Bachelor Party

The Mortal Kombat Champion Liu Kang and the Edenian Princess Kitana, along with their best friends and partners in battle, Jade; the Edenian Resistance General, and Kung Lao, Co-founder of the newly reformed White Lotus Society, were invited to the Earthrealm city of Los Angeles by their longtime allies from earthrealm, Superstar Johnny Cage and the Special Forces 'Major' and Outerworld Investigation agency co founder, Sonya Blade.

Johnny thought it would nice to invite his longtime battle comrades to the city of angels to spend the week there in what he calls 'the good life'. They arrived there about 4 days ago and since then, Johnny has been showing them around all of Los Angeles, which was a stunning and beautiful sight to them. The citizens weren't too bad either…atleast not as bad as they thought, though there were a few incidents. Just a day ago, a random thug tried to rush pass Jade and steal her newly purchased stylish purse…but was halted by a sharp, swift pain to his legs, courtesy of Jade's razorang.

It was not long ago; infact when they first arrived, that Johnny had told Liu Kang and Kitana that he was planning a bachelor party for them, in early celebration of their wedding in a couple of weeks. Liu had no earthly idea of what such a party was but he was sure enough about to find out…

It was about 2 in the morning on a Friday, and in Liu and Kitana's room, they had just finished having another night of passionate sex with one another. They both were out of energy now and tired which could be implied by their heavy breathing and sweaty bodies. They must have had a great time. The two lovers laid next to one another in each others comfort, as they simply talked…

"4 hours…this time…" Liu sighed, breathing heavy

"yea, it's a definite improvement…from last time…what was it about 3 hrs and 38 mins last time…you have a lot of energy…" kitana responded with equal speed of breath as her lover.


The two were silent for a few moments when Liu continued onto a new conversation,

"What are you thinking about"

"…us, the wedding, our future…"

"are you…worried?" liu asked her, concerned

kitana sighed mildly as she turned to face the love of her life and smiled at him, which in return put a smile on his face.

"no, im not worried…not with you…" she said kissing him.

"thanks lot…tha..that really means alot "liu responded breaking the kiss slightly before connecting again.

Kitana gave a sexy giggle while kissing her lover for a few moments before he broke off and continued his conversation, and kitana snuggling close to him.

"so what do you want to do today, you wanna hang out, just us…"

"id love to…oh but, Sonya, jade and I are having an all women thing today she told me."

"Oh yea, what are you guys doing today…?"

"womanly things…hair, nails, a massage, a spa treatment, Sonya said they have some of the best spas here."

"Well, I can give you a massage…" liu said agusting himself to put his hands around her shoulders, rubbing them gentle, yet firm, caressing her nicely toned smooth skin to her satifaction.

"Heha I know you can…" she softly replied with a added kiss.

"Well that's good, you three spending time together."

"Are you and the guys doing something?"

"Not that I know of but im sure Johnny will have something planned while your all gone."

"Yea, so maybe later tonight we can do something?…maybe we can try for an even better time…"

Sure…" liu said giving his love yet another kiss.

As the day went by, Sonya, Kitana, and Jade went out on the town to the best nail and hair salon, and spa place in Los Angeles. While they had a pleasant time, Liu, Kung, Kung Lao, and Johnny were having themselves a good time elsewhere. But it was what was to happen later tonight that would prove to be most 'entertaining'…to say the least...

"Alright here we are guys" Johnny said arriving at a small one floor building.

"Where is this, what is this" Liu asked him

"Well this can be called many things my friends… but tonight…"

Johnny opened the doubledoors and to Liu's surprise the doors opened to a decorated room full of hanging decorated foam dragons, party confetti, tables and chairs, and guest that Johnny no doubt invited.


