Justice Lords Limitless Act 1


Thoth akhronos: The Timeless Chronicler

"…as of today, the totalitarian hold of the world the Justice Lords had is now over." Batman's imposing figure was broadcasted over every television set in every nation. "As I speak, my former teammates are being incarcerated as they do not share the same views I now have."

The screen cut to a moving scene that many only dreamed about: Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, Hawkgirl and even Superman were all being led into armored prison transports one by one, angry and powerless.

The screen cut back to Batman, "My final motion to end the hold is this." He held up a cylindrical trigger and pressed the switch with his thumb. The screen them switched to space and the Watchtower exploded. Back to Batman. "Our reign as demi-gods has ended and I am sorry." The signal ended.

-5 Months Later-

She sat atop the roof of her house, staring at the stars, thinking. It was one of the few times that she had the time to think. Of course it wasn't one of the few times she was alone. In fact for the past 3 months, she had been getting more alone time than normal. But this was definitely one of the few times she was alone and her mind could wander.

Sometimes it was simply something as trivial as 'Do monkeys marry?' or 'Which really did come first? The chicken or the egg?' But this night was different, tonight she thought about the world.

As a graduating Senior of Gotham High she realized that very soon she would be thrust into the world with little more than an umbrella when what she really would need is a parachute.

"Kimber?" Her father's voice floated from the house below and into her ears. "Kimber, sweetie are you up here?"

"Yes. Yes, Papa." She called back quickly as she scooted from the roof to the back porch in one swift movement. "Welcome home, Papa." She said as she greeted him at the back door.

"Thank you, my daughter." Her father, Goren Lee, embraced her. " How was school?" He asked as the two walked into the house.

"Dismal and hopeless as ever." Kimber sighed. "How was work?"

"Pretty much the same, though there was a ray of hope today."

"Really? And that was?"

Goren smiled as he settled into his favorite armchair, "Remember that upstart gang?"

"The Jokerz?"

Goren nodded, "Yep, those lunatic followers of the former Joker. One of their mob bosses was just delivered to me courtesy of our city's recent guardian."

Kimber arched an eyebrow. "The Batman is back?" she asked with skepticism.

Her father chuckled, "Sadly, no. But she bears a striking resemblance to him."


"Yes ma'am. Apparently there is some girl running around in long underwear trying to fill in the boots of the Dark Knight."

Kimber laughed, "Really? That's terrible! Sounds like a losing battle."

Goren shrugged, "To be honest, the GCPD will take what we can get. Oh, did I tell you? I made Police Chief today."

"That's awesome, Papa!" Kimber squealed, "Even more awesome when one remembers that you quit the force when the Justice Lord's took over."

"Yeah, apparently Batman remembers that little event."

"Remembers? I'm pretty sure that he would remember the only police officer to curse him out and them tell him he is doing the wrong thing."

"Yeah... Pretty sure he remembers knocking out a few of my teeth, too."

"Perhaps," added Kimber with a smirk.

"Anyway, as part of the deal to release the world, he ordered for me to be put up as the new police chief."

"Because you stood up to him?"

"Because I was the only one who stood up to him." Goren corrected pointedly, "Though I do wish he'd come back out of wherever he hides. This city needs him now that the world isn't under martial law."

"You make it seem as if that other heroine can't control the crime in the city."

Goren cocked an eyebrow, "You sound offended, sweetie."

Kimber laughed, "Oh, please, Papa, why would I be offended by that?"

Goren smiled, "Only joking, Kimber. But it would be a miracle to have him operate in Gotham again... I have a feeling we are about to experience a storm of evil that was only known years ago."

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