Finally at long last I got around to doing an update hope y'all enjoy!

The scene changes to later the gang is sitting out on the beach Aiden is down in the ocean Melinda is looking at a paper when Aiden screams from out in the ocean "Mommy, Daddy"

Melinda looks out at the ocean "Aiden" she reaches over and shakes Jim "Jim"

Jim sits up from where he's been sleeping "what?"

Melinda looks at him "I think something's wrong with Aiden"

Jim gets up out of the chair and starts running towards Aiden "Aiden you ok" he trips and lands on his back Eli jumps up "Jim you ok" As he gets closer he falls over Jim and goes into a tumble roll

The scene changes to later Melinda, Delia and Ned are at the hospital a doctor comes out "Mrs. Gordon"

Melinda gets up "yes"

The Doctor looks at her "Your husband and son are going to be just fine so is your friend your son cut his foot on a glass no stitches, your husband threw out his back and your friend sprained his wrist oh, by any chance is your husband a doctor"

Melinda looks at him "yes"

The Doctor looks at her "knew it we always make the worst patients" Melinda smiles at him "Ya'll are good to go any time"

Melinda looks at her "thanks"

The scene changes to later in Jim and Melinda are in their hotel room Melinda is looking at the computer Jim is looking at the necklace "It doesn't look like this guy had a awful death it just says he was killed in a surfing accident"

Jim looks at her "that could happen to anyone"

Melinda looks at him "Yea but not just anyone would be out looking for revenge there has to be something I'm missing"

Jim looks at her "Well all is ask is can we please find this ghost and pass him over before we all end up in traction"

Melinda looks at him as the scene ends