search of Willow. The blonde saw as Willow open her car door and a very young brunette get in. Tara felt even more hurt and a sting of jealousy, her blue eyes spilled the tears she had been fighting back and broken hearted she walked back to finish her shift. Willow got into her car and took off not knowing what Tara had witnessed.

Father Michael was pacing nervously back and forth, as Warren had his men search through every possession of his. The elder priest wasn't allowed to look through the things that were confiscated. Warren looked at the elder man with a disdain.

"I told you, I know nothing about vampires." Father Michael's voice broke as his only family album was thrown into the pile of discarded items as if it were worthless.

Warren gave the priest a sour grin, "Swearing in vain is a mortal sin." Warren eyed a statue of Saint Michael the Archangel that was on the priest's dresser. He grabbed it roughly and examined it as if looking for anything that could give him an unknown clue.

Father Michael felt his stomach twist as the cynical man held his family heirloom so carelessly. "Give me that!"

The brunette laughed and tossed the statue from one hand to the next, "I wonder what Saint Michael the Archangel would feel…if he knew that Michael Hemmingway, one of his most loyal followers hangs around vampires."

Father Michael tried keeping calm and not give into Warren's bullying. Warren stepped closer and this unnerved the older man.

"You don't understand that what I do," Warren pointed at the crucifix behind him keeping his eyes glued to Father Michael, "I do so for Him. Just like you."

"Don't you dare say that! I'm a priest."

Warren chuckled cynically turning his back to the older man.

"Oh, please."

"I open the door to the house of God for all those who seek redemption."

The brunette felt his anger rise, "How generous of you, Father."

"You're a murderer!" Father Michael spat the words and a strange look crossed Warren's face. The brunette smirked and smashed the statue he held in his hand, the shattered pieces scattered on the floor. Father Michael backed away until the back of his legs hit one of the benches, he couldn't help but cower at the young man's aggressiveness that took over.

"Murderer!" Warren grabbed the file of the young man that had found in the alley earlier. He held the picture for the older man to see. "And the one who did this Michael? Answer me! And the one who did this, what do you call it?"

Father Michael fell into the bench, but he kept his eyes on the man that was now towering over him. "This man was twenty five. He had a mother and two little brothers, and one of your demons took his life! They left him, without blood, in a dark alley. Like if he was an animal. Tell me, doesn't whoever did this deserve to die?"

Gathering his courage, Father Michael found words and finally spoke, "Those judgments, I leave up to God."

"God sent me!" Warren shouted as if the man in front of him was deaf. "As judge, jury, and executioner."

Father Michael remained silent and silently prayed that Warren and his group would leave soon.

Kennedy walked through the passages of Willow's home. Never in her mortal or immortal life had she known luxury. She took in every detail and was curious about everything. Her small exploration led her to the glass doors that opened into the patio.

"What a house!"

The redhead walked next to the younger girl, "This is my home, my refuge…I have a lot of memories here."

"This is huge!"

Willow gave a simple nod, her thoughts not completely focused on the girl next to her. A question plagued the redhead and she decided to ask. "How did you end up like this?"

"Why does it matter?"

Willow could tell the younger vampire took a defensive position as to how she became the immortal being she was. "I'm simply interested. It's been a long time since I've seen someone like me."

Kennedy giggled and looked the older vampire, "I'm not like you. You're like… good…"

"Oh, and you're bad?" Willow looked at the younger girl who struggled to answer. An awkward silence followed and the girl finally answered as they reached the poolside.

"I'm not good or bad. I take life as it comes." Kennedy's eyes landed on the pool in front of her. The pool was quite grand in side and at the end; it narrowed slightly and led to stairs leading out of the pool's waters. At each side of the steps were white marble statues of fierce lions. Two arches were behind each beast with an entryway to a private secluded lounge area.

"Wow! What a pool!" Kennedy began removing her top getting ready to jump into the cool water.

