Anything You can Do… Pt 2

The plane to Los Angeles had landed and Liu, Kitana, Jade, Kung Lao and their new addition to the group, Sub Zero and Sareena had just gotten off the plane and were on their way to baggage claim. It was there that they awaited their allies and friends; Sonya Blade and her Hollywood star boyfriend Johnny Cage; as usual, surrounded by the press and crazy fans. They were all however kept at bay by guards as they greeted their friends.

"Hey Guys Glad you could make it..Woah, Sub Zero, is that you!?" Johnny looked to ice ninja surprised beyond almost anything. Of all the people to bring, the LAST person he expected was Sub Zero. It was an interesting thought none the less however; He would teach Sub Zero how to play Ball.

"Cage…Sonya…" Sub Zero nodded to his allies.

"Sub Zero, nice to see ya outside the fridge other than to 'cool' someone off…get it?" Johnny joked. Sub Zero plainly stared at him, as did the others.

"How did you manage to get Sub Zero to come?" the superstar looked to Liu

"Im still trying to figure that one out…" he smiled and shook his head.

"And you brought Sareena too…great…I guess" Johnny added. C'mon, the Limo is out front.

The group of friends walked to the front area of the Airport where Johnny's Limo awaited them. Along the way, the many presses and fans were aching and screaming to see cage. Sub Zero and Sareena could hardly understand why so many people wanted a photograph and signature of Johnny, It all seemed ridiculous to the two foreigners, but they were not fully aware of the actor's 'power' as a Hollywood superstar. They all made it to his fancy limo and it drove off headed to his million dollar mansion.

"Im Soo glad you guys could come, I think we're gonna have lots of fun this weekend. Sonya and I cant express how thrilled we are, right babe?" Johnny tugged at his girl who gave a sarcastic smile.

"Yea well, like we said, we have to cherish these moments of peace." Liu lightly smiled in reply.

"Right bro!" the ecstatic Johnny smiled, "Man, I still cant believe you got Sub Zero to come. Now That is just awesome!"

"So Subby, you ready to play alittle basketball with us." The actor asked of the quiet and settled Ice ninja sitting across from him in the spacious limo.

"I suppose…When will I learn this basketball?" he asked

"We'll start it off tomorrow, Man its easy, you'll catch on to it and then say to yourself, Man how come I didn't know of this game sooner." The actor beamed. "Hey maybe you could teach your Lin Kuei dudes back home how to play. Call it 'Iceball' or maybe 'Basket Ice' ? huh, huh?, The actor joked, yet again earning a plain stare from the Cold Ninja.

"Oh cmon, lighten up Im only kidding with you."

"Apologies…im…just not use to these things." The ice warrior genuinely admitted.

"Yea, you need to get out more, man. Being stuck in the fridge all day…it gets old. Like Liu said, cherish these times of peace, man."

"Well, when we get to the house of course your welcome to any room, except ours of course." Johnny half joked, cuddling his hot blonde babe, Sonya to him.

"Sub Zero, we don't have a big deep freezer for you and your lady, so your gonna have to take a nice warm room like the others. But if it helps, ill have the temperature in there set to 'Sub-Zero', you'll feel right at home" Johnny continued joking to the uptight Ninja.

"…Funny" he sarcastically remarked.


Johnny and his friends arrives at his home and he had them all settled as usual. Each of them had thier own room, and he made sure to teach Sub Zero how to control the temperature gauge in his room. After they were all settled, he treated them to dinner at one of his fancy restaurants where they all chatted and enjoyed each other's company. Sub Zero and Sareena did not do much talking and instead listened and made a comment occasionally. Subz was still not comfortable outside of battle as a 'normal' person, But Liu, Johnny, and Cage made it their personal mission to turn that around and no better way than a nice friendly game of Basketball they were to start learning the next day.

"Okay guys…" The athletic superstar started, Holding a round, rubber, orange colored, inflated sphere in the palm of his hand. "THIS…Is a Basketball".

The former all American started dribbling the ball around him and in between his legs briefly doing a bit of 'fancy work',"For all you Noobs, Basketball is a sport we Earthrealmers like to play and Its very simple…"

"Two teams play against each other, 5 players make up one team, all 10 guys go onto this area here, which is known as the Court." he continued.

