Author's Note: Hi, everyone! Here's my newest story, Operation: Breakup. Enjoy.

Chapter 1: Introductions: Beilschmidt and Zwingli

Meet the Beilschmidt family: Elise Beilschmidt and her six children: Roderich Edelstein (sixteen years), Kirsten Edelstein (fourteen years), Liesel and Gilbert Beilschmidt (eight years), Annika Beilschmidt (five years), and Ludwig Beilschmidt (four years). They seem like a perfectly happy family. They are, for the most part, except for one thing: divorce.

Life for the Beilschmidt family was very happy, with the Beilschmidt siblings' father, Claus, in the picture. Claus and Elise had been happily married for the past ten years, until two months ago, when they decided—at the dinner table, no less!—to get a divorce. This was really hard on the kids, especially Annika, Ludwig and the twins. So, despite the children's protests—including Gilbert's threats of running away from home and never coming back—Claus and Elise Beilschmidt got a divorce. It ended in a pretty nasty fight, with Elise kicking Claus out of the house, and Claus being forced to stay with his elder brother, Wilhelm.

This marriage wasn't the first failed one for Elise. Seventeen years earlier, when Elise was just nineteen and in her first year of college, she had gotten married to her high school boyfriend, Frederick Edelstein. Their life seemed like bliss upon getting married, and it appeared that they were meant to be together forever.

One year later, Elise was twenty years old when she gave birth to her first child, a son named Roderich. Two years after Roderich was born, she gave Frederick another child, a daughter, Kirsten. By the time Kirsten came along, Elise and Frederick's marriage had already become strained, and they would have fights almost all the time, mostly about Frederick staying out late and not calling Elise.

After a year of investigating, Elise found out that Frederick had been cheating on her with not one, not two, but seven other women! That wasn't the worst part of it. The worst part was when Frederick took a then-three-year-old Roderich and a then-one-year-old Kirsten with him to a bar, where he picked up at least three women at the same time.

Elise heard the door to her and Frederick's apartment open. She quickly stood up, relieved to see that her children were okay. They seemed okay to her; they were both smiling and sleeping while Frederick carried them. She stormed up to Frederick, glared at him, then took the kids and put them to bed in their small room.

Elise went back up to Frederick, her glare intensifying. Finally, she spoke, her words coming out in a harsh, hurt voice. "Fred…I've had it! I've had enough!"

"What?" Frederick asked. He was confused. "What, Ellie?" He saw Elise go to their room and emerge with his belongings. "Ellie, what? What's wrong? What are you doing with my stuff? Dammit, Elise!" He saw Elise throwing his stuff outside, then grabbed her and shook her.

"I want you out of here, Frederick!" Elise shouted. "Now!"

"You want me to leave?" asked Frederick.

"Gabby said she saw you with the kids…in a fucking bar!" Elise screamed. "She said she and Jose saw you and three women coming out of the bar with the kids! Mulan and Daisuke told me they were walking by and saw you and those girls screwing each other, WITH THE KIDS IN THE GODDAMN CAR!"

"Ellie, it's not what it looks like, really," said Frederick. "I—"

"Shut the hell up, Frederick," Elise said in an angry tone. She threw more of his stuff out, including several stupid-looking articles of clothing. "You cheated on me, and in front of the children, no less! I can't forgive you. Get the hell out, and never come back!"

Frederick was starting to get irritated at his wife throwing his stuff out. "Yeah, I fucked those girls. Wanna know why?"

"Yes, I do, as a matter of fact," an emotionally hurt Elise replied as she threw some more of Frederick's stuff outside. "Why? I thought we were happy. Four years of marriage, and you go and do THIS?"

"Ellie, you know I love you and the kids, but I've gotta be honest," said Frederick. "I screwed those women because you got boring after Roderich and Kirsten were born. You gave more attention to them, then you're suddenly too tired for me in bed. I needed someone who could give me what I want."

