Did you know that I love you? Come and lay with me. I love you. And on this day, I love you. You make me feel alive, and I'll love you until the end of time... –Breathe by Angels & Airwaves


A few moments later Edward left my room to get everything ready for when I had the okay to get away from here, as soon as Dr. Weigh gives me the release to get away from this hospital. A million questions started running threw my head. Not about leaving Jacob, I know that I need to leave that house otherwise I won't see daylight again.

My questions were about if I was doing the right thing and go to Edward's house, until I could find a place of my own. Would that make me look like a whore? Would I be safe there? Safe from Jacob, I knew that if he finds me he will bring me back to that hell.

What happens if this was a way for Edward to get into my pants? Maybe he thought just like Jacob, that I was nothing more than a common whore; I mean come on let's be honest here, where was I going to sleep? In his bed with him? I barely know the guy. Just because I had the most amazing kiss ever, it doesn't mean that I need to go to his house instead of Emmett's.

I was pulled out of my own rant, when I heard a voice. "Isabella, finally I found you."

The voice gave me the creeps I turn around slowly hoping that I was wrong but that wasn't the case; standing in front of me I saw Quil, Jacob's right hand. "It took me a while but I finally found you," he said with a vile look on his face moving towards me. "I know that Jacob has been looking for you after, you got him arrested."

I couldn't move I was petrified, stuck in that spot; my body didn't want to respond. "You know Isabella, Jacob is pretty mad at you," he said as he continued walking towards me. "He told me to tell you, that you should enjoy the few hours that you have outside in the real world, since they will be your last."

I couldn't move at all, this cannot be happening to me again. Why couldn't he just leave me alone? Quil moved forward reaching for my arm. "So come on Bella, Jacob is waiting" he said with an evil sick smile on his face.

I couldn't scream, I couldn't do shit my body didn't want to response at all. Quil grabbed my hand and started pulling towards the door. As soon we reached the door, it busted open revealing Edward. The smile on his face disappeared in seconds the look on his face was murderous, he looked between me and Quill. I could feel Quill's grip on my arm getting tighter when he saw Edward.

I couldn't help but to yelp from the pain. The look in Edward's face was that he wanted to kill Quil in that moment. "What are you doing here Atera?" asked Edward in murderous voice. "You have no business here, so get out now."

Quil nodded. "Of course Cullen," he said. He looked at me and pulled me harder. "Let's go Bella. Jacob is waiting" I whimpered again because of the pain.

"She stays Atera," said Edward as he moved closer to me. Quil chuckled. "Let her go, Atera or you will while suffer the consequences."

Quil looked deep into Edward's eyes. "You don't scare me Cullen," said Quil. "Besides this little whore needs to go back to Jacob, he is expecting her."

Quil pulled my hand, and finally my body responded. "Let me go! I am not going anywhere with you!" I said as I tried to get loosen from his grip.

"No, you filthy whore you are going back to Jacob where you belong!" said Quil as he raised his hand to hit me I closed my eyes preparing myself for the impact but it never came. All I heard was a huge bump.

I opened my eyes slowly, when I looked on the floor Quil was laying there unconscious, I looked at Edward pissed as hell. Another officer came into the room and took Quil away, how did he get into my room? I had no idea and to be honest with you I didn't want to find out either.

I don't know what came over me; I just rush into his arms and hugged him tight like he was going to disappear on me. I felt Edward's arms holding me tight also, I didn't realize that I was crying until Edward start telling me that everything was going to be okay.

I looked up to Edward's eyes; he put his hand on my face and caressed it softly. "Thank you" I said in barely a whisper. "I thought that he was going to drag me back to Jacob. I was so afraid."

Edward kissed my forehead so tenderly. "Neither the dog or his lackeys are going to take you away from me," said Edward as he lower his head and kissed me again softly.

After that Dr. Weigh came in and gave me my discharged papers, I was nervous and excited and nauseous, oh well a lot of emotions. I was going to live with Edward.

We rode to Edward's in a comfortable silence; I kept glancing at him to see if I could get a reaction from him but nothing. After feeling like forever to get to his house, I finally saw his house.

It was so pretty, it was big and it had a pretty spacious front yard with a big oak tree with a swing on it. The house on the outside looked like a castle. It was white and looked really huge.

I started to feel nervous about all of this was I making the right decision, coming to live with Edward?

Now here I am standing in front of Edward's yard, and now I can truly say I was really acting like a whore. "You are not a whore Bella," whispered Edward. I looked at him confused. "I know what you are thinking and you are not a whore because you are staying at my house"

"Yes I am Edward" I said frustrated. "I basically just met you and here I am in your house! I could have stayed with Emmett but no here I am!"

Edward looked at me. "You are wrong and I am going to prove it to you. You are worth a lot more than what that dog says" said Edward as he caressed my face softly. "Come on let me show the inside."

