Written for "Some Sugar Tonight"


Aiden walked back into her hotel room and eyed Chris and Alex touching and kissing Ajay.

"Get your hands off of my girlfriend." She teased walking up to the.

Chris and Alex smirked at her.

"How did everything go with James?" Ajay asked breathlessly as Alex leaned back in to kiss her neck.

"He's on his way." She smiled pushing Alex away from Ajay.

She stepped in front of her and kissed her deeply. Aiden swirled her tongue around in Ajay's mouth until she whimpered and clutched at her jacket.

Aiden smiled kissing along Ajay's jaw line to her ear, "I've been wanting to do that all day."

Ajay shivered at the desire in her voice.

"Aren't you a little overdressed?" She asked running her finger down Aiden's throat along the opening of her coat.

Chris stepped behind Aiden and snaked his arms around her waist to the knot of her trench coat. She turned her head and kissed him as he slowly undid the knot. The coat opened and he slid it off of her shoulders revealing a very sexy, barely there negligee.

"No wonder he's on his way." Chris whispered in her ear.

Ajay pulled Aiden back to her, their lips meeting again. James let himself in with the key Aiden had given him and closed the door staring slack jawed at Aiden and Ajay half naked and deeply engrossed in each other.

Ajay turned, "Jimmy James, you came!"

"Well not yet but I plan on it." He grinned, "Ya'll didn't start without me did you?"

"I'm sure you won't mind." Aiden said pulling Ajay into the bedroom and onto the bed with her.

James looked at Chris and Alex who both took their seats on the large couch against the wall, "So uh….what do we do? Just jump in or what?"

Chris and Alex both cracked open a beer from the fridge.

"Let them play. They'll let you know when they're ready." Alex said not taking his eyes off the hot action in front of him.

James grabbed a beer and joined them on the couch. He blew out a nervous breath. He was thanking his lucky stars that he was about to bed the two hottest girls he knew despite being worried somewhat about performing in front of their significant others.

He watched as Aiden rolled on top of Ajay and pulled her bra off. She arched off the bed as Aiden pleasured her breasts.

"Damn." he couldn't help himself.

Aiden took the tiny panties off of Ajay and went down on her for the boys enjoyment. She always loved to hear their heavy breathing and to see the lust in their eyes. In no time Ajay was thrashing around begging Aiden for release.

She sat up and looked at James motioning for him to join them. He stood beside the bed and waited. He didn't want to fuck up this opportunity by getting ahead of himself. Aiden reached up and slowly undid the buttons of his shirt keeping eye contact with him the whole time. He shrugged the shirt off and waited. Aiden kissed his shoulder, her tongue leaving a damp trail across his chest.

She stopped at his nipple taking it into her mouth and playing with it. He sunk his hands into her hair as she looked up at him with those fiery eyes. She went down his midsection, her tongue delving into his navel before flicking the top of his jeans. She decided to pull an old trick out of her hat and slowly undid his belt and jeans with her mouth. It took everything in him to not throw her down beside Ajay and take them both.

He stepped out of his jeans standing only in his boxers.

"Who would you like first?" Aiden asked kissing her way back up his torso.

He looked her up and down and then over her shoulder at Ajay ready and waiting.

"I'll take her first and save your kinky ass for later." he decided.

"Good choice." Ajay smiled pulling Aiden back to her, "She's worth the wait."

She kissed her again and whispered into Aiden's ear, "Distract Chris for me so he won't get mad and I'll do the same for you with Alex."

Aiden nodded and let James take over with Ajay.

He finished his beer and set it on the night stand. He crawled between Ajay's legs and pulled her up to a sitting position and kissed her forcefully. He was never one to be gentle when it came to things he wanted. He pushed her back onto the bed making the breath rush out of her.

"Think you're ready for me again baby?" he asked taking off hisboxers.

She bit her lip remembering how wild and unrestrained he was in bed. She nodded, hesitantly watching as he put on a condom.

What he lacked in size, he definitely made up for in attitude and skill. He took her wrists in one hand as he began pushing into her. She closed her eyes trying to relax her body out of necessity.

"Don't worry sugar, you'll be enjoying yourself in no time." he grinned as he slowly began riding her.

Even in his first few thrusts Ajay could feel her back tweaking.

Where Chris and Alex were both generous lovers, James tended to be one sided and overly dominant. His mouth covered her breast as his free hand groped the other. Ajay let out a loud moan of pleasure, she had always liked it rough which was why she and James were well suited for each other. She arched off the bed and began to struggle when he bit her nipple and breast.

"James!" she screamed.

He chuckled and fused their mouths together as he moved his hips frantically.