"SURPRISE!" Yelled all the guest

"What in the world!" Liu said in shock and surprise at this turn of events

"Hey man congraulations!" a tall muscle-bound dark skinned man said approaching him

"Jax! Hey man"

"Long time no see liu, Kung lao, hows it hangin"

"Its been pretty good"

yes, very well indeed" kung lao answered after Liu kang

"Hey bud" Another man said stepping towards liu along with one other dark skinned figure

"Stryker and Kai! Aw man, wow! its good to see you guys!" liu greeted them with joy.

"Its been a long time friend." Kai said shaking liu's hand

"Yes it has, what..what are you all doing here…?"

"Johnny invited us to the party, normally I would not have come, but he said this was for you so…couldnt resist." Stryker answered

"Aw man, its great to see you guys." Liu repeated

"What is this party?" he then asked

"Your bachelor party man!" Stryker shouted

"Yep, I had it all planned out buddy… remember i told you earlier in the week i was gonna throw you one?" Johnny followed "So now, just set back…and enjoy the entertainment…"

Johnny made his way towards the middle of the large room with a microphone in his hand. There was atleast about 15 to 20 guest who where all scattered around the large room eating, chatting, and other things.

"Alright alright, people…

The main man is here, some of you know him, some of you have know Idea, this guy has saved my life more times then I can count, we've been though one hell of an adventure together, I remember when I first met him, he seemed like just a nobody…some Chinese kid…but, I was wrong, and with time, he became one of my most trusted allies…and a great friend. I owe him a lot as well as his future bride…so as yet ANOTHER token of my appreciation…This is my gift to you for your impending wedding in two weeks!

Liu, welcome to your first Bachelor party! Congrats man!"

Johnny turned towards two doors and put his mic up to his mouth,

"Girls…if you would…"

"Huh…?" Liu said, looking abit surprised by johnnys mention of girls…

As he said those words, they were the cue for three hot women who stepped through the double doors, one was dressed in an all white spandex suit with matching white high heeled boots and wild blonde hair, Caucasian race and mesmerizing sparkly blue eyes. That was the first that entered, the second was dressed in a two piece black skin tight suit with a whip, with a top that has a V line cleavage. She was an African American, who had long curly brown hair that brought out her flawless toffee skin tone and hazel brown eyes . The last one was a red head woman, a little skinnier than the others but equally stunning, she had red hair with a black stripe tied back in a low ponytail, and her clothing was a red top with black lining and loincloth draped over her lower front which was red with a black design on it, she also had red almost thigh high boots with small knives around her thighs and a mask over her face.

The three walked over to liu kang as his friends cleared the way while they gazed upon the three beauties.

"Girls, do with him as you please…uh but not too much of course…hes gonna be married soon." Johnny told them.

"Yes Mr cage, well take good care of the champion…hmmhmhm" 'The Lady in Red' told him, while looking to Liu with very lustious eyes.

"Hey, hey, Johnny, now come on…I don't know about this…" liu said feeling a bit uneasy with other possibly lustful women around.

"aww, don't worry, you'll be fine they aren't gonna do anything to you…

"This is uhh..white she devil, black mamba and uh…what was your name again honey…?" johnny asked looking to the lady in red.

She looked back at him for a brief moment then back at Liu Kang,


Meanwhile, After most of the day pampering themselves, Kitana, Jade and Sonya were having there own little party. Sonya had planned on having a bachelorette party for Kitana after that evening and it surprised her as it did Liu kang. Kitana wasn't much for parties growing up, and the parties that she did attend were usually parties celebrating Shao Kahn's victories over realms or those who dared to oppose him. She rarely had parties specifically for her so she really didn't know how to respond. Never the less, she was happy. She enjoyed herself as best she could, some people had gifts for her, some were well needed, other were questioned. Those questionalble gifts were the adult toys and lingerie that some people had gotten her. Though she was enjoying herself, she had not been nearly having as much fun as the other women, even Jade was partaking in the small games and having a great deal of wine. Kitana had not drunken any the whole night though, she wasn't a fan of earthrealm wine. Not sinse she tried to drink some a few times when she was on a date with Liu. Kitana had Liu on her mind, this was the first time in a while that she had not been around him all day long. She knew he was alright, but she missed him already and was hoping she would have been back to johnny's place to meet him. Perhaps he was already there waiting for her while she was having 'fun' here?