"Bullshit!" said Elise. She slapped Frederick, then pushed him out the door. "Don't give me that 'You know I love you and the kids' crap! I know you don't; you're only after someone to fuck whenever YOU want." She wiped tears that threatened to spill. "So, I got too boring for you after Roddy and Kir were born, huh? Well, I'm sorry that I gave you two wonderful children, who love you and look up to you. Now, get the hell out of here and don't come back. I'm getting a divorce, and you're not getting the kids."

"Fine, they'll just be in the way anyway," Frederick retorted. He picked his stuff up and left, but not before he gave Elise the finger.

Elise watched as Frederick got in his car and drove away from the apartment complex. She then went back into the apartment and cried over being betrayed by her soon-to-be ex-husband.

After getting divorced from Frederick, Elise moved back into her parents' house. Her parents didn't like Frederick, and were glad that their daughter had left the man before he hurt her even more. Several months later, Elise had met Claus, and the two hit it off when Claus showed how he was with children. Three years later, when Roderich was six and Kirsten was four, Claus and Elise got married. Two years after that, Elise gave birth to the twins: Liesel and Gilbert. Liesel was the first of the twins to be born, Gilbert second. Three years later, Annika was born, then a year after, Ludwig came along.

The Beilschmidts were now one big, happy family of eleven: Claus' father, Alois (a.k.a. Germania); Elise's parents, Gilbert and Christiane Wagner; Claus and Elise; and the children. For the next eight years, the family would live happy lives (except for Germania, Gilbert I and Christiane dying of old age, that is), until that fateful day.

Claus, Elise, and the kids were sitting at the dinner table. Everything was quiet, so the kids decided to try and break the suffocating silence.

"Uh…Mom, Dad…" said Roderich. "I got a solo in this year's concert. What do you think?"

"That's great," Claus and Elise said in monotone voices.

Roderich sighed, disappointed by not being able to excite things at the table.

Gilbert and Ludwig decided to chomp on their food on purpose.


Gilbert then threw some food at Ludwig, which Ludwig let him do.

"Hey!" Ludwig shouted.

"Will you two stop that?" Elise said through gritted teeth.

Kirsten got up and walked away from the table, leaving most of her food untouched.

"Where are you going, young lady?" asked Claus.

"I can't eat at this fucking table anymore," Kirsten said hotly. "All we do is eat in silence, and it's driving me so freaking insane, I wanna ram my head through the freaking wall. Can I go now?"

"No," said Elise. "Sit down and finish your dinner."

"I'm not hungry anymore," Kirsten muttered as she sat back down and picked at her food.

"Just eat your food, Kirsten," said Elise. "And picking at it doesn't count as eating."

"Yes, mein Fuhrer," Kirsten said sarcastically. She was intentionally trying to get her parents mad, because at least there wouldn't be anymore silence.

"Kirsten Edelstein," Claus said firmly. "Don't you dare use that talk with your mother."

Kirsten just shrugged and picked at her food, finally taking a small bite.

Claus and Elise were done with their food. They pushed their plates back and looked at the kids.

"Kids, we have something important to tell you," said Elise.

"What is it?" asked Annika.

"Yeah, Mom, what?" Liesel asked.

"I bet I know what it is," Gilbert whispered to Ludwig. "The 'D' word."

"Your mother and I are getting divorced," said Claus.

Roderich dropped his fork. "What? Why?"

"We just can't stay together anymore," said Elise. "We love you guys very much, but your father and I can't live in the same house together anymore."

"That's bull!" said Gilbert. "I don't want you to get fucking divorced! That's stupid! Only stupid people get divorced! I want you to stay together, so you have to!"

"Gilbert!" Elise scolded. "Please!"

"That means you and Daddy are stupid now, right?" asked Ludwig. "'Cause you're getting divorced?" He started to scream and cry. "I dun want you and Daddy to leave! NONONONONONONONONO!"

"Lui, honey, this isn't helping," said Elise.

"So…you guys are splitting up?" Kirsten said in the same hot tone she used with her parents earlier. She had stopped eating her dinner, and was now glaring daggers at her parents.