Aiden was on top of Alex teasing him as they watched James and Ajay. As comfortable as Aiden was in the bedroom, James scared her. She was getting more and more nervous as she watched his harsh movements and the way he held Ajay into submission. She was comfortable with Alex doing it to her but she was definitely uneasy about James. She looked at Chris who was gritting his teeth in frustration as he watched his girlfriend with another man.

She whimpered as Alex pulled her down onto his member. He smirked and slowly began rolling his hips into hers.

"Chris?" she called.

He turned and saw that she was already involved with Alex, shit he needed a distraction. He stood up from his seat and took off his clothes and got behind Aiden who was still slowly riding her husband. His hands went to her breasts and he began kneading them to perfection as he nibbled her shoulder and neck. He took his time enjoying the feel of her petite body in his hands.

"Here man, you're going to need this." Alex said handing Chris some lubricant.

Chris was puzzled until he saw Aiden's sly smirk.

He kissed her lips, "You don't mind?"

Ajay screamed James' name again as Chris flexed his jaw.

"You need a distraction." she smiled.

He was instantly turned on and poured some of the lube onto his hand and spread it liberally onto his member. Chris moved into position behind her. Alex held onto her hips as they waited for Chris to join their fun.

Aiden took a shallow breaths and closed her eyes as Chris slowly pushed into her. Alex groaned, he could feel Chris too and the friction was absolutely amazing. Chris sucked on her ear lobe to keep her calm. He sighed when he had made it all the way. They sat there not moving to let Aiden adjust to their double penetration of her.

"You okay baby?" Alex asked, his fingertips running along her stomach.

She nodded slowly, "You're both so big."

They both smirked. Chris was the first to move as he slowly pulled out and delved back into her.

He groaned, "You're really relaxed baby."

She kissed him and whimpered when Alex rolled his hips again. They both closed their eyes feeling him move.

"I trust you." She smiled as she leaned forward to put her breasts in Alex's face.

"Go ahead dude." Alex urged focusing on keeping Aiden at ease while enjoyed the new sensations.

He had always wanted this to happen. He had always wanted to have a threesome with Aiden and Chris. Chris grinned and slowly began to find his rhythm.

Meanwhile Ajay was clinging to James tightly, he had released her hands and was giving it to her like never before. Every thrust was harder than the last and caused some sort of response from her. She would moan or scream or bite her lip or dig her nails into his back. He was holding her ankles spread eagled as he pumped into her ferociously. His brow was covered in sweat, his hair matted to his shoulders.

"James!" she screamed again as she was hit by her orgasm.

She moaned and thrashed as James continued bucking his hips into hers.

"Fuck Ajay." he growled as he pulled out of her and snatched the condom off.

He came onto her stomach, blasting her with his hot seed. She closed her eyes glad to be done with James. He was an absolute animal in bed. She already felt sorry for Aiden. James fell onto the bed beside Ajay panting.

"That was even better than the first time with you and Bailey." he smiled kissing her cheek.

She smiled lazily as she reached for a towel to clean herself off with.

"Damn." James muttered when he took notice of what was going on on the couch.

Chris had both of his hands on Aiden's hips as he made gentle rocking motions into Aiden. Alex was massaging her breasts as his tongue roamed her mouth.

James grinned as he pulled Ajay to his chest to watch them, "I had no idea the girl was that damn kinky."

Ajay laughed, "Neither did I."

Chris alternated between slow and fast thrusts. They heard Alex swallow her moans as she did his. Every now and then Alex would roll his hips doubling the pleasure they were feeling. It was almost too much for Aiden, she had already experienced several orgasms due to their expert handling of her.

Chris was holding back the best that he could. He wanted to wait and take Ajay after seeing that they were finished. He felt Alex begin to move faster.

"Oh shit...damn baby." Alex cried out meeting her hips with his faster and faster as he came into her.

He had one hand fisted in her hair, the other pressed into her lower back keeping himself as deeply in her as she could handle. Chris had leaned over still slowly delving into her to place kisses on her back as Alex shuddered around his orgasm before collapsing and releasing his firm hold on her.

Chris pulled her up and turned her head to kiss her, "Thanks for trusting me enough to do this."

She smiled at his sweet comment, "Only you."

His blue eyes fixed on her curiously, just staring at her for a long moment before he captured her mouth again. She loved the way his stubble irritated his lips. He carefully pulled out of her and went to Ajay.

James got up when he saw the glint in Chris' eye. Alex had pulled Aiden into his lap and covered them in a blanket. James sat down beside them.

