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Kate pov

I looked around our farm, tears in my eyes. How could they do this? They stole Night and Melody! I looked up as one of our mares, Rising Sun was walking next to me. She had a little cut on her leg, but nothing to serious.

I put her away in one of the stalls and fed her. The vet was coming in a bit to check up on all the horses.

I walked back as my grandma, to shocked to speak, dried her eyes from the tears. How could this happen in 1 day? I knew I should have stayed I just knew it!

I cried a little bit. Poor Night and Melody. I missed them! Never in my 14 years of life living on this farm had this happened!

I looked to the right as my father was trying to fix a part of the fence. He had told me that he found a gun on the ground.

I walked over and gasped. What if they had used that against Night or Melody? It wasn't fair. I felt horrible now. I felt as if I was such a terrible owner!

"Now now dear" My grandmother said, trying to comfort me.

'I tried to Smile, but couldn't. She held me while the tears came out.

Just then a car pulled in. It must have been the vet. So I dried my tears and went up to him with my grandma and dad.

He got out of the car. He walked over and he began talking to my dad. I followed as we went through the stalls. I suddenly thought of my neighbors, who had seen the whole thing, who had called the police...i would go over and thank them a little later.

Tears formed in my eyes as I passed Nights stall. It was empty. I then turned back. It was too painful. Night and Melody were probably dead! I ran inside and cried. I then punched the door. Ouch. Probably a bad idea.

I was so glad that those people were in jail right now! I hated them right now! But then I stopped myself. I shouldn't be thinking that.

I looked outside. The sun was setting. It looked really pretty, despite the fact I had tears in my eyes.

I dried my eyes and stood up. I was kind of hungry. I looked one final tme outside my window. And my mouth dropped.

There was a wild Stallion! And a mare it seemed like! I quickly ran outisde. And my tears came out again...because there was Melody! and.. a foal?

" Melody!" I screamed out loud.

She came running towards me and urgently started neighing. What was going on?

Just then I saw Night...on the stallions back! What was wrong with him? the little foal came up too and I could see she had a gash on her side as well. What exactly had happened?

I ran for the vet. "Mr. Peters!, Dad! hurry! Night's back and he's hurt really bad!" I screamed out of breath.

"What?" they both said.

They ran out in the front and Mr Peters ran straight for Night and the little foal.

"Alright i'll work on this one, she seems to be in a stable condition for now" Mr Peters had said.

I looked around for Melody, but I couldnt see her. Then again..those big horses did look like her. Were they her parents? But then...how did this little foal get here? I asked myself. She was lying on her side, letting my dad clean up the gash.

She didnt look like those big ones...perhaps she was abandoned? I gently touched her head and she flinched. She obviously had something bad happen to her.

I watched patiently as Mr Peters worked on Night. It didnt bother me, I want to be a vet when I get older anyway.

I watched for what seemed like forever, tears would come out of my eyes as he flinched or moved.

Finally about an hour later, it was dark and we moved Night into the stalls. Mr Peters had said that we had to keep a close eye on him for the next week.

I looked around for Melody and still couldn't find her. I frantically loooked until my dad said it was time to go inside. I still had tears in my eyes as I went inside.

A couple days later...

I went to go feed Night and the little foal. Night seemed to be getting better as the week progressed. But at night he would neigh and nicker towards the field, and I finally found the reason why. Melody was there neighing for him. She would come while her parents watched from afar. Everyday.

The little foal would neigh too, but she had gotten used to me and wanted to play with me most of the time.

Finally when the week was over, Night seemed okay. He was moving around normally and such, but still he neighed for Melody. He refused to eat this morning.

He refused it and looked out to the field. I understood why now. He wanted to be free with Melody.

He kept looking to the field and I saw Melody there. She was neighing.

The little foal neighed too. I looked to both of them...and opened the gate. they both ran towards Melody.

Melody neighed and began prancing as she saw both of them galloping towards her.

I saw as Night nuzzled Melody and ruffled her mane. Tears began to come out again as I cried. I knew what I had to do.

My dad and grandma had walked out and nodded their heads. I opened the field gate and watched as they ran and played.

Melody came back and let me pet her. I smiled. "Take care of him okay girl?"

She looked at me and nuzzled my hand. Night also came back and nuzzled me as well.

I gave Night a tight hug. "Take care boy" I said.

The little foal nuzzled Melody and pranced back towards me. She wanted to stay here with me?

The foal whinnied goodbye as she saw them leaving.

I looked as well as all 4 of them ran off. "I'll come visit your herd sometime!" I yelled to them.

Then the stallion reared up and neighed. It seemed as though he was saying thank you. I smiled.

"Goodbye!,be careful!" I said.

Normal pov

Melody looked back at the girl and then she looked next to her. She saw Mountain Breeze, who had decided to stay with the girl Kate. She looked next to her and saw Night, who was galloping with freedom. She looked up to her parents as they led the way back.

She would tell this story to her foals one day. And then her foals would tell their foals. But for now she was glad she could be with her parents and Night. Thats all she could ever want and all that she ever needed.

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