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Freedom Fighters

Chapter Six: Heat

Partners: Vash Zwingli and Gilbert Beilschmidt

Current Assignment: To not die

Progress: Far gone

Condition: Nearly dead


Who? He couldn't think of the name. He couldn't think much of anything. His head was clogged with images, with blinding pain, with exhaustion. And he wanted to sleep.


He just wanted to sleep.

"Oh God… No.. Gilbert.. Gilbert.. Your head…"

Someone was there. Someone was saying his name. Someone was pressing down on his chest and he couldn't tell if they were real- was he dreaming? was he awake? was he dead?

"…please don't be dead, Gilbert, please don't be dead…"

He is not dead, at least not yet. He tried to open his eyes, to see who this person was. It was not a voice he recognized. Then again, if asked, he probably couldn't recognize his own voice right now. His mind was telling him that he needed to rest, to keep his eyes closed. He didn't need to see who it was. He needed to sleep.

"You told me not to go to sleep on you, so please don't sleep now, Gilbert. Gilbert, Gilbert, Gilbert…"

That was his name. He was Gilbert. Gilbert Beilschmidt with the platinum hair and he was awesome. Very awesome. He pissed awesome every morning, noon, and evening. And his head hurt. It hurt very much and he just wanted to keep his eyes shut because the burning in his eyelids told him it was very bright outside and that it would hurt to have his eyes open.

Burning. It was hot. Burning hot.

Heat everywhere, why did he have clothes on? He needed to tell this strange person how hot it was. It was very hot.

Very, very hot.

But he couldn't make a sound.

"Australia! We need to be lifted out of here, stat! It's Gilbert, he's…"

"That's a big ten-four, Swissy, turning the chopper 'round now. Be sure to avoid the flames, over."

Flames. Flames were hot.

He felt his head being lifted and it hurt, so he groaned trying to get whoever it was to put him back down on the cool ground with the heat and the cold.

"I'm sorry, Gilbert.. bear with it."

He didn't want to. It hurt, it really, really hurt and it was blinding and he couldn't take it and he couldn't bear it he couldn't he couldn't he couldn't

And it was all there, all there, all there and he was screaming. He could hear the echoes and it hurt his brain it hurt it hurt but he couldn't stop, the more he screamed the worse he felt, so he had to scream more. And he writhed, he writhed trying to break free of the person but he couldn't and it hurt so badly and he just wanted to die already because it hurt so badly

His head, his back, his chest, his legs, they were burning and painful and he didn't want to move but he had to because this person was hurting him and it hurt it hurt it hurt!

"Gilbert, calm down! Stop thrashing, you're hurting yourself! You're going to kill yourself- GAH!- Gilbert!"

He wanted it to stop hurting, when would it stop hurting? Where was his brother? His brother would make it stop hurting. Mattie would make it stop hurting, too. Mattie always made all the hurt stop. Where was Mattie? He wanted Mattie because it hurt, hurt, hurt so bad and he couldn't think straight and his head was pounding and it was burning and freezing and hurting.

Who was hurting him? The strange person was holding him up and he couldn't lay down because of him and he couldn't sleep and he couldn't stop hurting. He wanted to see him and he wanted to hurt him, too, because he felt like he was dying and it wouldn't stop, his head wouldn't stop spinning and hurting and burning.

His eyelids were heavy and he couldn't get them to lift, whenever he would open them a sliver the light would sear his eyes and his head would hurt worse, and worse, and worse and then there was cool, comforting black edging into his vision and it was comforting and he embraced it and

Partners: Vash Zwingli and Gilbert Beilschmidt

Current Assignment: To keep Gilbert alive

Progress: …

Condition: Undocumented


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