Once the girls were in the limo they took off through the streets of New York. Ajay was giddy with the combination of the excitement of her wedding and going shopping with Aiden. She had a feeling it was going to be an entirely different experience than shopping with her in Detroit and Orlando. New York was a playground in "Aiden's World" as they had all dubbed her little fashion hot spots.

Ajay was fidgeting in her seat, unaware she was doing so until Aiden stopped her. It was a pet peeve of Aiden's for someone to fidget or tap incessantly. Ajay was far too excited to sit still, much to Aiden's annoyance. Ajay was tapping her fingers on the seat while she looked out the window. Aiden was currently speaking what Ajay thought to be Japanese into her phone which had been attached to her ear all morning. She had been arranging everything for Ajay's impromptu wedding the next day taking on the full load of responsibilities. Ajay simply said yes or no when she was asked. Aiden took care of all of the rest.

Aiden's sweet tinkling laughter filled the limo as she covered Ajay's hand to stop her from tapping. Ajay mouthed 'sorry' to Aiden who continued speaking to the other person on the line without skipping a beat. Ajay wasn't used to sitting still and quiet. She was ready for Cookie to get off the phone before she went crazy. Ajay knew very little Japanese but when she heard Aiden say, "Sayounara, arigatou gozaimasu." she knew she was getting off the phone.

"So where are we going?" Ajay asked.

Aiden held up a finger as she put her phone to her ear and began speaking in some other foreign language that Ajay didn't recognize. Ajay sighed heavily, blowing her bangs up as she bounced her knee. That only lasted about thirty seconds before Aiden stopped her again. Ajay whined and pouted at Aiden who held the phone away from her mouth to hiss at Ajay and then went right on with her conversation.

Ajay stuck her tongue out at her and looked back out the window at the buildings slowly creeping past. She tried to concentrate on staying still so she wouldn't upset Cookie anymore and thought she was doing a good job until she felt she was being watched. She slowly turned back to Aiden who had her oversized sunglasses resting on the tip of her nose so she could glare at Ajay. "I didn't do anything." Ajay whispered.

Aiden said nothing but held her palm out at Ajay's chin. Ajay rolled her eyes and spit out her bubblegum she hadn't realized she was smacking on. Aiden continued to glare at her as she cracked her window and threw it out. She rolled her it back up and very slowly pushed her sunglasses back up.

Ajay breathed on the window to fog up the glass and spelled out B-O-R-E-D on the glass. She smiled to herself hearing Aiden sigh, at least she was paying her attention now. Then she drew a tiny stick figure that bore Aiden's likeness but was accessorized with horns, a pitchfork, and a spiked tail. She snorted her laughter when she looked back at Aiden who was as still as a statue except for her mouth. Ajay continued laughing as Aiden fogged up her mirror too. A penis and the letters Y-O-U were drawn on her side and Ajay gaped at her friend who ended her call just as they pulled up to Macy's.

"Ooooh! I'm telling that you wrote a bad word." Ajay laughed.

"I love you, but you're killing me." Aiden stated. "Well you weren't talking to me or anything." Ajay whined.

"I'm planning your wedding darling, and I talk to you all the time. Aiden needs her phone time so everything will be perfect mmmkay?" Aiden said in a sarcastic voice.

Ajay pouted again but gave her a tight nod. "Let me see your hands." Aiden asked holding hers out.

"Why?" Ajay wondered tilting her head as she put her hands in Aiden's

"Palms up please." she instructed.

Ajay turned her hands over to reveal her palms that were splotched with brown stains.

"What did you get into?" Aiden gasped as she inspected Ajay's palms.

"I was playing with your make up shit, and I don't know..." Ajay said.

Aiden looked up at her, "Brown bottle, looks like lotion?"

"Yeah, it smelled good." she smiled.

Aiden closed her eyes and counted to ten, "That was self tanner Ashton."

Ajay chewed on her bottom lip, "How was I supposed to know that? You can get it off right?"

Aiden finally opened her eyes, "Yes I can get it off. Okay before we get out of the car these are the rules."

Ajay scowled, "There are rules?"