"So were having that talk, he isn't sure but, I know he'll come around." A dark skinned woman in a blood red dress said talking to Sonya.

"Yea give jax some time, ruby." Sonya replied before noticing Kitana approaching her,

"Sonya, I appreciate this little get together, it was wonderful, much needed, but, I want to get back,, I told Liu we would meet tonight and-"

"Oh no, come on, we barely got things started…" Sonya interrupted.

The ladies then heard a loud ring, that was the doorbell of the building they were occupying.

"Uha, now I think things will get more interesting…" Sonya whispered assuming she knew exactly who was at the door."Uh can you get that kitana…"

"Oh…sure" Kitana said, she went up to the doors and opened them slightly and peeked out to see two tall men in suits in front of her.


"Madam, you kitana?" one of the men asked her

"that I am, my I help you…?"

"Excuse me madam, may we enter"

"whats wrong?"

"it would be best if we come inside…its urgent news…from edenia"

At that kitana's eye widened and she quickly responded "yes please come in"

"may I ask what your names are…I don't think ive seen you in edenia before…"

"Sure,my name is Male"

"and my name is Striper" the other man said.

"okay Male and Striper…what news do you have to report to me from edenia?"

The two men simply stared at her as she did not realize the names, they did not have any news to report and thought that their names would dawn on her that they were strippers"…Oh, uh well, unmm, the news is uh…."

"What…please" kitana said egarly awaiting news

"Kitana…honey" Sonya said walking to her and pulling her to the side.

"Yes, what is it Sonya?"

"These guys names are Male and Striper…get it, Male Stripper…"

"…so…OHH," Kitana shouted as the names finally dawned on her.

"great…so, now that we got that settled…PARTY TIME BOYS!" Sonya said after realizing kitana now knew who these guys were or rather, what they do.

"Uh, Sonya, I don't think-" kitana was interrupted.

"Oh relax this is your bachelorette party…we are supposed to have things like this…the strippers, drinking which I cant do in at the moment, damn it, but you can and so far you haven't drunken anything but water…c'mon girl, even jade seems to be enjoying herself…

"You gotta stop worrying about stuff, its your time now, we are here to celebrate you…princess bride . Haha"

"you are right Sonya, okay then…"

"Now, I think those strippers are waiting for you…"

"Okay but if one of them tries anything…"

"Don't worry about it, they knew full well im law so to try anything would be a dumbmove on their part, plus i know what you would do..we dont want that so keep those fans where they are"

Sonya then called the two male strippers over to kitana as she sat on a chair waiting to be "entertained"

"Alright then, go ahead and do whatever it is you do…but don't touch me…if you do, i swear you wont ever be doing this 'job' again"

"Oh no mam, you got it all wrong, YOU don't touch us…I know it will be hard to resist but, your getting married soon, you don't need such a burden on your conscience hehaha."

Kitana looked at them annoyed by their comment, in the meantime she wondered what Liu was doing…

At Bachelor Party central...




Those were some of the yells of the men at liu's party who were enjoying themselves with the strippers. Liu however was receiving a more private audience with the lady in red who introduced herself as Skarlet…she seemed to be all into Liu, more so than the others had been.

"Hey…okay that's…thats close enough, okay…." Liu told the woman who was moving and rubbing her body very close to his in a way that felt very uncomfortable for him.

"Whatever you say champion…" she simply replied as she started rubbing one of her knives gently across his bare arms until she seemed to have 'accidentally' cut him


"Oh, did I hurt you…?"

"Uh, nah its just as scratch…"

"good, now then…" Skarlet simply put, as sh continued to dance very closely to liu kang, while his friends were simply watching the view,

"The Lady in red is really putting it down on Liu, huh.." Jax started

"Yea ill say," Johnny said with a sly tone

"I hope liu can control himself …im struggling myself…" Jax continued while his hands were nearing his lower front…as he started feeling 'somthing' down there get a little bulky.