Chris got on top of Ajay and slowly pushed into her. Her brow furrowed at his intrusion. She knew already she was going to have hell to pay from her body the next day. He kept his pace slow, knowing she was sore.

"Did you enjoy yourself?" he whispered.

She smiled lazily,"Did you?"

He smirked, "Sure."

She bit her lip feeling him go deeper and faster. her hands went to his back as he moaned in her ear finally reaching his climax. Ajay felt him gently bite her shoulder to keep himself reigned in as he finished. She kissed his neck before he pulled out of her and scooped her up into his arms.

James finished his beer and grabbed another one out of the fridge. He grinned over at Aiden, who was looking at her with her whiskey doe eyes.

"You ready darlin?" he asked extending his hand out to her.

She placed her tiny hand out and he pulled her up. James ignored Alex's glare as Ajay sat down beside him. Alex had made Aiden put back on her bra and underwear when he caught James staring at her. That was fine with him because he planned to do much more than stare at her. He tilted her chin up and lowered her mouth onto hers Her tongue was so playful, he loved every second he kissed her. He pulled back moments later and poured some of his beer on her neck and watched the amber liquid spill between her breasts. He followed the trail with his tongue.

She had her hands on his shoulders as he pleased her through the fabric of her bra. Aiden watched his mouth move across her skin as he looked up at her with a smirk. He closed his mouth on hers again as he unfastened her bra. He dropped the garment on the ground and shoved her backwards onto the bed. She landed with a scared look on her face as James stood over her with an excited grin.

Ajay sighed in relief that she had blocked Alex from seeing that. She was straddling him, riding him slowly as a diversion. She looked over at Chris who was reclined back , recovering and saw the glare on his face. Jimmy was on strike one and didn't know it yet. Alex moved his hands from her breasts to her hips to force her to speed up.

James grabbed both of Aiden's legs and pulled her forcefully to the edge of the bed. Aiden let out a tiny whimper. She wasn't feeling very comfortable or bold at the moment as she usually was in the bedroom. James took off his boxers and laid down beside her.

"Put that sexy mouth on my dick honey." he drawled.

Aiden sat up and slowly began giving him head. James propped himself up to watch her, panting as she moved up and down on him. He stopped her after a few minutes by flipping her onto her back. He knelt between her legs as she gasped in surprise. He reached for her thong, ripping it from her body. She bit her lip to keep from crying out as he entered her forcefully. She had her hands on his chest trying to push some of his weight off of her as he greedily sucked on her neck.

She pressed her cheek into his shoulder trying to remain calm. She had never been with a man of his stature before and it scared her. James took her wrists and pinned them at her sides, picking up his pace.

Aiden arched her back to try and slow him down some, "James, please..."

"You like that baby?" He grated out, pushing her knees further apart.

She whimpered into his mouth as he shoved his tongue down her throat. Just at the moment she was getting frantic he began to slow down, his kisses became softer, he released her hands from his intense grip. She opened her eyes to be sure it was still James on top of her. He watching her intently before he abruptly pulled out of her.

She inhaled quickly at his sudden absence. Her eyes questioned his as he sat still contemplating his next move. She sat up on her knees as she moved his hair away from his neck to trail kisses up to his ear.

"What's wrong?" She whispered flicking her tongue out to caress his ear.

"Nothing." he smiled as he positioned her on her hands and knees, facing toward the end of the bed where Ajay was still blocking Alex's view.

It was probably a good thing she was because James was back in his animalistic mode again. He entered her swiftly and took one hand and put it on the back of her neck to push her down into the comforter. He leaned forward further using his weight to subdue her even more. She was back in panic mode as she tried to breathe between thrusts. The comforter wasn't allowing her any room to maneuver to get a good breath. Ajay paused away from kissing Alex just in time to see Chris launch himself from the couch, a look of fury on his handsome face.

"Get the hell off of her you fucking idiot, she can't breathe." he yelled going to Aiden.

James stopped immediately releasing her in shock, he didn't know he was hurting her. Chris scooped her up into his arms, as she finally caught her breath.

"Aiden, I'm sorry baby, I didn't…." James apologized.

"Shut the fuck up." Chris snapped as he sat on the couch with Aiden in his lap.

He was rubbing her back gently and kissed her temple, whispering that she was okay now. Alex was looking at James like he would murder him at any second.

"Both of you calm down, he didn't do anything on purpose. We'll just go to plan B." Ajay said getting up and going to rummage in her bag for the handcuffs she had brought.

She was a little on edge about Chris being so cozy and protective of her. He never showed that kind of possession of Aiden before.

She sighed as she stood over James, "Lay down and give me your hands."

He groaned but did as he was told, "You better not lose that key Pix."