Willow leaned against one of the pillars by the poolside losing herself in her thoughts. "I've spent many nights by this pool…meditating…" the sound of shoes falling to the ground disturbed her train of thought. She looked to her right and saw Kennedy taking her pants of sensually. "What are you doing?"

"I love it."

The redhead blushed as Kennedy winked at her and jumped into the pool. Willow shook her head giggling a bit as the other vampire splashed around the pool like a little girl.

"Get in."

Willow shook her head and sat on one of the deck chairs. She grabbed a soft towel and held it in her hands looking away from the younger girl.

Kennedy felt rejected and could not help express it, "You hate me, don't you?"

Willow didn't answer and lowered her emerald eyes and looked at the floor.

"You think I'm terrible."

"No, I'm no one to judge you. I just think you're mistaken." Willow looked off into the distance a thousand thoughts running through her mind all at once.

Kennedy rested her chin on her crossed arms at the edge on the pool and looked at the redhead. She was curious as to why a vampire wouldn't follow their natural instincts and kill. "What about you? Do you ever have the need for it?"

"Yes, of course, but I choose not to kill." Kennedy rolled her eyes at Willow's answer.

"Choose? That's weird. I didn't choose to be like this, yet I am."

Willow looked away. She remembered that even she wasn't given a choice; she was turned into this beast against her will.

"So, I have to control my need for blood? Why? For who?" Kennedy has the look of a confused child on her features.

Willow's green eyes met Kennedy's, "For your soul. So that you don't have to suffer the consequences of life."

Kennedy shook her head; the simple thought of not killing gave her a sense of dread. "It seems boring." She laughed with mirth and slowly got out of the pool. "My mom used to say that good girls go to heaven, and that bad girls go everywhere in expensive cars." Willow wrapped the towel around the young brunette and led her back inside her house.

The pair walked into the living room and Kennedy looked around some more while Willow started a fire. Her brown eyes landed on the large portrait that was above the fireplace. The woman in the painting was beautiful and the vampire felt a pang of jealousy.

"Who's she? Your mom?"

Willow looked away from the fire she had worked on and looked at Kennedy. "She is my love. My world. My everything."

The other vampire sighed heavily looking at the burning fire. "Vegetarian and in love. Why me? Why is it always the ones I like?"

Willow looked a bit shocked and decided it was best to change the subjected. "Why don't you tell me where you're from?"

Kennedy rolled her eyes, "Nosy. From my mother's womb, where do you thin?" Willow kept quiet and waited for the girl to continue. "You know, I have, like a sixth sense for tragedy."

Willow looked curiously at Kennedy, but continued to keep silent. "Everyone I like comes with baggage. What's yours?"

Willow stood up slowly and looked at the painting of her beloved Tara. "Three hundred years ago, a vampire killed my wife along with our unborn child." She paused a moment as flashes of that night came to the forefront of her memories. She took a breath and looked away from the painting. "That same bastard turned me into this. Angelus."

Kennedy was shaken with fear at the mention of her sire. "Did you say Angelus?"

Willow looked at her and finally understood that Angelus was also responsible for Kennedy's fate.

The young brunette sat in the theater room looking at the very strange contraption around her arm. "This doesn't make any sense. You don't kill anyone for blood, yet you feed on it? Where does all this come from anyways?"

"From a blood bank."

Kennedy closed her robe around her a bit more, "Yeah, see that's no fun. You're like those vegetarians who eat soy bacon, meat of I don't know what, and tofu tuna."

Willow smiled, "I feed without hurting anyone."

"We've been hurt a lot too." The brunette made a pouting face.

Willow kept a firm gaze on the younger vampire, "Yes, but it doesn't give us the right to let ourselves go."

"Enough with the cryptic life lessons Red." Kennedy eyed Willow with much curiosity, "Why don't you take me out instead while there's still some night left?"

The redhead rolled her emerald eyes and asked in silence why she was the one to deal with the immature vampire. Kennedy took off excited to get dressed while Willow shook her head and couldn't help, but laugh at the whole situation. Here she was over three hundred years old thinking she was alone and now she has to coexist with a vampire with the brain of hormonal teenager.