"Now, normally, men play against men and women play against women…because the women can't handle the men." Johnny half jokingly quipped.

"AND THAT'S what we're going to disprove, right Ladies!" Sonya retorted aloud, gaining the definite cheers of her fellow female teammates.

"Yea right, Me and the guys are gonna show you ladies who the real Ball players are, Right Guys…" Johnny returned attempting to garner the same roaring response from HIS team of guys, only to be met with embarrassing silence. Liu and the others did not utter a word. Not all of them thought as the arrogant actor did.

"C'mon guys, your making me look bad over here…"

"Anyhoo, Now then, On each end of the court is the goal as you can see; it's a long pole with a board attached to the top, and mounted on that is a round open rim with a net attached to it aka, 'the Basket'." Johnny continued. "One goal is my teams, one goal is your teams."

"Now watch this…" the cocky star grinned; turning to the nearby goal while dribbling the ball in place. Johnny glanced at the board specifically the open square imprinted in the middle of it. He grabbed the ball and raised his arms looking to the goal. He slightly jumped in place while stretching his arms out forward towards the sky, releasing the ball as it made its way towards its destination. The cocky star grinned as the ball came closer and closer to the basket. A swish was heard through the air when then ball went directly into the basket, not touching the rim or the backboard.

"Nuttin but Net, baby" the cocky superstar smirked, looking to his 'envious' girlfriend. She simply rolled her eyes at him and folded her arms.

"So you see, guys, that is pretty much all you have to do in the nutshell; Shoot the ball into your opponent's goal and gain points. Whoever has the most points at the end of the game wins."

"Seems simple enough" Jade commented.

"It is, BUT there ARE rules, of course" Sonya came in.

"Yea, a few rules" Johnny nodded in agreement. "And we'll get into that for you newbees: Kitana, Jade, Subby, Sareena, Liu Kang, Ku-

"Hey now" Kung Lao interrupted, " Ive played basketball before, I know the rules"

"So have I" Liu also came in.

"Okay then, the kung fu twins already know how the game works, good. So, I guess it's just you Subby…atleast on my side."

"Don't worry Kitana, Jade, and Sareena, Me and Ruby will teach you everything you need to know to kick their ass come game time." Sonya sneered looking to johnny. He simply ignored her with a 'shoeing' gesture of his hand.

"Sonya, I don't mean to spoil your fun, but…should you be playing while your Pregnant?" the genuinely concerned Kitana asked of her. Kitana knew she had been pregnant from when Sonya told her a almost a week ago at the carnival and do to the strenuous activity this sport had, Kitana had been mindful worried alittle for child's development within her.

"That's what I said too Kitana" Johnny nodded, As everyone turned to Sonya with worrisome gazes. It was very heartfelt and comforting to see their genuine concern for her and she appreciated a lot more than she let on.

Sonya smiled at them, "Ill be alright, its not like the kid's in danger yet, Besides, there's barely even a bump here."

"Ill be fine guys, really." She affirmed. "Now come on ladies, lets learn this game so we can kick some Ass!" she roared, with all of her girls giving definite cheers of impending victory.


"LETS MOVE IT YOU POOR EXCUSES FOR WOMEN…GO! GO! GO! GOTTA STAND UP AND FIGHT! FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHT!" Sonya sternly 'encouraged' her teammates. A couple of hours had passed since the men and women started their basketball training. Johnny took the Outside court while Sonya and the girls took to the gymnasium court. Sonya had the girls engage in some warm up exercises to start them off and to get them a feel of what they will be doing on the court, none more so than running up and down it.

"They can handle suicides better than I thought" Ruby noted, impressed by how easily they executed the rather harsh training method.

"They are female ninjas you know…I was counting on them learning the game really quickly." Sonya nodded. "And they have…I actually got a good feeling about this."

"MOVE IT! MOVE IT! MOVE IT! THIS AIN'T NO TIME TO BE LOOKIN' PRETTY, EDENIANS! LETS GO, LETS GET SOME BLOOD AND SWEAT AND TEARS GOING!" the hard military chick continued pushing her team. Sonya was determined to make them into some BALL PLAYERS. She was not going to let Cage show her up. She would be hard on them and push them to the breaking point if she could to see them beat Cage and show him that women are just as good as men in the sport.

