"Falling in love hurts when it's you alone and there's only you to pick yourself up, but falling by two is another story, making a case for love..." ~Naihum


When I woke up the next morning, I saw a shadow on my room. I started to freak the fuck out, I knew I wasn't safe at the hospital either, I knew for a fact that Jacob was going to harm me again. And this time I knew I wasn't going to make it alive. The machines attach to my heart started beeping like crazy until the shadow started talking.

"Please, Bella take it easy," said the shadow. When I looked closer it was detective Cullen, "Please Bella, breathe please come down. You are safe here, please calm down angel" said detective Edward.

He called me angel. Why in the world would he call angel? I'm damage, worthless and most of all broken. Besides no matter what I belong to Jacob, he told me himself, I wasn't even worthy of him, especially since I couldn't give him a baby. Jacob made sure that I didn't have friends or family around.

Finally I got my breathing to even out, when I looked into detective Cullen there was something in his eyes that I couldn't figure it out. Was it love? Was it pity?

"Thank you, Ms. Bella" he said as he hold my hand and kissed it. As soon as he did that he backed off; like I was a diseased. I knew it he was felling pity for me, nobody would wanted me I was right. Nobody would like a damage girl like me.

I nodded as thank you.

"G'morning Ms. Bella," asked detective Cullen as he reached for my hand again as like nothing happen. "How do you feel today?"

"I feel a little better, thank you for asking Detective" I said blushing. "What are you doing here so early?"

This time he was the one who blushed. "I couldn't sleep and I've been standing guard at the door until I heard something in here so I came in," said Edward. "But when I came in it were you talking in your sleep"

I groaned. This is just great God only knows what I said. "Should I even ask what I said while I was sleeping?" I asked in a worry tone looking at him straight in the eyes.

He chuckled and shakes his head. I just glared at him but I couldn't help to smile softly at him. "You said something about wanting a puppy," he said still holding my hand.

I giggled as I looked down to hide my blushed, I felt Edward's hand pulling my chin up and came face to face with his amazing green orbs.

Once again I was betrayed by my blush I try to look away. "Please don't look away," said Edward. "I love your blush."

Slowly he started leaning down getting close to my lips, was he about to kiss me? I swear this is a dream, our lips were about to meet when we heard a knock on at the door. Edward step back but not too far, before whoever interrupted our almost kiss could come in.

The door crack open reviling Dr. Weigh peek his head. "Ms. Swan?" he said as he slowly opened the door to my hospital room. "How do you feel this morning?" asked Dr. Weigh.

I looked at Edward who was still holding my hand. "I feel much better, Doctor" I said.

Dr. Weigh nodded. "That's good news Bella, I'm just going to check your vitals and is everything is good you can go home this afternoon," said Dr. Weigh. "Would you like that?"

I tight my grip in Edward's hand, as I nodded to Dr. Weigh. Home?! What's home? He means that hell where you live Bella, with the guy that is your boyfriend, the one that hits and abuse you every day. Yes Bella that home. I started to panic; I couldn't go back there if I did Jacob would defiantly kill me. Edward notice that I was starting to panic, moving once again by my side I looked up to him and I don't how he did it but with one look into his eyes I began to relax.

Dr. Weigh looked at us and shake his head but didn't say anything about it. "Well Bella, you look fine to me," said Dr. Weigh. "I am going to start on the paper work to release you this afternoon. Okay?"

I just nodded. "Well have a good day you two," said Dr. Weigh as he walked towards the door.

As soon as Dr. Weigh left the room, I started to panic again. What am I going to do? I can't go back to that house I refuse too. I can't if I do I'll never see daylight again Jacob will kill me. I came out of my own internal rant when I felt Edward's lips on mine. I closed my eyes getting lost in his soft lips, moaning softly against his perfect lips.

We finally broke the kiss to breathe. Edward looked at me and sighed. "I wanted to do that since I met you," he whispered kissing my forehead. I blushed. "I know what you were thinking Bella, but you don't have to go back to that house."

I just looked at him. "I won't let you go back to that hell," said Edward "That dog doesn't deserved you. I can stay at your brother's if you want."

I just kept staring at him. "Or you can stay with me," he said so low that I wasn't sure if I heard him correctly.

"What did you said?" I asked him.

He sighed and kissed me softly again. "Would you like to stay at my house, until you can get on your feet away from this asshole," he said.

I looked at him in shock and nodded. A big smile appeared on his face, he kissed me once again. "Thank you Bella," he said against my lips. "I will keep you safe I promise you."

He kissed me once again, and sat next to me. Holding and kissing my hand. I couldn't wait to get off from this bed and this hospital and go with Edward. I knew this was wrong on the way that started but I need to give it a try.

Well guys sorry for the delay but work was consuming my time big timeā€¦ First the quote at the beginning of the chapter is written by a very special friend of mine. Second I would like to thanks my sisters Stacie Ard and Edwardsouthern Bella Ashley Paige for their support on this chapter thank you so much for you help guys! Love you!