Both vampires changed into more "fitting" clothes for going out. The night was calm and cool and as they both strolled through Green Oaks Park Willow had a thought. Kennedy seemed to have no guidance at all in regards to her immortal existence. She seemed to go day by day with no real purpose. Therefore, like any Good Samaritan, well vampire, she took it upon her to guide the young immortal. And here was Willow, an hour later arguing about "vegetarian" diet.

"Come on Red, I don't like getting fed by needles. I like it natural, like it's meant to be. You know, warm blood pouring after a thrilling hunt, or hell if you're lazy, just catching any unsuspecting moron. Don't tell me you don't miss biting a damsel's soft neck." Kennedy softly shouldered the redhead and raised her eyebrows.

Willow grimaced and sighed a bit looking at the brunette, "Please. This is an addiction. We can control it and prove to be better than our bloodlust."

Kennedy sauntered off looking back at Willow, "Yeah, if you want to. I don't."

The redhead didn't like losing arguments and Kennedy proved more stubborn than she expected. "What if I told you that you'll feel better after you stop killing?"

The young vampire burst out laughing and looked at Willow, "I don't think you feel better. In fact you look broody," she paused and looked Willow up and down, "And you seriously need to get laid."

Willow felt that if she were human she would blush. Kennedy grabbed onto the street light and looked around; she was getting thirsty with all the blood talk. She spotted a young man on a park bench deep in his own world and turned to Willow who gave her a disapproving look."

"Come on. Please. "Kennedy pouted and made pleading eyes to get her way, but Willow wouldn't budge. "Let me kill that one. Just that on and that's it."

"God you're hopeless."

"Hey! Even those with a death sentence are allowed their last meal. I mean look at him. He's obviously miserable and unhappy. Don't you see? I'm doing him a favor."


"Okay, what can a poor bastard like him be doing alone the park, in the middle of the night? And thinking doesn't count."

Willow had no answer, but she refused to let Kennedy kill the poor bystander.

"Come on Red please! I'm the best thing that could happen to him. Plus he'd die at the fangs of a sexy vampire and feed my appetite."

Willow went after the younger vampire who was determined to get her next meal. A terrible feeling came over Willow and she ran faster to catch Kennedy. When she had her within reach, she pulled her close and whispered, "Kennedy, please…don't do this."

"Let go of me!" For the first time since their meeting, Kennedy's voice was threatening.

A familiar male voice grabbed their attention. "Well, well, what do we have here? It's not an everyday pleasure finding…" Warren looked between both vampires with even more disgust, "a couple, doing their…thing."

One of Warren's men pulled a silver device which he opened releasing a burst of daylight, causing both Kennedy and Willow to cover their eyes. Losing focus, both were surrounded by more hunters and Kennedy went into a panic trying to runaway while Willow through her attackers as far away as she could. Watching the commotion unravel, the young man at the park ran away from the conflicting scene. Warren saw how helpless Kennedy truly was and lunged at her with a silver stake, Kennedy screamed grabbing Willow's attention. The redhead ran towards her and quickly disarmed Warren and throwing him into the nearest tree. Seeing that none of their attackers would be getting up any time soon, Willow grabbed Kennedy and ran leaving the park and their attackers behind.

Warren lay on the grass groaning in pain and gasping for breath. He knew he lost his targets and his blood began to boil. Filled with rage he stood up despite the pain and watched his men get up from their positions as well.

"Damn it! Let's go! Let's go!" he yelled, "We can let those demons get away!" Warren took one last look behind him and quickly made his way to the nearest vehicle to continue his hunt.

Faith was left behind at the apartment again. Warren had been acting very strange since arriving here. The whole situation didn't sit right with her. First they are called over a priest's run of mouth and now Warren is obsessed with petty things like another priest's choice of literature and nightly confessions. She still couldn't see how this warranted a slayer and The Council's intervention. She was still trying to figure out what was so important about the redhead that from the pictures he plastered on every wall.