"I never know Sonya was this hard" Kitana gasped; feeling a bit winded from running up and down the court so many times.

"What did you expect, she was a hard ass during the invasion...she's a heard ass now." Jade replied, equally winded.

"WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU GOING, MISSY!?" Sonya yelled, upon seeing Sareena halting the exercises and walking towards her direction.

"To get water…" she plainly replied.

"WATER!?" Sonya snapped, OH NO, NO NO!" the furious Lieutenant shook her head, positioning herself in front of the water cooler that had been next to her.

"DO YOU KNOW WHAT WATER IS? HUH?!" She sternly inquired, preparing to give her the 'meaning'.

"A liquid I must get down my system before I die" Sareena cleverly responded.


"What!?" The dark and morbid looking demon snapped. Ruby stepped aside cautiously as the two women glared each other down in full on tension.


"…like this" Sareena deviously grinned, snatching the ball from Sonya's hands.

The Hot demon ran down the court shoving aside both Kitana and Jade who were still practicing their shooting. Sareena then reached the three point line and with all her might, jumped and soared into the open air clenching the ball in both hands. That demon was FLYING! Sareena declined in the air, reaching the goal and then furiously forced the ball down the rim. She had so much power in the dunk that the force caused the glass of the Backboard to shatter upon impact. She landed just standing there, in a now 'calmed anger' with her jet-black hair showering over her face along with the many shards of glass falling on and around her as if it were rain. A few pieces cut her on the way down, but that did not phase this female demon in the least as she then walked away from the large pile of broken glass she stood on.

Kitana- "By the Gods!"

Ruby -"Oh, Wow!"

Jade - "Holy Shit!"


While Sonya continued her coaching of her female team, JOhnny did the same at the ouside court i the back of his mansion. Jax had arrived and it was time to get started. JOhnny was dead set on making proffesionals outta his group of players and was ready to break out all the stuff: All High School tapes, recorded NBA games of the past, IDIOT guides, EVERYTHING! But first, he had to find some normal clothes for his Ninja Ally.

"Hey Sub Zero, where did you get those close?" Liu asked, stunned at Sub Zero's new appearance.

"…Cage gave them to me to practice in this morning" he replied.

The Ninja stood tall and muscular in a Blue loose fitting basketball Jersey embroided with the number; '0' on its front and back, along with a pair of a white vintage basketball shorts. These pair must have been from Johnny's time in high school basketball. Last but not least, he had shin high white socks with red vertical stripes on the wrinkled tops and a perfect fitting pair of black and somewhat worn, All Star Converses.

Sub Zero himself didn't mind too much, as he was starting to be more open to 'change' since his mind set while here was to 'get out more and live alittle', however, he was not really aware of how he looked in front of the others. Liu, Jax and Kung Lao were all desperately trying to keep their laughs and playful insults inside, but it was proving difficult with each growing minute. They had NEVER seen Sub Zero in such a look and it was totally contradiction to what they knew him as, yet they were excited none the less that he had even decided to play.

"Yea, cant have you going around in ninja getup all day." Johnny said approaching with two basketballs under his arms. "I know the shorts are little shorter than what the other guys got but, that's all I could find. You'll be alright, just don't squat too low." He assured the basketball playing ninja.

"I understand, it's just…different, I suppose." Subz said looking at his odd clothing; At least it was odd to him.

"Yea its different, now here" Johnny said passing the ball to the unsuspecting ninja. He caught it and held on to it, clueless about what to do.

"Dribble it" Johnny instructed. Sub Zero recalled Johnny's earlier demonstration and attempted to copy it. He let the ball go and as it bounced back up from hitting the ground, he tried to push it back down but he was a little slow, stiff and off timing; allowing the ball to escape him briefly.

"Cmon man, like this, don't be so stiff with it, just let it flow out. Bounce the ball with one hand" Johnny showed him once more. Johnny execution was smooth enough as he kept the ball in his reach, pushing the ball back down lightly, repeating it a few more times before halting to pass it to Sub Zero again.

Sub Zero carefully observed Johnny's movements and the simplicity of it. He was just bouncing a ball. It wasn't as hard as his mind was making it out to be. Sub Zero attempted to dribble again, and this time; he did it!