"Hey, you already got a lady in red or rather in RUBY remember?" Kung lao said trying to remind jax of his girlfriend.

"Yea Yea, but It doesn't hurt to take a peak every now and then…"

"Man she's smoking hot," Johnny said looking at the devilicious Skarlet doing very sexy movements with her curvaceous figure.

"I heard this was a last minute replacement.." john continued

"Hmm?' Kung lao mumbled looking to Johnny.

"Yea I had ordered some girl name cottonmouth to come, but the lady in red, um scarlet, said that she had a run in with something and she would be absent…"

"Well, guess you cant miss something you haven seen…besides scarlet seems to be really good at this…" Jax came in still gazing at the scarlet colored beauty.

While Johnny, Jax and Kung lao were occupying themselves with just gazing upon the scarlet beauty, across the room were the other strippers such as Black Mamba who stryker seemed to have obsession with, as she had been dancing around him all for the majority of the party so far,

"Im loving it black mamba, you know, being a cop can be rough at time…it would be nice to come home…to someone…you wanna be that someone my little mamba…?" Stryker said looking lustfully at the dark skinned tight clothed exotic dancer,

"Im just here to dance sir…not to form any kind of relationships okay…" she simply put

"Okay darling, whatever floats your boat" stryker said still gazing up at the black beauty.

About an hour had passed and about half of the guest had left, the dancers were still dancing around but had apparenty become clothe-less revealing their most private of body parts. Skarlet was still dancing around liu kang, she had been dancing over him the entire night she was there, Liu wanted to take some breaks but she didn't let him, and her charm and beauty convinced him to keep letting her do her thing, as time progressd however, scarlet had been become very aggressive, she had knives as apart of her act one would guess, but she apparently didn't know how to keep herself from cutting Liu, and each time, shed lick his blood from not only the blade, but from the cut itself,

"Ou, Hey, that's the fifth time you've cut me!"

You need to be more careful or something, and what's with you licking the blood…what are you a vampire or something…?" Liu asked frustrated alittle by Skarlets growing aggressiveness.

"Hmmm, maybe I just love the way you taste…" she said with a very lustful tone.

"Maybe your just bloodthirsty…" liu said sarcastically, before looking to Johnny, "Uh Johnny, I think im-"

"No no no, im not done yet…Skarlet interrupted him while placing her arms and hands behind her upper back as if she was reaching to get something…or release something… "Please, sit…" scarlet whispered, while her top slid off of her body revealing her nicely formed breasts. "I insist".

Oh dear..." liu whispered, amazed at how they looked {I don't know what it is about her but, im not feeling a good…vibe..and now she just showed me her breast…dear lord…control yourself, they look so…no! control liu!} he said in his mind trying to maintain his composure from being so close to another woman nevermind a naked one.

"OH YEA! HAHAAA" Johnny shouted looking at skarlet's boobs "Scarlet has a nice rack on her"

"No kidding…" Jax added also looking at the stunning sight

"HMMMmmm" scarlet moaned as she pushed her breast towards liu's face, not touching yet but damn close, before liu mae the gap even farther by getting up from the seat slightly,

"Uh guys, I really shouldn't be…uh doing this…" liu said still alittle in the moment from skarlet's nice top features.

"Oh please man, Kitana and them are probably doing the same thing" Johnny said to him

"WHAT!" Liu immediately looked over and shouted.

Meanwhile…how about we see exacty what kitana is up to…

Bachelorette Party...