"Yes, so pay attention." Aiden glared, "You are not allowed to touch ANYTHING! Not even a mannequin. You are also not to yell across the store, You are only allowed to point and whisper, understand?"

"But..." Ajay started before she saw Aiden slide her glasses down her nose again, "Alllrigghtt..."

"I already know what we're going to get from here so it shouldn't take long." Aiden said fixing her glasses back.

Ajay laughed, "How do you know what they have? You said you haven't been to New York in six months."

Aiden looked puzzled, "So?"

Ajay narrowed her eyes, "You can't possibly know what that giant store has in it when you haven't been in it in six months."

Aiden laughed her coy little laugh, "Ajay, I haven't been to this store in over a year."

She cocked an eyebrow, "Right, okay, so you won't know what's in there because you haven't been here in awhile, that's all I was saying."

Aiden laughed again this time a little harder, "I already know what will be in stock for NEXT year honey, it's what I do."

Ajay was completely clueless as they got out of the limo.

Aiden sighed, "Okay you know how Peter Parker has his spider sense and he can detect certain things that others can't? That's kind of how my fashion sense works okay. I don't have to go to a store to know what's in it, I already know. Never mind, let's go and get this over with."

Ajay was already plotting some deviousness before they had even stepped one foot in the store.

"So Cookie what's the big trend going to be throughout the clothes?" Ajay asked almost running to keep up with the petite blondes quick steps.

"Florals." Aiden called over her shoulder as she opened the door for Ajay.

As soon as they stepped into the foyer Ajay saw a huge sign advertising the hottest new look for spring...florals. She looked around and almost every mannequin had some variation of the trend on.

"Convinced?" Aiden smiled.

Ajay scoffed, "Doesn't mean you know what's inside the store, and that's what you claimed. The trend was easy, you were supposed to know that one."

Aiden smirked as her stilettos clicked on the floor, "Whatever."

Ajay huffed making her bangs pouf out. She kept her hands in her pockets as she followed Aiden around. She watched Aiden rifling through the racks of clothes on a mission, seemingly like she did in fact already know what she was looking for. After several minutes observing Ajay was confident enough to slowly ease her hand out of her pocket and was reaching out to touch an enticing piece of fabric. Her fingertips were inches away. A few aisles over she heard Aiden tisk and looked up to see her shaking her head. Ajay snapped her fingers and walked in the opposite direction.

She could dress herself dammit, she'd been doing so all of her life. She went out of sight of Aiden who had two sales ladies running clothes and shoes back and forth from the floor to the dressing room. She found a cute top that she thought would be cute with a pair of jeans. She was walking up to Aiden who had her back turned discussing something more to herself than the sales rep, who was standing near by.

"Put it back Ajay." She said quietly not turning around as she was inspecting a khaki colored dress.

"You haven't even looked at it." Ajay defended.

"I don't need to." Aiden said tossing the dress on the large pile of clothes in the sales lady's arms.

She shooed her to the dressing room with a wave of her hand just as the other came back.

"What do I have then Miss Peter Parker with your fancy schmancy fashion sense?" Ajay defied holding her prospective clothing behind her back.

"A purple one shouldered top with the dark trouser jeans that are completely wrong for you." She answered.

Ajay was shocked, "How the blue hell did you know that?"

"Didn't I ask you not to touch anything?" Aiden asked tuning around.

Ajay avoided her auburn gaze, knowing that if it could stop Alex Shelley in his tracks it would definitely have an effect on her too.

"Yeah, but..." Ajay started.

"Put it back and let me work. I've got this okay honey?" She said placing her hands on her tiny waist.

Ajay turned on her heel and trudged back to where she found the clothes. A little while later she went back to Aiden with another top.

"I really like this..." She tried but stopped when she saw the back of Aiden's head shake no.

"What is it?" Ajay asked testing Aiden's fashion sense again.

"That awful red sweater with the gold trim, SO last year." She said flippantly.

"But why?" Ajay questioned.

"Metallic's...last year...not for you." Aiden said.

"I'm Canadian, I like red!" Ajay contested.