"Yea that's it." Johnny affirmed.

"Alright Sub-Zero" Jax smiled as he nodded. "Now you just make your way to the hoop"

Sub Zero started dribbling the ball slowly towards the goal that was about 10 feet or so away. As he watched himself carefully, still trying to get the hang of dribbling and even starting to dribble faster, the ball was suddenly taken away from him by quick maneuvering of Cage.

"What was that?" Sub Zero turned to cage, wondering why he 'stole the ball' from him.

"I stole the ball" Johnny simply answered.

"Obviously…" Sub Zero replied with annoyed sarcasm.

"You cant let the other guys on the other team steal the ball from you while you're taking it to the hole." Johnny Explained to the 'Noob'. "Now lets try it again and this time don't let me steal it."

Johnny passed the ball back the Ninja, and positioned himself infront of him on guard. Sub Zero started to dribble the ball, slightly leaning to the slide and squatting just a little to get more control of where the ball goes. He started making his way towards the goal with Johnny blocking him relentlessly.

"Okay, your commin down, tryna get a point for your team, but im standing in the way of you and a point…" Johnny started chattering. Sub Zero was remaining focused on his 'mission objective' as he saw it; To get the ball into the basket, Johnny but stands in his way…

"uh oh, here I come…commin to steal the ba—

Subz delivered a powerful punch with his free hand to Johnny's face, silencing him as he fell to the ground in pain. Sub Zero then rushed passed the fallen star and headed to the goal about five feet in front now and like Johnny did in an earlier demonstration, Sub Zero went for a 'layup' and succeeded in delivering the ball to the basket.

Jax, Liu and Kung Lao broke out in Laughter after Sub Zero punched Cage to the ground all while still dribbling the ball and scored a point from himself.

"I think I am getting the jest of it." The ninja smirked.

" uha…okay…guha," the wounded superstar grunted, trying to regain his senses from Sub Zero's unsuspecting punch to his face,

"One, you cant HIT the opponent, I guess I should have mentioned that! That is a penalty, you understand? No hitting! This ain't Mortal Kombat okay!" he yelled. "Damn that hurt!" he cried, scrunching in face in pain.

"Apologies…" Sub Zero plainly, albeit; sincerely said, but still kept his satisfied grin at the ego-bruised star.

"And two…!" the bruised star paused, "…nice layup…" Johnny nodded. Sub Zero and the others smiled and lightly chuckled at the superstar as they prepared themselves for more of the fun lessons they were learning.

"Okay, now lets try it again…" Johnny said passing the ball to Liu Kang.


DAY 2 of Basketball Training...

"Well you did good yesterday girl scouts!" the warn down and sweaty Sonya congratulated to there equally beaten team. "I was very impressed with you Jade, you catch on quick, girl."

"Gratitude Sonya, actually I like this Basketball sport. Its fun, and most surely keeping my mind off other matters…" she eyeballed her fellow Edenian, knowing what she meant by 'other matters'.

"Well Im glad, but it aint gonna be all fun and games when game time comes a couple days from now. You guys are going to have to get it down RIGHT and TIGHT!" She alerted them. "And Sareena, your gonna have to learn TEAM WORK! You can't hog the ball to yourself."

Sareena had gotten a hang of the game and how it worked from the past long day of being schooled. However, one major problem was that she was not a team player as the others were. Each chance she'd get the ball, she would knowingly try to score without considering other possible options that involved her fellow teammates that could see them to a point as well. It was a weakness that Sonya did not want in her team. At one point in her life she new all to well about the effects of tryin to be a one woman army, and it cost her dearly at times.

Basketball was no different, and if she wanted to beat Cage and the men, she needed EVERYONE working together and doing their part.

"If you have a shot you can take it, but check to see if someone is open if you don't. You don't always have to take it to the hole." She told her; her words more gentle and motherly in tone, than the loud, bossy, tones of their previous conversations.

"Yea…" she sighed of annoyance.

"Kitana, your doing well, just keep that defense up" she advised of the edenian princess to which she nodded in reply.

"Okay girls, im very impressed with how quickly you've all caught on today. Give yourselves a hand." Sonya applauded.