"Oh c'mon kitana, join me!" Her freind Jade shouted from a few feet across dancing around one of the strippers and looking like she had one drink too many,

"Jade, your intoxicated…if Kung Lao saw you like this…" kitana warned her longtime friend,

"Good for me, he's not here hahaa" jade joked

"Jade!" kitana shouted at her friend's state of mind

"Oh kitana…Jade is having a good time, you need to cut loose…" The dark skinned Ruby told kitana before siping on her wine glass

"Ive already had a few glasses of your wine which I must say differs from Edenian wine by a noticeable margin, I like some of the games we played utill you guys got alittle too out of hand with personal information about your men, I let some strip guy dance around me, which I did not really enjoy, you guys gave me these gifts, and I thank you very much…but I don't think I need a 'vibrator'? and 'crotch less panties' I mean, do you earthrealmers find pleasure in this…" she asked looking at them awkwardly.

"Kitana, please okay, the vibrator is for you when…liu may not be around and you want to get a nice orgasm, and the panties are for you two's sex life, gives it a little spice along with that whip and cuffs Maggie gave you." Sonya told her

"And as I said, I thank you all for your gifts but…I don't find pleasure in that stuff… And ive never been an admirer of someone using their bodies as a means of survival."

"You make it sound like they have no choice to do this, its just something that they apparently like to do and us women like to see nice hot guys dancing in tight speedos showing off their parts. They like to see US doing that too"

"Well the only "parts" I want to see are my husbands, not another mans, ive seen too many already during my life time so far..."

"Kitana, I tried to throw this party for you because I thought you might like it, and enjoy yourself, we went and treated ourselves all day." Sonya said seeming alittle unappreciated by her tone.

"And I thank you for all that you have done Sonya, you are a great friend, today was great and I needed it a lot, today I just got to be…a woman. Its just I didn't really expect the stripping and the insane amounts of wine and the strange gifts. That part is just not me, you know."

"I understand…"

"Sonya, I thank you so much for today, and I had a great time, but now, I have to leave to go see Liu." Kitana said hugging her earthrealm friend tightly and Sonya returning the favor.

"okay then…sorry you didn't like the party,

"I did, until the stripping part…heh" kitana said letting out a slight laugh as did Sonya.

"Okay girl, so, guess ill see you tomorrow than, tell the shofur to take you back to the house...and don't worry about jade, she'll be with me, she seems to be having a lot of fun…"

"Thank Sonya…so much, please watch her, i think she's had too many drinks already...Oh hey, you wouldn't happen to know where the men might be do you, are they at the house?"

"Oh…uh…no" Sonya mumbled while moving her eyes and head around as if she was hiding something

"Sonya…." Kitana simply said sternly

"Okay..., I know…"

Meanwhile back at Liu's party…



{this is not right, what am I doing, if kitana saw me she would be outraged, I gotta get outta here...} Liu thought to himself as he looked towards scarlet grabbing her arms gently,

"okay uh scarlet, im sorry but I have to go…please"

"What's the rush champion; we barely got a chance to know each other…' scarlet quickly replied as she held liu down on the chair.

"Well, how much you already know about me is all you need to know…" Liu said sternly as he pushed back skarlet's hold on him, only to have it pushed back on to him but even more aggressively.

"grrr, NO!" she growled fiercely

"WHAT THE!, Hey! Get off of me lady!" Liu shouted pushing scarlet onto the ground, and grabbing the attention of everyone in the room. Skarlet recovered and got into a fighting position looking to Liu ferociously. She held behind her back two kunai knives that she could throw any minute…

"I wanted to do this the easy way, mortal…but I have no choice but to do it the HARD, FUN WAY!"

"What!" Liu yelled trying to figure out what was going on

Stryker caught a glance at the knives she had behind her back and then shouted "Hey Liu LOOK OUT!"

"HEAAAHH!" Skarlet shouted as an attack grunt. Liu narrowly missed the two blades going for his throat but he was soon on guard once he dodged it and moved around his friends. The rest of the guest went into a state of shock, as the combatants circled around scarlet in a ready stance.

"WHO IS THIS BITCH!" Stryker yelled

"I don't know but she's taking her job way too seriously" Jonny answered

"I knew there was something about you I didn't like!" Liu said to scarlet with a mean mug.

