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"Daisy," I said as I punched in the number keys.

"It's Teru. How are you? I've been doing well. The others don't pick on me as much anymore. My finals were pretty easy. I have a new friend! I told you about the Student Council President right? Everything is going good for me. I like my new apartment too. And that mean baldy I told you about-"

"That mean baldy I told you about," I whispered. Tears suddenly dripped onto my cell phone keys.

"Kurosaki," I said, trying to continue where I left off and get past the wave of tears.

"I'm sorry Daisy, all of that was a lie."



I felt a hand smack me in the head.

"What're you doing brat?" Stop slacking off!"

"Go bald Kurosaki," I said, sticking my tongue out even though he couldn't see. I began sweeping again, but I could feel his eyes on me.

"Teru," he called. "What's wrong with you? Stop acting all depressed. It's irritating."

I could tell he was trying to sound mean, but there was a worried tone to his voice. Perhaps because of the email I sent earlier.

"Hey," I said non-chalantly, still sweeping; refusing to look at him.

"I wonder if I'll ever get to meet Daisy. It would be so wonderful. But maybe Daisy only wants to watch me from far off. What if I never meet him? I care about him, and yet he seems so far away from me."

"Hey!" Kurosaki said, stepping in front of so I was forced to look at him. "What's gotten into you?" He actually seemed worried, and his face was kind for a change. And I just wanted him to stand there with me forever. Tears began streaming down my face.

"What if," I began, my voice shaky. "What if Daisy leaves me before I can meet him?" His eyes widened slightly in surprise. And the saddest look crossed his face. Suddenly I felt his arm behind me, pushing me close to him, until I was leaning against his chest. I didn't know what to do. My hands just reached out for his shirt and grabbed on.

"Don't cry Teru," he said, stroking my head. "Don't cry…"

I'm sure he had no idea. The reason why I was crying…

It was because of the train tickets.


It was already after dinner, and I was at Kurosaki's place again. Riko was out (again). I'd been sitting in the bath so long the water around me had grown cold. I knew my fingers were going to get all wrinkled, but I didn't care. This was the only real time I could think.

He'd told me never to go to his room. But I didn't listen. Again.

The first time was when I found the jewelry box. That was bad enough. I was torn apart by the thought that things would never be the same between us.

The second time was two days ago.

It was Kurosaki's own fault. He'd told me to do the laundry, but then ofcourse he forgot to give me his clothes!

"Stupid, stupid baldy!" I thought.

I only went into his room to get his laundry basket. I was just gonna slip in and out. That's all. It had actually taken me fifteen minutes to come to that decision… As I slipped in, my eyes went to the basket immidiatly. But I then noticed something standing out at his desk.

"Probably just porn," I thought peevishly as my eyes slid over. All it was was a slip of paper. There was nothing else on his desk (not even his computer). That's why it had stood out so much. But the way the paper was shaped, and the look of it caught my attention. The look of it seemed familiar.

I took a step forward as curiosity got the best of me, and peered over. For a second I just skimmed the small print, until my eyes flashed on something I didn't expect.

I ran out the room and shut the door, leaving the laundry basket behind me. Without thinking, I just slid to the floor, my mind in a haze. America. I'd seen the word America. It was a plane ticket. One way. And the date on it… He was leaving in four days and never coming back.


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