The girls really had been working hard to learn the game in the amount of time they were given and to see them exceptionally grasping the concepts of Basketball, learning some of the fancy maneuvering, and even shooting the ball all kinds of way;even in ways they made up themselves, ALL in such a short amount of time; it was phenomenal sight! A day ago, these alien girls did not know what a basketball was, and now, after Sonya's "School of Hard knocks" as she called it, they were playing as if they had been doing so for years.

"During game time, Sonya and I will be coaching you just like we are now. Just follow our guidance and you should be okay. Also remember, DO NOT foul the enemy, it could cost us." Ruby cautioned. "Just dribble, go between the legs, and some of the fancy stuff I showed you and most of all TEAMWORK, that is VERY important! You saw the videos earlier today; that's what we need."

"Anyone have any questions?" Sonya asked of them all. Everyone was content with what they had to do on the court and that's what Sonya liked. She had a VERY good feeling now that her team was gonna win against the guys. She was already thinking about the slavery Johnny was in for once they won and it caused her to form a devious grin on her face.

"I feel ready to take them on right now" the excited Jade said, proudly wanting to test out her new skills as a basketball player.

"As do I" Kitana nodded, equally enthused.

"Well then girls. If you're feelin up to it, before we call it quits for today, lets have a little 2 on 2." Sonya suggested of her newly motivated female basketball team. "I'll watch you guys. Ruby and Sareena, vs Jade and Kitana; First to 21, wins." She announced the 'tale of the take'.

Jade and Kitana grinned, excited for the challenge and anxious to practice more on their new moves. Sareena was just as nonchalant about it as she normally was. They all ran back to the court sporting the athletic sports clothes Sonya had purchased for them. It included Shorts, sneakers, and sports bra; All they needed to get physical, and a lot more appropriate then those 'whore' inspired ninja suits they were use to wearing…


DAY 3 of Basketball Training...

"Ohhh, Get it!, Get IT!" Johnny cheered on as he watched Liu and Sub Zero take on Jax and Kung Lao in their third and final practice game of basketball. The men, specifically Sub Zero, Liu and Lao had gained a good amount of skill in the past few days of 'Basketball Camp' as Johnny called it. Each Day Johnny and Jax had been teaching them the fundamentals of the game as well as the rules. Johnny even showed them old tapes of his time in high school basketball as well as old NBA games featuring among the best players in the world.

They were all amazed and were anxious to learn even more of what Johnny and Jax had to offer; Sub Zero even showed more intrigue then before after seeing the videos. Day by day, with practice, they all had began to have a pretty clear understanding of the way it worked by the end of the lessons and proved the lessons had been applied by their mind blowing performances during their practice games. Johnny was becoming more and more certain that his victory was at hand. He could already imagine Sonya in her 'Dominatrix suit' he saw a few days ago at the store, serving him whatever he wanted and obeying his EVERY command. His heart raced at the sight of her in the revealing suit doing naughty things to him; especially since they was a tough chick. It couldn't get any better.

All these things would come later but for now, he had to stay focused and not get too ahead of himself, he had to WIN first, and he knew that Sonya was pushing the girls over in the gym, just as hard.

"UHAAA DAMN! C'mon Liu!" he yelled, seeing Liu deliver an ugly pass to Sub Zero that he almost did not catch.

Sub Zero stood face to face with the large, muscle bound Jax, guarding him from making yet another basket as Liu had been doing consecutively.

"Cmon, Ice man…let me see what you can do…cmon bring it to me" He encouraged the Ice ninja, keeping pace with Sub Zero's every move, determined not to let him score on him again. Subz continued to dribble the ball, around him and between his legs; a few new simple tricks he learned. He was simultaneously trying to spot Liu whom Kung Lao was guarding.

It was proving to be difficult for him to bypass Jax to gain a goal and it did not help that Liu was not open to receive a pass. Sub Zero had no choice; He had to take it in somehow. Jax knew that Subz was in a hopeless position or so 'subz' thought, so Jax let off on him just a tad and actually allowed him to get in closer to the goal.

This did not go unnoticed by Subz however, but he went along with it. Liu was busy trying to get open for Subz but Lao was dead on him, making sure he could not get any kind of assist.