She smiled as she secured him to the bed, "Behave and I won't have to."

"You don't have to continue if you don't want to Ai." Alex told her looking deep into her eyes as he always did when he wanted to know what she was thinking.

"You don't have to do anything you don't want to." Chris reiterated as he pressed a kiss to her cheek.

"No, it's okay now. I'm fine." Aiden whispered as she got up and went back to James.

"I really didn't know you were uncomfortable." he said as she straddled him.

Aiden shrugged, "Don't worry about it, worry about making me cum."

He smirked devilishly as she pulled his cowboy hat off the night stand and put it on her head. He moaned loudly when she rolled her hips into his.

Ajay meanwhile was determined to make Chris jealous by showing Alex the time of his life. She got back on top of him and began working her magic, she pulled out every sexual trick she knew. She was riding Alex like her life depended on it. They both came simultaneously, clinging to one another tightly. She looked over at Chris smugly, only then realizing his attention had been focused on Aiden and James the entire time. He had been watching them like a hawk, not paying attention to the mind blowing sex she'd just engaged in with Alex.

"That was the best ever babe." Alex gasped, kissing the center of her throat.

She managed a half smile as she got off of him and wrapped them both in a blanket. She snuggled into his chest, her temper and insecurities flaring.

Aiden was rolling her body like a snake into James, using every muscle, every movement to send him over the edge. He pulled on his restraints in vain as he lost control of his body due to Aiden's expertise. He hissed through his teeth, and his toes curled, as he lifted his hips off the bed into hers, sending her over the edge as well. Only his shoulders and feet were on the bed as Aiden threw her head back and moaned.

James collapsed on the bed, only to raise himself up again, sending her into multiple orgasms, much to his delight. He rested back on the bed with a long groan, as he felt her spasm around him. She leaned forward whimpering into his neck. He wished the cuffs were off of him so he could hold her and make up for his misstep earlier. When she could finally move she rolled to the side and got the key off of the night stand. She unlocked the cuffs and tossed them into Ajay's bag. James rolled onto his side looking down at Aiden.

"Are you okay?" he asked.

She nodded, "You made up for it at the end."

He smirked, "I feel like I didn't, but I want to another way, if you think its possible."

Her eyebrow raised in question.

He leaned down to whisper in her ear, "Let me stay with you tonight. I want to show you that I'm not an insensitive jerk."

She looked at him with wide eyes, "I don't know if Alex will like that."

He placed a sensual kiss on her lips, "Can't hurt to ask. It'll make me feel better."

"If you say so." she smiled.

Ajay and Chris were already re-dressed. Ajay was packing up her things, coming over to grab the key off of the stand.

She leaned over and kissed James, then Aiden, "Had fun, James, you know the deal, not a peep to anyone or I'll kill you."

"I know." he pouted.

She glared at him for extra measure to make sure he knew she meant business, "Call me tomorrow Cookie, maybe we can get together in the afternoon."

"Sure." Aiden smiled, kissing her again before she turned to leave.

Alex wrapped the blanket around himself to walk them to the door. When he came back, he gave a pointed look at James.

"Rodeo's over with, time for you to hit the road." he said.

"Actually, I was wondering if I could ask you for a favor." James said, absently caressing Aiden's arm.

Alex put his hands on his lean hips, "What's that?"

"I was thinking maybe I could stay the night, to make amends with Aiden." James tried.

"You're not having sex with my girl again." Alex dismissed.

James shook his head, "No, of course not, just a massage, and if you tell anybody we're going to fight, but some cuddling too."

Alex snorted, "You want to cuddle my wife?"

Aiden giggled a little, making James turn red.

"Yeah." he said.

Alex thought for a moment, "You can stay."

James smiled down at Aiden again, giving her another quick kiss.

Alex dropped the blanket from his waist, "But you're going to have to wait on that massage baby."

Aiden bit her lip seductively as he crawled on top of her. James got off the bed and went to the bathroom to dispose of the condom he was still wearing. When he came back Alex was in the middle of eating Aiden out. She was gripping the sheets in white knuckled handfuls and throwing her head back and forth on the pillow. He went to the door, to give them some privacy.

"Whoa, where are you going?" Alex stopped, looking at James.

Aiden whined from the bed.

"I-I was just going to give you a minute." he said.

Alex smirked and shook his head, "That's part of the deal. You can stay, but you gotta watch."

James looked at Aiden naked and open in complete ecstasy on the bed, and thought to himself that Alex didn't have a bad idea.

"I'm going to need another beer." he drawled, going to the fridge.

Alex laughed and returned to pleasing Aiden.