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Keeper of the Stars

Sarah clenched her fists as she glanced anxiously about; trying her hardest to remember the words that always escaped her. Oh that damned line! Why was it so hard for her to remember?

She stood in an odd, empty place deep inside the Goblin King's castle beyond the city. She had stupidly, selfishly wished her baby brother away and had faced the feared labyrinth in order to win him back. She was exhausted from the near thirteen hour quest and had but minutes to remember the infernal words that would free herself and Toby from the King's grasp.

So here Sarah stood, vacantly searching for the words as the infamous Goblin King stood before her. He held one of his crystal globes in his gloved palm, extending it towards her. He had just told her in that sensual voice of his that he could and would give her anything she ever dreamed of.

Sarah felt foolish being tempted by the King. He has been her greatest dream since she had been a little girl and here she was about to banish him. How could she do this? How could she not? Oh what were those damned words? She knew Jareth was simply toying with her to keep her brother and make him one of his own. He cared nothing about her. Her mind flickered to various encounters with the King during her short time in the Underground. Their first meeting, the peach, the ball, the way they had danced, the way he had looked her with those mismatched eyes…no! He didn't care. He only wanted to win. That was all. That was it.


She glanced up at the sound of her name. Jareth stood there waiting, watching, and looking dangerous but so very tempting.

"Sarah," he repeated, "I do not ask for much. Much less than anyone else I have encountered. Fear me, love me, do as I say and I will be your slave." He finished softly.

At that very moment, she remembered the words…but could she say them? Did she want to? They lingered just there upon her lips, on the tip of her tongue. Her heart skipped as she looked as his commanding, yet pleading expression. Sarah breathed heavily as she contemplated her move. She glanced frantically at the clock behind him. Only five minutes left to decide. It was now or never.

She was about to say to hell with her childish crush and say the line that would free her from him forever, but her chest grew tight at the thought. She took a deep breath as she remembered something her mother had told her when she was small.

'Sarah, your dreams are always within your reach – no matter how great or small, if you are willing to take the steps to achieve them. You cannot do something you have never done, if you do not go somewhere you have never been.'

At that moment, she decided. Her mother's memory and advice was all she had left and she would do her best to use those cherished moments of wisdom and do with them what she could. It may be risky, she may get hurt, but she'd try.

"Prove it to me." She said softly.

Jareth narrowed his eyebrows, they furrowed together in an intrigued line.

"I beg your pardon?" He answered.

Sarah swallowed hard and licked her chapped lips. "Prove to me that what you say is true; that this isn't a game to you. Prove it to me and I will be yours." She replied her voice shaky but true.

Jareth considered her for a moment, intrigue and curiosity visible on his face. He smirked as he thought about his answer.

"How do I prove it to you?" He asked simply, and she could tell that even though he had asked the question, he still had a kingly air that let her know he did not have to prove anything to her.

Sarah looked at the floor for a moment, having not really known what to say should he have actually considered it. She felt foolish for her solution but looked up none the less.

"Come back to Aboveground with me." She replied. She glanced at the clock. Three minutes.

Jareth stared blankly at her, and she was afraid he would tell her that she was not worth such a quest. She honestly expected him to. Two minutes.

"And what shall I do in Aboveground to prove to you that this is not a game to me?" He asked darkly.

Sarah's heart grew frantic. Only two minutes left!

"You can court me like a normal girl." She said, feeling rather silly for saying what she thought out loud.

Silence. One minute. Jareth stared at her for what felt like an eternity. Sarah was terrified that he would never answer her and that she would be stuck there for all time. She should have said the words. This was stupid. She opened her mouth to half-heartedly say the words that would defeat him when he tossed the globe in his palm up the air and all went dark.


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