"Alright lady! I don't know what your doing but your in BIG TROUBLE!" Jax yield at scarlet,

Stryker noticed some of the other people still in the room and decide dto assist them as Liu, kung lao, jax, Kai, and Johnny would be more than capable of handling the psychotic woman.

"Hey guys, ill get the other girls and everyone else outta here, you guys handle this until I get back, ill have the squad with me!"

"Alright then get going stryker, we can take of one little girl…and for the squad, ixnay, ill have my boys handle it" Jax responded quickly and firmly.

"You killed Lord Shao Kahn, now…his debt will be paid…in BLOOD!" the bloodlusted scarlet shouted fiercely.

"Bring It!" Jax shouted getting into his fighting position as did his allies.

Skarlet attacked and fought all five men at once and seemed to have the upper hand strangely, she dodged most of their blows and countered with devastating blows of her own, while one was down, she went aggressive towards another and repeated this until she would have all the fighters at her mercy. They couldn't understand how one little woman could be so strong, even for one of Shao Kahn's minions.

"Man this bloodwhore is good!" Johnny got out trying to regain some energy and breath, he had been roughed up a bit, with small cuts and bruises on his face and arms.

"YEA, REALLY GOOD!" Jax came in, he was also trying to get his barrings, the girl was quick for him, too quick for him to land a single blow with his metal arms, Skarlet gave jax a very tough time.

Kai was not doing any better, Skarlet managed to put a 7 hit combo on him that left him fazed greatly, she had more strength than a woman should normally have, even for an outworld woman and to make matter worst,

"I don't know how but, she seems to be getting…stronger…" Kai said once he got to a corner with his allies Jax and Johnny "Doesn't make sense…"

"Well if we don't put her down now, it aint gonna matter how she gets so much strength." Jax concluded before joining his allies Liu Knag and Kung lao who seemed to be the only two somewhat holding their own against the strong red lady warrior.

Liu and Kung lao had been doing well for themselves…atleast for the moment, scarlet matched them blow for blow for a while but she then strated getting stronger and stronger , seemingly each time she got in a good punch with her fist or a good cut with her knives. She'd even go as far as to lick the blood off of her weapons, both man made and natural. Soon Jax, Johnny and Kai were down for the rest of this fight, they had been exausted and worst, took a brutal beating by a woman…but not just any woman, one of shao khan's most dangerous fighters. The fight had been going on for atleast 30 mins, and while most of the kombantants were out, only Liu kang remained, but his luck was running out. Skarlet had began to dodge most of his attack and the ones she countered with became more and more powerful.

Soon the shaolin monk couldn't take much more, he was already brused and battered and cut or stabbed in his arms, legs or chest, none were mortal wounds though, thanks to Liu kang's sharp reflexes and speed. Never the less though, he was exausted and couldn't take much more. They had managed to do a deal of damage to Skarlet, but some how she keep getting back up and delivering more and more powerful blows, each one more powerful than the last.

Not long after Liu was the only one fighting, Skarlet finally had Liu pinned down or rather UP. By one of her powers to control blood, she had four blood pillars from the ground hold Liu kang by his limbs about 6 feet in the air, she then amazingly turned herself into a puddle of blood and made her way underneath the warrior and reformed into her human self. She simply stared at the warror's helpless face slowly getting out a knife, and preparing for the death blow that would see the end of the mortal kombat champion, and the revenge of Shao Kahn. His firneds were down and couldnt possibly help him, when a voice called her name,


Skarlet looked to see who it was that called her and it was none other than her former ally and Liu's future wife, "KITA-!"

Scarlet didn't finish the words when a bladed steel fan came towards her as she tunred to see who spoke her name and decapitated her head clean off, ending her near victory over Liu kang. The pillars dropped liu kand to the floor hard, he was a little hurt but he wasnt in a critical state.

"...Kitana!" Liu shouted in relief and joy once he tunred his head towards her while struggling to get himself up.

"Nice Shot!" Johnny said in awe.