She kicked her boots off and sat on the edge of her guest bed staring at the phone on the nightstand. Faith was always down for some action, but there was no action. The way she saw it, this was a big waste of time. She could be out there in Beijing, Lima, Cairo, somewhere in the world slaying real demons instead of being here chasing imaginary demons. To make matters worse she was confined to the room she was given until she was needed.

"This is getting ridiculous." She whispered to herself, following her gut instincts and grabbing the phone dialing overseas. The line rang a few times before a familiar voice answered.

"Harris, I need to speak to His Excellency."

Two exhausted vampires leaned against the concrete ledge of the bridge they were standing on. Willow looked to Kennedy who looked distraught and confused. "Are you alright?"

The younger vamp shook her, fear solidly clear in her eyes, "Who were those men?"

The redhead leaned her back against the ledge and looked to the night sky, "Relics from the inquisition, you could say…they're…vampire slayers." Kennedy looked at Willow in disbelief as the redhead continued to speak, "They are killer, and they won't be satisfied until they kill the both us." Willow rubbed her temples and continued to speak, "We have to protect ourselves."

Reality started to sink in on Kennedy and her once stubborn resolve began to fade, "I wanted to…thank you...for saving me."

Willow stood silently looking down as Kennedy came closer. "No one has ever done anything like that for me before. I never thought that…"

"That you could die?" Willow finished for her.

Kennedy nodded in agreement looking embarrassed. "No, not since becoming a vampire," she looked nervous and gathered her words whispering, "I did before though…I wanted to die a few times…My mother…she…"

Willow noticed Kennedy's discomfort at mentioning her mother, "You don't have to tell me anything if you don't want to."

"You earned it though, didn't you?" Willow kept looking down as Kennedy's eyes pooled with tears and she gathered her courage to speak. "My mother sold me. She sold me to Angelus. He took me by force, but my body wasn't enough for him…so he claimed my life too…and turned me into this."

Willow grit her teeth, she couldn't even imagine how hard it must've been for Kennedy so she kept silent and kept listening.

"He kept me for two days…using me…making me drink his blood…he watched my change enjoying the pain his venom caused me." Kennedy wiped her tears, but didn't stop, "My pain and loss of humanity was his pleasure."

Gathering her wits to remain appearing calm, Willow pulled Kennedy in a gentle hug and whispered, "It's in the past…that's the thing about time…it passes." Willow pulled away once she sensed the other vampire was a bit calmer than before.

"Hey, are you still a widow? You talk about your girl as if she were still alive."

A faint smile crossed Willow's lips and her heart sunk a bit, "She's alive…just…not like us. It's complicated." She ran her hands through her red tresses letting out a deep breath, "I can't be with her anyway…"

"We're like…prisoners? Aren't we? We're prisoners to the night, our bodies, hell our own immortality." Kennedy looked at Willow "It's why we can't fall in love with mortals, am I right?"

The older vampire stayed quiet thinking about the other girl's words. There was so much more to it than that, but still…Kennedy was right.

Both exhausted vampires were now in Willow's car. The redhead was driving near the dead empty streets of Arlington heading towards Trinity Mills giving the brunette some lesson in moral values.

"Only God has the right to give and take life."

The redhead gave the younger vampire a pointed look to which Kennedy quickly turned away "Don't look at me like that Ms. Vegetarian, deep down I'm not all that bad."

Willow kept talking without veering her eyes off the road, "The problem is that you're still a child."

Kennedy leaned over, "Not so much."

Willow slammed on the brakes as she saw a group of black SUVs block the intersection.

"What the-"

Willow pushed Kennedy back into the seat; "Hold on!" her emerald eyes had caught sight of the night from earlier that evening. She knew he'd be after them, but not so soon. She shifted her car into gear as she heard gunshots. Willow took off burning rubber catching glimpses in her rearview mirror of the SUVs right behind her.

"Willow! What are we going to do? I don't wanna die!"

