They hadn't figured out when she would turn yet. It was something they often argued about. She wanted it to be soon, as in tomorrow. He wanted to wait a few years, let her grow up a little.

Damon had done some digging and had discovered that Elena had been right. The vampire who had tried to kill her, had killed himself almost straight afterwards. Elena found herself shedding a few tears when she got that news. It only made Damon love her more.

Three months after making the decision to buy their own place, Damon found a beautiful little house on the outskirts of mystic falls. It had all of Damon's 'necessary luxuries' like an en suite bathroom with a huge claw foot tub and high speed internet access. As well as Elena's dream rose garden and enormous bay windows that let in the morning light.

When Elena graduated high school they shut the house up for a few months and spent the summer in Europe, exploring the countries, tasting the foods…

Stefan and Caroline re bonded and their weird dysfunctional friendship gradually grew into something more.

Elena never fully forgave Bonnie but they got to the point where they could have a civil conversation without judging at each other.

Ric remained a firm part of their lives, through his marriage to a pretty doctor named Meredith, the birth of his two children, and everything in between.

Eventually, when she was 22 Elena convinced Damon to turn her.

And through everything, Damon and Elena remained strong. There were days when they'd yell and fight and storm out or burst into tears, days when some threat would breeze into town and try to ruin everything. But most of their days were made up of smiles and kisses, crazy adventures and linked hands. They were inseparable, partners, a team, lovers, soul mates, they were Damon and Elena, and they always survived.


I know a lot of you a probably disappointed by this, I wanted there to be more too. But when I sat down to write I realized that I didn't want any more angst and all the mundane regular stuff just doesn't really fit in this story... I hope you guys aren't too mad at me :(

It's been a really great story to write and thank you all so much for your support and reviews, it means the world.

Serena xoxo