"Thanks" she replied before rushing to them trying to help her lover and his allies to their feet

"You know her?" Kung lao asked

"Yes, she was one of Shao Kahn's most lethal enforcers, a warrior created by sorcery and the blood of fallen warriors…he wouldn't normally unleash her but as a means of a last resort." Kitana explained to them

"She said she was here for vengeance cause liu 86'd shao kahn back in the day." Jax told her

"Hmm, Sorcery and blood huh, perhaps that's why she got stronger, she got our blood, remember she was always licking her fist and her knives, and even when she was dancing around liu kang she was cutting him with her little knives and licking the wounds." Kung Lao said coming to a conclusion about scarlet's bizarre power increases and facenation with blood.

"Yes, she gains power by the blood of her opponants…" Kitana confirmed, she then looked to liu who was trying to sit down but was having difficulty with all of his ackes and pains from the battle. Kitana went to him quickly,

"Are you alright Liu."

"Yea im fine, thanks for saving me."

"What was she doing here?…and she was dancing on you?"

"Well I can explain that, see this was suppose to be a bachelor party and you know, we guys get the female strippers…" Johnny quickly cut in to tell kitana the reason behind the madness.

"Uh, say no more, I got the jest of it…" kitana told him with a disgusted tone, she had heard enough about strippers for one night.

"Im just glad you guys are okay and that I made it here when I did."

"Yea, or ill tell you what, we would have been finished!" Kai added

Kitana saw liu rubbing his bruses and cuts and went to help him up, "Liu c'mon lets go, we need to get you some medical attention"

"Hey wait, what about this mess, the cops are gonna be-" Johnny strted before being interrupted,

Don't worry, I got this covered, ill send for some men from the OIA to come and check this place out, don't worry, Kitana, you get liu outta here, he took a good beating near the end, we all did."

"Johnny…sorry the party got out of hand…" liu got out

"Ah don't worry about it, we could not have know one of Shao khan's leftovers would appear. I wonder how many other minions of shao kahn are still out there…possibly seeking vengence" johnny wondered out loud.

"I don't know but at least know we know that we still need to be on guard." Kai said boldly

"I don't know about you, but I was never off guard." Kung lao concluded

Johnny, Liu, Kung Lao, and Kitana made their way out of the building while jax awaited his OIA team members to assist with the remains of scarlet, and to be on the safe side, Kai stayed behind, and soon afterwards, Stryker arrived to fight, but the battle was done.

Johnny, Kitana, Kung lao and Liu kang had arrived at a nearby hospital to get themselves patched up after the fight that took place, the were in and out, luckily none of their wounds were bad enough to cause them to stay over night, but they were still sore and worn out especially Liu who seemed to be fighting the longest and hardest during the battle with the bloody scarlet. Kitana and Liu went to their room and Kitana laid Liu on th bed stomach first, while she got on top of him and started massaging him.

"Kitana, hey…about tonight, with skarlet...and all the other stuff…"

"I understand honey, this is what these things are, Sonya threw me a party too and she invited some strippers, so dont feel guilty"

"Yea...hey, I thought I was gonna give you a massage…?'

"I got mine today, but after your fight, you need it…"

Liu turned himself around to face kitana and pulled her towards him and looked her in her beautiful hazel eyes, "Kitana, I don't want this night to worry you okay, now I know skarlet came for me, and I want you to know that perhaps other will like her, but please I don't want you to worry and stress about it. We still must live our lives. We are at peace and I intend to keep it that way, the elder gods have become a bit stricter with the way the realms go, and I have faith that they will keep everything in order.

And as long as we have each other and our friends, we can always come out on we did tonight. thanks to you sweety" liu said gently, slightly kissing kitana on her nice lips.

"I know…and im not worried…not with you…" kitana simply said while going in closer to liu's face to share a romantic kiss with the love of her life. She broke it briefly and the two shared three words for each other before continuing the kiss,

"I love you…" she started

"I love you…" he finished


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