Aiden turned with a smirk, "I'm from Georgia, you don't see me wearing peach all the time do you?"

The sales lady chuckled behind her clothes.

Ajay pouted, "Fine, do whatever, I'm going to go walk around."

She was caught by her arm and turned to face Aiden, "Don't be upset with me that's not what I was trying to do. All I'm saying is that this is MY wrestling ring, so let me defend my ugly belt that goes with nothing."

Ajay laughed then, "Your belt wouldn't be ugly."

Aiden winked at her friend, "Don't go too far, I'm almost finished."

Ajay sighed and nodded. She wondered off to look around and was caught by the bright lights of the perfume and make up section. Several women in white coats were standing around with smiles on their face with little bottles of perfume. She started slowly wandering closer toward them, but was stopped by Aiden.

"What are you doing?" she asked coming over to take her hand and lead her away.

"I was just looking." Ajay said.

"Stay away from the 'The Spritzers' they are like the bottom of the totem pole in the fashion world." Aiden informed.

Ajay laughed, "This is so weird."

Aiden's mouth formed an 'O', "No what's weird is a bunch of sweaty guys throwing each other around and sitting on each other, except for my husband and your almost husband."

"Pin, they pin each other, not sit." Ajay corrected.

Aiden shrugged her slim shoulders, "Tomato, tomahto, start trying stuff on and make it snappy sweets we've got two more places to go before we hit the spa."

"Two more places!" Ajay balked.

"Yes, now go." Aiden ordered pushing her inside as she answered her phone. Aiden began speaking in another language again as Ajay tried to decide where to start.

"You better hurry up before she shoots lasers out of her eyes." One of the attendants joked coming into the dressing room to assist Ajay.

"She's only like this when she's shopping, she's actually the sweetest person I know outside of the mall." Ajay said quietly as she put on the first outfit.

Ajay said quietly as she put on the first outfit. When she was dressed she stepped out to show Aiden who was texting furiously.

"Turn around." she ordered not looking up.

Ajay turned.

"That works." Aiden said, still typing, "I heard you by the way."

The attendant blushed profusely as Aiden looked up at her, "I'm, I'm sorry."

Aiden shrugged and smiled a wickedly sweet smile, "Don't get any of those outfits messed up."

Ajay laughed, "Cookie, you're evil when you shop."

"Does it really matter if you come out looking completely fabulous and put together?" Aiden grinned as she picked up her phone.

"I guess not." She replied.

"Do you want champagne at the next boutique because I do.." Aiden pondered more to herself.

She got back on the phone and spoke English for maybe the second time that day. Ajay kept trying on outfits and coming out for Aiden to approve or decline them, until finally she was done. She came out of the dressing room looking a little worn.

"Don't make that face, I told you we were going to two more places." Aiden said, "Which one of these do you like, the first one of the second one?"

She held her phone out to Ajay. Two different flowers were on the screen.

"Umm...I like number one." she decided.

Aiden nodded, "Just making sure."

"What were those for?" She questioned paying for all of the clothes Aiden had approved.

"Don't worry about it, its taken care of." Aiden smiled.

Ajay went to pick up her bags but Aiden stopped her, shaking her head at her and picking up the phone next to the register and dialing an extension.

"Hey Marco, its Aiden. I know, long time no see. Yes. Uh-huh. Thank you! You're so sweet." She said hanging up the phone, "When you are with me you do not carry anything you just bought."

Ajay was gaping at her friend as were the two ladies that helped them, "You remembered the code to the bell man?'

Aiden rolled her eyes, "Of course. Marco and I go way back."

A short while later a burly man came walking up and greeted Aiden in some secret handshake, and then a hug. They chatted amicably as he and another man gathered Ajay's purchases and walked with them out to the limo. Aiden gave the man another hug and slipped him a more than generous tip as Ajay watched in awe. She had never seen this side of Aiden before since they had been friends and she was star struck by her. She got in the limo waving at Marco as they pulled off again.

"One down, two to go." she smiled over at Ajay who groaned loudly.

Just a fun little chapter from "So Wanna Get Married"