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Black sludge, formed of all of humanity's curses and evils, piled high atop itself as it greeted the Heroic Spirits and Masters of the Fifth Holy Grail War. Angra Mainyu's final attempt at escape had been bubbling forth from within the depths of the Ryuudou Temple's lake for an entire night – the Divine Spirit's backup plan.

Unfortunately for it, those connected to Shirou Urobuchi had grown aware of his growing presence within the Holy Grail, and had flown to the side of the sludge as they felt the growing sense of familiarity within.

The exhausted group of six Heroic Spirits, only able to stay materialized thanks to the absence of draining auras, let fly with their symbols of legend. Their Noble Phantasms.

The crystallized forms of myth sundered the pillar of curses, but were unable to completely destroy it before it unleashed seven bolts of purest darkness into the skies at super sonic speeds. One of which began to head for Misaki Town – drawn by a familiar aura.

1/Once upon a time...

This was a very long time ago.

A story of when the planet was still relatively quiet, and fires began to spark.

Many things were on this planet, and it was able to work hand and hand with its children.

From the smallest to the largest.

From the most gentle and harmless to the most brutal and violent.

From the creatures in the oceans to those in the skies.

Nothing was said. There was no need. All were one.

However, during this time, an aberration was born.

This child was different from all the other children born up until then, and the planet couldn't find an

explanation as to why this was so.

Yet the differences were clear as day to the planet.

A small spark of fear was born in the planet this day.

Upon hearing the worries of the planet, the king of the moon descended.

"Since you are defenseless and unable to move, I shall defend you."

With such kind, yet paradoxically – scary, red eyes, the king of the moon made this vow.

The planet gladly accepted, and became a ward of the moon.

And so, the people of the moon came down to live.

The planet, moved by the moon king's gallant image, attempted to imitate the moon and create its own king on earth.

However, no matter how hard it tried... a king would not be born.

Over time, the planet wondered if it had done the right thing.

It loved its children, and the people of the moon loved them as well, but...

The strange children...they had a strange allure to the people of the moon.

It wondered if it was alright for its children to be eaten.

It just didn't know.

The king of the moon protected the planet, but not because because it held beauty to him.

He just wanted a beautiful land to replace his country, which had been lost.

And in this fashion, time went on.


2/Rondo of Blood

Two men faced each other.

One, born of the planet – yet feared by it, kept his feet firmly grounded on the world that had brought him and his into existence. The other, lord and master of the moon, floated high above the skies.

They were members of races too different to get along.

With a face full of contempt for the lesser creature below it, the lord of the moon spreads his mantle of royalty wide in a display of haughty arrogance.

"Haa..." The Man gasps for breath. The being above him was far and away his superior in every aspect of combat. His trembling, broken form was the only result that came with attempting to challenge a Shinso- True Ancestor.

Beings forged by a pact between his own planet and the lord of the moon.

No... the Ultimate Being of the Moon. One that was as far above the True Ancestors as they were above him.

But... it was exciting, the Man thought.

The child of Man, of strange birth, considered a demon by the being flying high above, brought to bear all of his talents and powers as he weaved his way across the broken earth towards the lord of the moon.

The Ultimate Being sneered.

"I don't like your face." The Man spoke his final words. A kaleidoscopic ray of light erupted from the depths of his soul, wiping the sneer off the Lord's face.

It would have to do for now.

The Man and the Lord of the Moon battled like mad men. Each wielded powers beyond comprehension. The Lord's ability to materialize his visions clashed against the Man's ability to materialize all possibilities.

The earth trembled beneath them.

Great furrows were torn up and flung about in their wake.

The skies churned and bled as the amount of power rapidly heated the air. They then gained a ghoulish crimson cast.

The Lord fought to rid the planet of the demon in front of him, and those that would follow.

The Man fought to prove himself superior. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Ultimately the Lord's surprise at seeing such a novel ability wore thin, and he manifested the ultimate vision – the Moon itself.

Yet even its descent didn't phase the Man.

It was a challenge to overcome, and so...he did so.

His soul cried twice that night. Once as his power, burdened to its limit, burned him alive as he turned the full scope of his ability to meet the Lord's final attack, and yet again as he exploited the Lord's one weakness...

Blood, poisonous to the Lord's children, still carried a forbidden temptation to those of the moon. One that even the Lord was unable to resist. Both Moon and Lord were crushed by the Man as he took the opening presented when the Lord feasted on the Man's blood.

The Ultimate Being of the Moon was defeated.

The Man was changed forevermore.


True Ancestor. That's what the new representatives of the planet were called once the Lord of the Moon fell.

One flaw made their population decrease.

Sucking blood. Maybe they were wrong due to their lust for the blood from the subjects they punished and ruled over.

Or maybe it was just a simple matter of numbers. Rejected by an ever increasing number of Man, and divided in number, the True Ancestors' numbers began to plummet.

However, their flaw doomed them – despite their tenacity as they fought to suppress Man.

Human blood is the most poisonous, especially for creatures such as the True Ancestors. Once they take in human blood...they become demons.


The blonde haired princess gazed upon the throne room with deep red eyes.

Chains rattled. The shackles are fragile – the sins, heavy.

