The Story of us

Summary: Before he ran a school to help young mutants, before she became a Magneto's right hand woman, before lines were drawn. They were Charles and Raven, brother and sister.

"Sometimes the slightest things change the direction of our lives, the merest breathe of a circumstance, a random movement that connects, like a meteorite striking the earth. Lives have swiveled and changed direction on the strength of a chance remark" The Power of One

Lost and found

Charles walked down the hallway his eyes darting from side to side. It was quiet, empty which meant she wasn't here. He had spent most his life around adults so he knew acted like more like them than the other children his age. But he never really had anyone else to play with. He had thought he was the only one, and then she came into his life, his blue skinned angel. He goes to the next hallway and runs into Christina one of the maids. "My apologies Mr. Charles" she says and "I did not see you"

"No, it is my fault. I should not have been running" Charles tells her. He was a little bit ashamed he never really ran around the mansion playing like this but he had to admit he was having fun. He was beginning to think she had her own mind control abilities on top of her shape shifting ones because she somehow got him to do things he never would've done before. He stops his thought and turns around to look for Christina, she was nowhere to be found. He smiles, shakes his head and runs back down the direction he came from.

"Raven that's not how you play, hide and go seek" he says out loud.

She was hiding but she got bored so she figured she would have some more fun with it. She changed her form and went looking for him. She was running down the hallway and nearly knocked him over. She copied the voice of quiet soft spoken maid and did her best to walk past him without giving away it was her. She knew he figure it out quickly but that gave her enough time to find another spot to hide.

He walks slowly into the room on his tip toes and walks over the closet. He slides the door open, she wasn't in there. He knew she had gone into this room. He thinks for a bit then goes over the open window and looks down. The grass was still damp from the rain so her foot prints were still visible. He had never climbed out of a window in his life, it wasn't the proper thing to do but if he spent the time to go out the door she would have time to find another hiding spot.

He holds on to the top of the window, picks one foot up then the other. He looks down at the ground which was only about three feet down. He takes a breath and jumps. He lands on his feet. He smiles to himself then begins to walk to find her.

He walks past the gardener crotched down in the dirt. He makes his way across the lawn. The gravel crunches beneath him as he walks into the garage. He looked around and inside the black Chrysler New Yorker parked inside. He smiles and walks over to the man leaning against the Pontiac Torpedo his step-dad just purchased. "Found you" he says to him.

The man starts to shrink, his black chauffeurs uniform turning into a white summer dress, his brown eyes become and blue and his black hair becomes blonde. "You said you wouldn't read my mind" she says.

"To be fair I thought I was reading Rupert's mind" he tells her. "And besides you cheated first"

She smiles at him. "Fine, it's your turn to hide, but no reading my mind to know if I'm close to finding you"

"I'll only agree to that, if you promise not to turn into the servants"