"Yes," said Claus.

"Right," said Kirsten. She got up and gave her plate to her younger siblings. "Thanks a bunch, you two. Thanks for ruining my appetite. THANKS!" She stormed off to her room.

"Kirsten, come back here!" Elise called. She went after Kirsten, who flipped her off and slammed the door. Elise came back. "Roddy, go talk to your sister."

Roderich went to his sister's door. "Kir?"

"Go away, Roderich," Kirsten said. "Leave me alone."

"She won't talk to me," said Roderich.

Elise and Claus both sighed in frustration at their eldest daughter's attitude.

"I thought she'd be a little more supportive," said Elise. "The same goes for the rest of you."

"Elise, they're kids!" Claus said. "You expect them to take this like adults? Geez, no wonder Kir gave you the finger."

"Take your things and get out," said Elise. "Good riddance."

"Fine, I will!" said Claus. "And I'll come back for the kids!"

"No, you won't!" said Elise.

"Please, stop," Ludwig pleaded. He was still crying over what was happening.

"Mom, you're making Lui cry," said Gilbert.

"I don't care right now," said Elise. "Get out of here, Claus!" She watched as Claus stormed out of the house, a duffel bag full of his stuff slung over his shoulder.

Claus drove away from the house. Annika, Ludwig and the twins chased after him.

"Daddy, no, don't go!" Annika wailed.

"Daddy!" Ludwig shouted.

Claus stopped. He opened the driver window and looked at the four kids Elise bore him. "I'm very sorry, kids. But since your mother doesn't want me in the house anymore, I have to go." He hugged each of them, then started the car again. "Sorry about all this. I really am. Maybe I'll get to see you. Goodbye."

The four siblings could only stand in the middle of the road and watch as their father drove away.

Elise strode over to the kids and dragged them all inside. "Don't you four ever do that again. You could've gotten hit."

"Really? You really care if we actually get run over?" Gilbert asked sarcastically. "Puh."

"Gilbert, don't you push the envelope here," said Elise. She was getting mad at Gilbert now. "I'm sorry about this, kids. But this is the best thing for me and your father."

"We're the kids, and you and Dad are the parents, right?" Gilbert asked.

"Yes," said Elise.

"So you should do what's best for US, not YOU," said Liesel. "And you and Dad have to stay together, 'cause it's what WE want. Right, guys?"

"Yeah," Gilbert, Annika, and Ludwig said. Roderich nodded in reply, while Kirsten shouted "Aye!" from her room.

Elise sighed. "Sometimes things don't work out the way we want. You guys will just have to deal with that, okay?"

"No!" said Gilbert. "I'll really run away this time!"

The night Claus and Elise decided to get a divorce, Gilbert actually made good on his threat to run away. In the middle of the night, he packed some stuff in his bag, took Ludwig with him, and sneaked out of the house. Using what money they had from his piggy bank, Gilbert and Ludwig boarded a bus to the other side of town, where they stayed with Gilbert's friends, Francis Bonnefoy and Antonio Fernandez Carriedo.

While Gilbert and Ludwig were away, Elise had called the police after finding Gilbert and Ludwig gone. The cops found Gilbert's runaway note. The police went on a five-day search for the boys, eventually finding the eight-and-four-year-olds at Gilbert's friends' house. They brought them back to Elise, who told them to never do that again, even though they were angry with her about the divorce.

Not long after the divorce, Elise met Kiefer Zwingli, a widower and father of two children: a son named Vash (sixteen years) and a daughter named Lili (ten years). Kiefer's wife had died a year earlier, and Kiefer had been grieving until he met Elise. They met after they were set up by Elise's friends, Mulan Honda and Gabriella Vargas.

Kiefer and Elise hit it off pretty well, and started dating the second they met each other. Once the kids found out, they didn't like it all that much.

Author's Note: I don't really know how kids whose parents tell them they're getting divorced act. I just put in reactions that I thought the kids would have to this happening in their lives.