"Don't worry everything will be okay. I'll take you somewhere safe. Trust me." Willow kept her eyes fixed on the road as she switched lanes and in between cars to lose the hunters. The redhead managed to slip away and make a turn into an all too familiar funeral home. She pulled her car to the back and help Kennedy out quickly making their way inside. The late night attendant heard the commotion and came out to see what was happening.

"Ms. Rosenberg…"

"I'm being followed Ethan." The older man nodded and quickly tried locking all the exits.

Willow briskly pulled Kennedy with her through the corridors full of display caskets, and the viewing rooms. "I don't like this place." Kennedy whined.

"Don't tell me you're scared of the dead." Willow countered trying to find a place to hide as fast as possible.

Kennedy considered this for a brief moment, "On second thought, I'm more afraid of the living."

"Ethan! Hold them back!" the redhead shouted as she found a room where she and Kennedy could hide. The older man understood and briskly walked to meet the men barging through the front doors of his funeral home.

"Who are you? What do you want?" Ethan's tone was not at all respectful. He wasn't one to betray the hand that fed him and gave him the luxurious life he so much enjoyed since he was young.

Warren directed his men to go in various directions and the older man kept a stern appearance silently hoping Willow was in hiding and that she wouldn't be found.

Ethan pulled out his cell phone, "I'm going to call the police to escort you gentlemen out!"

"I am the police!" Warren countered.

"You're not an officer! You don't have a search warrant! You just barged in here like a criminal! What the hell do you want here?"

Warren kept ignoring the older man who was following him through each display room he was trespassing. "Tell me what you're looking for!"

"Shut the fuck up!" Warren yelled turning to face a raging Ethan, "You're going to pay dearly for this." Without looking caring Warren pulled out a silver dagger and began flipping caskets open. The brunette had lost his wits and so had his followers as they left each room they stepped into disheveled with caskets laying everywhere.

Willow and Kennedy were hiding in a steel casket in a hidden room. the redhead brought her finger to her lips motioning the other girl to keep quiet so she could listen for their attackers. "Behave." She simply whispered.

"I am." Kennedy whispered back leaning closer to the redhead in fear, and simply wanting any excuse to be closer to her.

Willow heard steps drawing near and once again motioned Kennedy to remain silent.

Warren stormed into a private viewing room. A white flower arrangement lay on top of a mahogany casket. He threw the flowers off not caring where they landed.

"Have some respect!" Ethan was beyond enraged with this man's behavior. He had no doubt, Willow would repay him for the damages, but it wasn't about the money. This man walked around as if he was the absolute law and it was making his patience wear thin. When he tried bending down to pick up the flowers off the floor Warren quickly pointed the tip of the dagger to his throat in disapproval.

Warren had a maniacal gleam in his eyes as he backed away and prepared for a surprise attack on whoever was in the casket. He flipped the lid open and plunged his dagger into…nothing. Warren's dark eyes stared in disbelief at the empty casket.

Ethan was silently relieved and looked at the young man, "That's enough."

The brunette wouldn't be told what to do so easily. He grabbed Ethan by the collar and slammed him into the wall with the dagger's edge to his throat. The older man felt more anger towards the lunatic that had him against the wall, than fear of dying.

Warren's men stepped into the room. "There's nothing." The younger man looked at them and back at Ethan, he quickly let go of him and left the room and the funeral home along with his group. Ethan followed far behind and locked the doors to his place of business hoping this night would quickly come to an end.

Willow listened to the commotion that happened in the nearby room. Judging by the quiet footsteps treading around and the closing doors, Willow assumed it was just them and Ethan at the home. "They're gone." She whispered.

Kennedy looked at the redhead with a glint in her eyes, "Don't we have to stay here?"

Willow nodded slowly and Kennedy took the opportunity to try and steal a kiss from the redhead's lips. Willow turned away rejecting the other girl's attempt at a kiss.

"I promise I won't try to kiss you again."

The redhead looked skeptical, and as she closed her eyes she turned away sensing the other girl trying to kiss her again.

Kennedy smirked at her, "What? I'm a vampire. I'm not all bad, but not good either. So what if I'm a bit of a liar too, right?"

