It has been almost one full year since the infamous Battle of Armageddon. Warriors of the realms were summoned to fight in a full scale battle royal once and for all to claims the realms for their own. In the contest were two sides; The forces of Light…and the forces of Darkness. These two powerful forces collided in an epic battle that was foretold many millennia ago by the goddess of a realm called Edenia. The battle was fierce and although both sides tried their best, only one fighter from each of the opposing sides remained.

Raiden, the thunder god of earthrealm, who was now corrupted with darkness, and the emperor of a realm called Outworld known throughout the realms as the evil warlord, Shao Kahn.

Their battle was groundbreaking as the two fought atop of the Legendary Pyramid of Argus in the ruins of Edenia. Raiden had bested Shao Khan in the beginning, but soon Shao Kahn's power was too much for Raiden alone. The thunder god was soon defeated and it seemed as though Shao Kahn's millennia old dream of one day being in control of the realms was at hand, but unknown to him, The spirit of one earth warrior still remained, The spirit of the Champion of Mortal Kombat who had many times before, put a halt to Shao Kahn's plans in the past and had been once the main target of all of Shao Kahn's fury; The warrior was Liu Kang.

The Elder gods saw Shao Khan as a future threat to their existence now that he was the winner of this 'battle royale'. They found Liu Kang and reunited him with his corpse who had been reanimated after his death by the corrupted Raiden and sent on a rampage throughout Earthrealm.

For the first time in a long time, Liu Kang felt air fill his lungs and his mind reunited with his body. Liu Kang was guided by the elder gods and used as a host against Shao Kahn.

The two fought atop of the pyramid of Argus, Shao Kahn's power had increased dramatically, to the point where it almost concerned the elder gods. However, they had a feeling this would be so, and conjured up their powers along with Liu Kang's fight smarts and wits of battle and went head to head with the Tyrant.

After a long epic battle, Liu Kang accompanied by the elder gods defeated and killed Shao Khan, ending his legendary reign of terror that had been, and that was to become had he succeeded.

As a somewhat token of appreciation, the elder gods resurrected all the champion's allies on the forces of light. Liu Kang was reunited with his long time friends and allies once again.

The elder gods offered Liu Kang a position of status but he gratefully declined in favor of a life he would be happy with. With that, Liu Kang and his allies resided in Edenia for the time being to recover from the most devastating, life changing experience of their lives.

It was at this time that Liu Kang had wanted to rekindle his relationship with his long time ally and best female friend…whom he could consider his lover, the princess of Edenia; Kitana.