The princess had her usual dream again today. Her dream was a very deep red today also. She doesn't like seeing these dreams. She doesn't see those dreams because she enjoys them...no one had even defined 'enjoyable' to her.

"When tomorrow comes, you will sleep until you become an adult." The princess heard an aged voice speak behind her. The crimson eyed girl turned to face the speaker. A gray haired man in dark clothing, followed by a white haired man clad in black and crimson, beckoned for the princess to follow.

The princess, never having known of guile, blindly followed the two sorcerers out of the throne room. A beautiful ocean of white flowers stretched as far as the eye could see. Their petals reflected the silver light of the full moon.

The blonde followed the stray petals with her eyes as they danced in the night sky.

"The True Ancestors wish to use your body." The gray haired man's companion, dark of skin, spoke up.

The princess merely nodded. Her people, the True Ancestors, didn't do things that were unnecessary. To that end, she'd sleep until she'd be able to make the best use her abilities. Her fate had been sealed since the moment she had been able to call this land – Millennium Castle Brunestud – to her side.

She had proved herself the best.

The heir to Crimson Moon.

"Your reaction...I think this is why life is interesting." The sorcerer, who had sent away the Lord of the Moon, offered the princess a smile. The princess had met these two sorcerers, who would perform her coming of age ceremony tomorrow, at her birth.

Both parties had mutual intrigue for the other. The sorcerers for the princess' stoic acceptance, and she for their expressions – smiling and lively.

It was the only times she had ever seen such things.

"...why do you smile?" The princess wondered.

"You smile because you enjoy your life."

"What kind of thing are enjoyable? Will there be a time when I'll be able to understand them?"

"That's a fifty-fifty shot. Well, since you live a long time...you'll increase the odds." The old sorcerer explained. "It's something you'll get by chance. Like walking alongside the road and tripping over a rock. It's nothing special once you understand it."

The princess tilted her head, sending a curtain of gold over her white petticoats.

"...geez, do you see any stones around here she can trip over?" The younger sorcerer sighed. His sherry eyes crinkled in a look of fond annoyance, and the princess studied his expression intently.

"Hahah...I guess you're right." The older sorcerer smiled. He turned to look at the princess. "One day, you will notice that life is fun just being awake."

She listened carefully to the sorcerers' words. Because, even if she were to forget everything tomorrow, she would repeat it over and over again as if she was living a dream.

Seeing that the two men had stopped speaking, the princess joined them in staring up at the silver moon. The massive celestial body hung closest to these lands that the remaining True Ancestors ruled over.

"So long as you have the Will and Heart to keep looking...someday we will all be happy." The younger sorcerer's voice startled the princess out of her daze. Her red eyes snapped over towards the white haired man. His lips playfully curled up in a faint smile.

Something deep within her heart awakened that day.

The old man closed the book he had been reading from. His sharp, hawkish features turned towards the young brunette and silver haired girls that had been giving him their full, rapturous attention.

Within Miyu's sherry eyes, the sorcerer could make out reflected sparks of light from the glowing Mystic Code besides him.

Such familiar sherry eyes. Ones that he knew all too well.

"So what happens next?" Ilyasviel von Einzbern wondered. She and Miyu Inui were both covered by their futons in one of the guest rooms of the Emiya Residence. The survivors of the Holy Grail War were currently being attended to by Waver Velvet and those that still could move around.

He had elected himself to the heavy duty of taking care of the two girls. And distracting them from young Shirou Urobuchi's fate. Still, the Mystic Code – a shining crystal sword matching his own – reassured him as to the fate of both.

"So then...shall we see how the rest of this tale unfolds?" Wizard Marshal Zelretch kindly asked Miyu Inui and Ilyasviel von Einzbern as he shifted the book – Tsukihime – into the crook of his left arm. The sorcerer felt something twist within Miyu, sympathizing with the contents of the fairy tale, as Zelretch opened the book and began to read from it once again.

Wise up!

Crimson Moon

Also known as Brunestud of the Crimson Moon and Lord of the Moon. It is the "Ultimate Being of the Moon", and is classified as Type-Moon.

He responded to a call from the collective will of the earth, Gaia, at an indeterminate time, and made a deal to live on Earth in exchange for protection from human corruption.

Like the mob.

True Ancestors based in his image were created by Gaia as a means of protection. They are "children" of Crimson Moon, and may act as his vessels if he needs to resurrect himself. Because nothing says parental love like trying to overshadow your spawn.

Attempted to take over the earth, but was defeated by Zelretch using the Second Magic – Kaleidoscope. The old man cheated like hell, though. Don't let him tell you any differently.

Crimson Moon is also said to hold the highest tier of Mystic Eye – the Noble Color of Rainbow. By contrast, Gorgon Medusa – a Divine Spirit, possessed an inferior level of Mystic Eye, classified as merely Jewel Level.

It's kind of scary to think that there's something stronger than *the* Medusa's petrification eyes...

Type-Moon possesses a skill called Alt Nagel (Ancient Nail) which is described as an immensely destructive pillar of wind which stretches as far as the heavens. Possibly an affinity with the moon's gravitational pull?

He and the True Ancestors' purpose at trying to purge the xeno filth (i.e. Humanity) from the world is embodied in his magical sword - "Real World". None have seen what it's capable of yet except the old man.

But he isn't talking...stingy old kook.