Willow rolled her eyes and turned to the face the other side to get some much needed sleep.

It was both Buffy and Tara's day off and the girls were sitting in their living room drinking beers. Tara, for one, was trying to drown her disappointment of a redhead that wouldn't stop invading her thoughts.

"Buffy, that's your bottle." Tara slurred.

"I know, I know, but you open it." The petite blonde pouted.

The girls were very intoxicated and Tara looked as if she was very focused in trying to open the beer bottle handed to her. After she took the cap off she handed the bottle to Buffy who started drinking it right away.

"Tare Bear I'm extra focused now!" Buffy shouted as she took a large swig of her beer, "I want to know exactly what happened."

"That woman has no shame…" Tara said drinking some more of her beer giving into her depression, "She goes to my job…and leaves…with another woman!" Tara downed half of her bottle and Buffy leaned in to hug her, "She left with a skanky brunette!"

"Don't let it get to you, sweetie. You'll find someone else worth it." Buffy handed Tara another beer as soon as the other blonde finished her previous bottle.

"If you start with Riley…" the smaller blonde put her hands up in defeat and then picked up her beer bottle.

"So what'll you do now?"

"If Willow…showed up this very moment…crawling on her knees…from Timbuktu…" Tara drank more beer and looked at Buffy dazed, "to beg for forgiveness…I wouldn't give her the time of day!" Tara slammed her beer bottle on the coffee table.

"That's my Tara!" Buffy shouted happy for her friend.

Tara grabbed her bottle and started nursing it, with sad puppy dog eyes, "Unless she has a really good explanation."

Buffy fell backwards onto the couch and smacked herself with a pillow. Tara had it bad; she was in love with the mysterious redhead and there was no steering her from it. The smaller blonde sighed heavily into the pillow, knowing exactly how her friend felt; she felt the same for a woman by the last name of Lehane.

Warren was sitting in the church's office writing his reports on the previous evening. Andrew was up earlier than usual to please his special guests from the Vatican. He prepared them all a light breakfast and tea. He was staring at Warren intently as the brunette wrote furiously into a leather journal. The blond was so excited to reveal his night's events to his guest that after serving Warren his cup of tea he tapped him on the shoulder. Warren brushed off his annoyance for the other man and listened.

"I saw him myself. I got him out of the church with holy water. He was a vampire."

Warren looked up from his journal. He silently cursed himself for not making Faith more useful in their stay here and for taking most of the group with him. Andrew continued to ramble and Warren did his best to gather the facts of last night's events.

"We're surrounded by those fiends from hell. What I don't understand is-I thought vampires couldn't enter a church?"

Warren found this to be a good question. How could a vampire enter holy ground? Still he didn't want to disappoint the young priest and he quickly came up with a satisfying answer.

"Andrew, demons have evolved though the years. They've become stronger"

"Of course, that makes sense. Thank God you're here though. That way you can get rid of that pestilence. The Vatican sure sent us the best of the best to help us. I want you to know I'm here to serve you and the Vatican."

Warren forced a smile and took a sip of his tea, "Thank you for your cooperation. I'll make sure to mention your efforts in my reports." Andrew beamed at Warren's comment and excused himself. Warren rolled his eyes thinking of his next plan of action.

Night had fallen and Tara was doing the first rounds of her shift. She had checked in at the Nurses' Station and walked towards the bronze elevator that would lead her to the upper floors. She stepped into the elevator selecting her next stop when a familiar man's voice startled her.

"Ms. Maclay, I won't take up much of your time." Warren stepped from the shadows in the poor lit elevator scaring the poor blonde who tried to keep herself from showing fear. "I'm sure you're very busy, being a nurse and all."

"Who are you?" Tara asked the question trying to put as much distance between her and the man who she recognized from her ruined date with Willow. "What do you want from me?"

"Exactly thirty-six hours ago, a twenty-five year old man was found dead in an alley." Tara began feeling claustrophobic as Warren leaned closer leaving her nowhere to go, "It turns out that you…have a personal relationship with our main suspect. Now, as of this moment I consider you a victim, from whom I expect total and absolute cooperation."