Edward grabbed my hand, and slowly we made our way to his front door of his house. The interior was amazingly beautiful it was simple and manly, it was so Edward. It was simple like him. The living room was light brown with gold details.

I heard the door close and I started to panic.

"Well, well Isabella you finally made it home" said Jacob. "Where have you been? Were you have you been, Isabella? Have you been whoring yourself?" I stayed quiet I couldn't talk; he would hit me if I even try.

And then I felt it, his hand making contact with my face making me fall to floor. "TELL ME, ISABELLA WHERE THE FUCK HAVE YOU BEEN?!" screamed Jacob as he started kicking me. "WHERE ISABELLA?! YOU ARE FUCKING WHORE! GOD KNOWS WITH WHICH MAN YOU WERE FUCKING?!"

I curled up in a ball trying to protect myself from him kicks. "Please stop, I am sorry!" I whimper. "I won't go out again. I'm sorry"

"Please Bella, wake up" whispered Edward as he shake me softly. "Please my Bella, wake up love."

I hold on to Edward so tight and started sobbing. "Please Edward don't make me go back." I sobbed.

Edward rocked me back and forth shushing me. "I won't my sweet Bella," he whispered.

Gently Edward picked me up from the floor, and he started walking down a hallway. He slowly opened a door without letting me fall; closed behind him once we were inside. I peek thru his shoulder and I could see that it was his room.

Edward gently put me on his bed, and started kissed me softly. "I will make you feel good my Bella" whispered Edward. "I will make you forget"

I kissed him back. "Please Edward make me forget" I whispered looking at him.

His kisses were so soft and gentle, kissing my neck, cheeks, my eyelids.

Slowly he put his hand under my shirt reaching to my breast. He looked at me like asking for permission to take it off all I could do was nod. Very slowly Edward took my shirt off and started kissing my breast. All I could do was moan; Jacob never treated me like this every time was rough and for his pleasure.

Edward took his shirt off, believe me I wasn't disappointed he had the body of a god. Slowly I trace his happy trail, and I could hear Edward purr, he kissed me harder this time and I loved it.

Our kissing became more intense, and our close was flying everywhere. Edward touches were so soft and so full of love, and the way that my body was responding was heaven. I try to hide my body from him; I didn't want him to see all the scars that Jacob left on my body.

"Don't hide it" he whispered as kissed all of my scars "You are beautiful."

He slowly made his way my pussy, I couldn't help but moan. "Oh god," I moan. I could feel his smile against my pussy. He continues the attack on my pussy I could feel my orgasm building up.

"Let it go, my Bella," said Edward.

I moan loud from the most intense orgasm I have ever had, my body was shaking so hard because of it. He kissed me; making me taste myself on his lips it was so erotic.

I started touch all his body, tracing his muscles I looked at him, Edward had his eyes close. "So good" he moaned. I kissed my way down to his happy trail, licking his cock before taking him fully in my mouth. I felt Edward's hand on my hair, my body tensed up. "It's just me, love" whispered Edward when he noticed my body tense up.

As soon as he said that I felt my body relax once again. I wasn't afraid of Edward or what he could do to hurt me, he wasn't Jacob. "Oh holy fuck, don't stop Bella" groaned Edward as I continue sucking him. It was like sucking a lollipop so tasty and I couldn't wait to get to center.

"Oh fuck Bella, I'm cumin" moaned Edward as he guided my head over his shaft while I tasted his warm cum. I swallow it completely; in blink of an eye Edward flip me over putting himself on top of me.

I giggled. "Ah, music to my ears" said Edward caressing my face with the back of his hand. "You have an amazing smile"

Edward continued kissing me like I was going to disappear. "You ready?" he asked as he looked at me with passion in his eyes as he put the head on his cock between my pussy lips.

I nodded. Edward slowly penetrated me, he felt huge inside of me. I felt complete. He moved slowly and passionate we weren't having sex, we were making love. Love? Was it? I wasn't sure but at this moment I wasn't going to worry myself with it now.

I could feel my orgasm building up again. "Oh Edward, I am close" I moaned.

"Me too, love!" groaned Edward as he pushed in further inside me while my walls contracted around him. I came two trusts later Edward came inside me.

We were both breathing hard, kissing each other. Edward pulled out of me and as soon as he did that I felt empty. "That was amazing" I said as I kissed his cheek and rested my head on his chest.

Edward kissed me softly on my forehead, and caressed my hair as I was dozing off. "I love you, Bella" I heard him say as I drifted to sleep.

There you go guys my new chapter and my lovely lemon, I worked hard on it. It was melting my brain but I got thru it. Thanks to Edwardsouthern Bella Ashley Paige and Stacie Ard for their help… Oh by the way I'm sorry for the cliffhanger.