The scene is Jim coming in the kitchen door of the house he walks over to Melinda who is looking at something on the counter Jim walls over and kisses her on the cheek "hey honey"

Melinda smiles at him as he walks over and pulls some orange juice and pours it into a cup and notices Melinda looking something "What do you have there?"

Melinda looks at him "You're not going to believe this"

Jim sits down across from her "Try me"

Melinda hands him a brochure as he looks at it "Some lady came into my shop today and she gave me a couple tickets for a vacation she said that she's been in my shop before and said they had a family emergency lately and said they couldn't go and couldn't a refund"

Jim looks at the stuff on the counter "wait there's six tickets here"

Melinda looks at him "Well they where first class tickets so I talked to a travel agent and I was able to trade them in for these six cheaper tickets"

Jim looks at her "But it was first class"

Melinda smiles at him "I thought it would be a fun trip"

Jim looks her "So can I ask who the other four people are"

Melinda smiles at him "Well Aiden obvisoly summer vacation started last week"

Jim looks at her "Yea I've noticed do you know how hard it is to sleep while working the night shift with a five year old running around the house"

Melinda looks at him "And I invited Ned and Delia Ned's just got done with his exams and Delia's been stressed over her real estate business and Eli who has just got done grading over a thousand exams and who last time I talked to was exhausted so I thought this would be a fun stress free trip"

Jim looks at her "So when does our plane leave?"

Melinda looks at him "6am in the morning and don't worry I've already got your stuffed packed"

She leads Jim out of the kitchen as he continues "Wait what time?"

The scene changes to early the next morning Eli's car pulls into Jim and Melinda's driveway Eli gets out of the driver's side and walks toward the door

Inside the house Jim comes downstairs with a sleeping Aiden over his shoulder Melinda smiles at him "I got him" she takes Aiden from over Jim's shoulder

Jim looks at her "Ok I'll go get the suitcases" he goes back upstairs as there's a knock at the door she opens it to see a very grouchy looking Eli "Hello Sunshine"

Eli looks at her "I hate you"

Melinda smiles and looks at him "Why?"

Eli looks at her "It's five in the morning not even the birds are up"

Melinda looks at him "I take it you're not a morning person"

Eli looks at her "No I love the mornings this is the middle of the night"

Melinda looks at him as Jim comes back down the stairs with the suit cases

Melinda looks at Eli as she leads him out the front door "Come on"

Jim looks around the house one last time before closing and locking the door "let's go to Hawaii"