Jax made a few light attempts at stealing the ball from Subz just to test him and So far Jax was extremely impressed by Sub Zero and Liu. They were already tied in the game 19 to 19, with only two points to go before it was game, but despite his novice opponent, Jax was not about to let him win.

Subz was right on the goal defending the ball, while Jax was posting up, making sure he could not go for a lay up of any kind. Sub Zero then attempted to pull a fake out on Jax. With his back facing Jax, he proceeded to go one way, to throw off Jax which he did; leading him to believe he was pressing an attempted lay up from the left, and then quickly turned the opposite way, maintaining control of the ball in his right hand to then turn it over to his left. He succeeded in 'faking' Jax just enough to get in a possible dunk. However, Jax recovered quick enough to catch Sub Zero in mid flight as he was attempting to dunk the ball with an arm.

"DENIAL!" Jax shouted, while blocking Subz' with his longer reaching arms that over took Sub Zero's.

"OOOOHH! Nice!" Johnny commented on the block made by Jax.

Kung Lao than managed to get the rebound from Subz's blocked shot. He was down but not out and got back on defense with Jax while Liu faced Lao.

"There you go Kung Lao…take it all the Way!'" Johnny shouted seeing the tables turned once again.

Lao was making his way towards his opponent's goal, crossover switching , while watching out for Liu who was already infront of him, ready for a steal. Liu was on point, watching Kung Lao's every move and seeing an opportunity to gain the ball. He could not let Kung Lao and Jax win this game. For right now however, Liu halted Lao's progression forward and Lao then started dribbling low to cause Liu difficulty stealing the ball.

"Not getting pass me this time Kung Lao" Liu declared of his rival.

"Im about to right NOW!" he quickly replied, attempting 'a change of pace' once more to gain more ground and go for the shot, but Liu managed to steal the ball from a lucky reach after Kung Lao blew past him with an unsecured handle of the ball.

" Uhh no yo don't" Liu mumbled, gaining the ball and turning the table once more.

"YEA THERE YOU GO LIU!" Johnny cheered. "TAKE IT TAKE IT!"

With no one in his path, Liu made a fast break down the opposite side of the court back to his opponent's goal. He was blazing down the court while the others tried to catch up to him. Sub Zero rushed pass Jax and Kung lao was determined to not let Liu score, and he too upped his speed and was right on Liu's tail closing in. Liu noticed Sub Zero coming in closer to his speed on the other side of him. He saw it as a perfect time to perform the move they had been practicing.

Liu glanced over at Subz while they were nearing the goal. They both saw it as the perfect chance to do 'it'. The two players met with glares and nods as unspoken communication to perform the new trick they've been trying to master. This was their moment. After several unsuccessful attempts at this move by Liu and his team mate. Liu felt that this was it. Sub Zero was right on board as well. He too had been wanting to do one of the moves he seen the professionals do and with Liu's assistance and his anticipation; They would achieve this goal.

Liu closing in on the perimeter of the goal, threw the ball towards the backboard intending for it to bounce of of it. SubZero then trailed in and caught ball mid air and forced it into the goal in a spectacular Ally Oop dunk to the basket; Winning the game!

"OHHH HELL YEAAA! DID YOU SEE THAT!? THAT'S TEAM WORK BABY!" the mind blown Cage jumped from his seat. He could not believe his eyes. Liu and Subz finally pulled off an Ally Oop and they were most proud of themselves.

"We seem to make a good team on the court as well" Liu smiled at his teammate.

"I must agree, A well done Ally Oop, Liu Kang." He smiled back.

Johnny, Jax and Lao ran over to the winners to congratulate them and it was much appreciated by both.

You guys got lucky, Next time We'll beat you" Jax playfully commented.

'I wouldn't be so certain Jax." Subz replied, which caught everyone by surprise.

"Oh, Iceman getting cocky?" Jax half joked, to everyone's amusement.

Johnny went over and patted the fellas on that back, smiling to all of them,

"EXCELLENT WORK today guys, im proud of you all! Especially you, Subz."

"I must admit, I am enjoying this, very much" the ninja smiled.