Tara tried not to stutter. Something about this man scared her and didn't feel right to her. "You haven't shown me any identification. I don't have to explain anything to you."

"Ms. Maclay, you seem to be an intelligent woman. Don't ruin your life over carnal desire." The elevator bell announced the first stop, "I'm on a divine mission and believe me when I say I will not hesitate to get rid of anything that gets in my way." The elevator door opened and Warren backed away leaving a shaken up Tara behind almost in tears.

Willow and Kennedy rose from their hideout after an uneasy sleep. Willow stood carefully adjusting her sleeve while the curious brunette was currently looking at a corpse that was on a prep table. The redhead chuckled a bit when the younger vampire looked away horrified.

"So, what are you going to do? Where am I taking you?"

Kennedy looked a bit nervous as she figured she could dodge the question a bit longer. "I… Well, you can leave me anywhere. I go where the party's at."

Willow stayed quiet a bit, quickly realizing that Kennedy had no one. She herself knew what it was like to be left with nothing. Quickly she made up her mind and smiled at the other girl who seemed quite interested in scalpels.

"None of that, you'll stay at my house." Willow reached for her hand and led her through the back door of the funeral home. Kennedy felt at a loss for words and didn't know what to say.

"D-do you think it's dangerous? Those guys are after me."

"They're after us." Willow corrected. "Besides, they won't ever find us at my house. We'll be safe there for sure. Okay?"

The brunette smiled a bit, a little reassured that her existence wasn't threatened again. "I would feel safe with you even under a bridge."

Willow looked down letting her red tresses hide her eyes. If she was human she would've blushed at the slip of a comment Kennedy has just thrown at her. Still she led the girl through the double doors out back and into the warm night air that welcomed them.

Willow was losing herself in her thoughts again when Kennedy spoke, "You know, I guess I could give the pig's blood, and blood bag thing a try. Maybe I'll end up liking it, right? Besides, it's not like you're going to let me go hunt anyone as long as you're around."

Three SUVs pulled up to a screeching halt blocking the alleyway and all form of exits. Warren stepped out this time he wasn't wearing his usual suite. He was wearing all black and he looked as menacing as ever. Willow tried keeping Kennedy behind her so she wouldn't get hurt.

"No one can hide eternally." Warren smirked as he pulled out a silver dagger.

Willow quickly slipped her keys into Kennedy's hand trying to get her away from all this. "Take the car!"

"Are you insane? I'm not leaving you here!"

"Do as I say! Go!" Just as Willow turned away towards Warren she heard her keys clink on the concrete and sound of a faint scream. She'd hoped Kennedy had listened and left, but as Willow turned to look behind her she saw a hunter had cowardly plunged a silver stake through her undead heart that was now protruding from her chest.

Kennedy's body was thrown carelessly and with disgust. The redhead was filled with rage and her emerald eyes became an endless sea of crimson and growled in her fury. Warren tried catching her off guard, but she quickly turned to face him and plunged his own dagger to his left leg and throwing him at the far end of the alley.

Another man lunged at the deadly redhead and she sent him flying into the parked black SUV through the windshield leaving a splattered bloody mess behind. Willow turned to face the hunter who had killed Kennedy and he feebly attempted to stab his stake into her chest, and she quickly caught his wrist crushing it feeling pleasure seeing him screaming in pain. She release the vice grip on his wrist and he cradled his shattered wrist trying to make an escape. The redhead caught up to him and turned him around made him look into her hellish red eyes.

"At least, I won't be a coward like you. You'll get to know who ended your pathetic existence!" she growled and sunk her fangs into his pulsing jugular feeling the man squirm in her grasp as his life slowly left him. Once she drank every last drops of his blood she felt her bloodlust reborn. Her hair turned dark as ebony and her eyes crimson red. She growled to the heavens as her once dormant magic fed from her recent human feeding. Her demon self had awakened. Dark Willow was finally awake after a century of sleep.

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