Wow it's been a year since I updated! I did intend to continue but things got busy and I forgot all about this, but I recently watched all the Junjou Romantica episodes again and realized I still love JR more than ever. I hope you like this new chapter :D Reviews will be adored.

Part 5

A disappointed groan came from the audience when they realized Misaki wasn't talking about his bedroom exploits after all.

"Oh well… but Misaki-kun and Sensei playing the piano together is so cute and romantic!" Aikawa blinked dreamily at the couple, hands clasped in front of her. "So, what defines your relationship – love or lust?" At the last word, her blue eyes flitted towards the silver-haired writer.

"Love." Both men answered simultaneously.

Misaki stared in disbelief at Usami. Aikawa, too, was surprised at the answer.

"Really, Sensei?" the former editor cocked an eyebrow dubiously at him.

"If it were just a physical thing, I could have anyone I wanted," the writer explained and turned to face his young lover, his indigo eyes showing nothing but dead seriousness. "Misaki means more to me than everything."

In response, Misaki looked like he was about to burst into tears.

"Wow," Aikawa said, dabbing her eyes with a tissue. "Was there a special moment when you suddenly knew this was the person you wanted to spend the rest of your life with?

Usami drew a pensive breath. He sat with his head inclined for a few moments, and then he spoke. "Well, there was this time when Misaki made all those cookies that looked exactly like cigarette sticks, and he secretly replaced all my cigarettes with the cookies. I couldn't tell the difference until I put one in my mouth and tried to light it."

"Aw Misaki-kun, you are the sweetest boy on earth!" cried Aikawa.

Misaki blushed a little, and then crossed his arms and looked away, feigning indifference. "You were jealous that I made cookies for someone else, that's why I had to make some for you too. That's all!"

Usami's face fell. "Why did you have to remind me of the fact that you made cookies for another man?"

"What's wrong with making cookies for my favorite manga artist?" Misaki huffed indignantly.

"Stop talking about that guy!" Usami grabbed the teenager's scrawny arm in his usual rough, possessive manner.

"Ouch! Let me go! Stop being such a jealous fart!"

"Ah, bickering again, aren't they cute?" Aikawa chuckled. "Hmm... Sensei, you said just now that you could have anyone you wanted. So, does that mean you've done it with someone else other than Misaki-kun?"


It was now the green-eyed college student's turn to sulk, his face turning as sour as spoiled milk.

"Who's the jealous fart now?" Usami sniggered.

"And I assume Misaki-kun's answer is no." Aikawa said confidently, and then her eyes started gleaming with the insatiable hunger of a Yaoi fangirl. "But let's get back to the question that we're all dying to know: what exactly goes on inside the bedroom?"

"Like hell I'd know!" Misaki snapped.

"Ah it depends on the occasion, the time, the mood..." An enigmatic smile formed on the elder's face.

"So what's the weirdest thing you've ever done?" the hostess probed. "Are you into things like, um, roleplay, for example?"

"Roleplay? What's that?" Misaki frowned puzzledly.

"I'll explain it to you later," Usami smirked. "As for what we do in private, Aikawa-san, I'm afraid it's a secret."

"Aww... that's very disappointing for all of us," the brunette pouted, and then, a sly smile tickled her lips. "But as you know, the human imagination is an amazing thing. Ever heard of 'fan fiction'?"

Usami laughed. "Of course I have, but I don't bother reading it."

"What's that?" Misaki asked.

"Fan fiction is fiction written by fans, posted on the internet," Aikawa explained. "You should read the stories that people have been writing about the two of you."

"Stories?" A little nervousness had crept into the teenager's voice. "What kind of stories?"

"Maybe I should read some of them out to you," Aikawa suggested. Without waiting for the couple's response, an assistant suddenly walked onto the stage and handed her a laptop. "Okay...let's see..." the hostess mumbled, squinting at the screen and moving her mouse. "Oh how about this one?" She clicked on a link and randomly chose a passage from the story. With a big grin on her face, she started reading it out loud.

"Akihiko wrapped his mouth around Misaki's big toe, covering it with his saliva. 'Oh...U-Usagi-san, I'm losing control,' Misaki groaned and tossed his head back wantonly, eyes closed-"

"What?" Misaki's eyes went large with horror after hearing what Aikawa had read. "Who wrote that?"

Usami's face was unrevealing as usual. "Sounds hilarious," he remarked, giving a ghost of a snigger. "Read me more."

"Okay, this one is kinda... weird," warned Aikawa. She then began reading aloud the next passage, making her voice as dramatic as she could.

"'It's all your fault Baka Usagi!' Misaki screamed as another contraction wracked his exhausted body. Misaki clenched his teeth and pushed with everything he had, just wanting his children out. Giving birth was hard work! Hours later, he felt the first baby emerge. 'It's a girl!' the nurse cried."

Misaki's mouth fell wide open as his face began to turn a shade of green. "Wh-what the hell was that?" he gasped. "Stop... stop reading all this, please!"

"Relax, Misaki-kun. Those were only the T-rated stories. I haven't even gotten to the M-rated ones," said the brunette, before turning to Usami and asking him cheekily. "So, Sensei, what do you think of it?"

"I love it." Usami seemed to be referring to his young lover's traumatized expression.

"Now you have new ideas to spice things up in the bedroom," Aikawa giggled.

"If my dear Misaki would consent-"

"OVER MY DEAD BODY YOU FUCKING PERVERT!" Misaki grabbed the laptop and almost smashed it over Usami's head if not for Aikawa's intervention.

"I'm so sorry Misaki-kun," Aikawa said contritely. "I sincerely hope that you won't be scarred for life from that."

"I think the damage has been done," the teenager groaned.

"Alright we're going to take a break now to let poor Misaki-kun recover," Aikawa announced with a smile. "Stay tuned and we'll be right back!"