The exhausted, warn down, and sweaty men went for water to hydrate themselves and then gathered up their belongings to call it a day. It was the afternoon now and they had been playing and practicing since the morning. They did VERY well and felt ready for the big game in a couple of days, but first they needed a day of much needed rest and relaxation and they certainly earned.

"Oooooh, look who it is…the guys…" a familiar feminine voice teased. Turning to see where it came from, the men all halted and saw the women coming back from their session.

"Hey look men, it's the Gals…here to catch a few pointers…" Johnny bantered.

"You guys suck!" Ruby playfully replied.

"Yea!" Jade teased in agreement, "GO HOME!" the emerald kunoichi was catching on to the earthrealm customs rather quickly and enjoying them to say the least.

Johnny only gave a small grin, as he put his sports back down and grabbed a ball,

"Hey Subz, give them a taste of what you learned…" he said tossing the ball to the ninja.

The Ninja turned about to see the goal. He was at the edge of the rectangular court near the three point line. He then preceded to rest the ball on the fingertips of his dominant hand slightly above the head, then with the other hand supporting the side of the ball, he jumped and extended his shooting arm. He held it stationary for a moment following the release of the ball. The ball went right into the basket, WHOOSH!

"Net" Sub Zero smirked. Everyone was surprised and amazed at Sub Zero shot. It was as if he was a Pro. Johnny must have been doinf something other than running his mouth Sonya thought.

"Oh Yea!" Johnny winked, "That's just a small taste of what we're gonna do to your asses in a couple days"

"Our 'Asses' are all you're gonna see in a couple days! Trying to catch up to us while we take you to the hole." Sonya remarked.

"Oh please… the only thing you're gonna be taking to a hole is whats left over on my dinner plate to the garbage disposal!"

"fuck you…" Sonya rolled her eyes.

"Hey what's the point of all this?" Liu interjected, seeing a pointless bantering between each other.

"Its just playful trash talk, everyone does it…BUT, not everyone can back it up…but WE will." He assured the monk.

"Say what you will Johnny, Im keeping my mouth shut. I don't know whats going to happen game day…but I know what is going to happen to me tonight…" Liu seductively grinned, glancing at his lover in her hot, sweaty, golden body catching the sun.

Johnny caught Liu's glaze towards Kitana and knew exactly what he meant, and he attempted to burst his bubble, "Oh yea right, Kitana is gonna be focused, she wont have time for you tonight."

"Oh, She'll be focused tonight alright…on me. You see, After a nice sweaty workout like today…it turns us on, she probably wants me right now too." He explained with the seductive confidence of knowing his fiancé.

"You probably should have kept your mouth closed Johnny, after what you said, I doubt Sonya will be in the mood." Kung Lao quipped.

"Oh please, I can get some anytime I choose…Im Johnny Cage!" the cocky, ego-inflated Superstar declared with bold confidence of knowing himself.


"NOPE!" Sonya spurned her lover's yearning request.

"Please babe cmon!" the rejected superstar pleaded, tugging Sonya by the shoulder and trying to get her to face him while in their bed. Johnny's mouth got the best of him once again, and now He suffers the consequence.

"Uh Uhh…get away" she pushed his loving, needing hands aside. "Until you learn how to stop underestimating women…and how to talk to them!"

"Im not underestimating you, you do a lot of things better than me." Johnny tried assuring her. "You cook better, you clean better, you smell better…well, I take that back, I smell better, but anyway you get what im saying."

"No, no, no, Cage." she continued denying him. 'shoeing' his hands away.

"Fine!" the stubborn man pouted, "I don't need any tonight anyway…" Johnny turned around to the opposite side of the bed and pulled the covers towards him, trying to take them all for himself as some childish way of getting 'even' with Sonya's rejection.

"Good, cuz you're not getting any, Good night!"

"Yea whatever…" he continued to pout.

Johnny and Sonya laid in their bed facing opposite sides of each other. There was silence in the room for an uneasy several moments...atleast for Johnny. Sonya had closed her drowsy eyes, and cuddled warmly to her pillow to get sleep, while the whiny and pouty superstar was still mumbling gibberish to himself with most of the covers over him.

"...PLEASEE!" the hopeless man begged, abruptly turn over to his sleeping girl.

"GOOD NIGHT, JOHN!" Sonya replied sternly.

to be continued...

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