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Ch.9 (Really Chapter 8 * Since I messed up on Deep Blue Sea Part 2 & 3. This is pretty much Ch.9 on FF.) Nightmare in the Asylum Part 1

Fire….fire everywhere as The Host was shocked to see what had just happened. A crash had just happened a few minutes ago. His wife, dead on impact as the flames engulfed her. His son, crawling his way towards his father to only be crushed to death. The Host cried away as The Bus Driver pulled him away. He struggles to hear screaming. The Host pushes away The Driver and runs towards the wrecked vehicle. The Host kicks the window and looks in through the driver seat to see the family dead and beginning to burn. The Host sees his son still alive as he crashed through the top of the car which was glass. His son was surrounded by flames. His leg was caught on fire and soon spread around his body. The driver ran towards The Host with a fire extinguisher and gave it to The Host who was screaming in the air and seeing his son burned alive. The Driver blasts out the foam in the car as The Host was twitching and grabbing his hair. The Driver opens the car door to which it breaks off. The Host and Driver dragged his burnt son out from the car to see that he's barely moving. The Host cries and holds his son close to him. The Driver looks away and doesn't say a word and lets the man spend his final moments with his son to see an ambulance comes towards them. The Driver waves his arms back and forth to let them know where they are at. The Host continues to stare at his son, telling them that everything will be alright. The cops, firefighters, and medical helpers came from all sides and asked about the situation as they brought a stretcher. The Host then sees the medical helpers slowly pick up his burnt son and placed him carefully onto the stretcher and takes him away. Cops were talking into their walkie-talkies and point to others of any other survivors from the destroyed cars. The Host stares at his arms, not moving at all. The blood trickled down his face from the cuts he received from the crash.

A fellow cop walks towards him and crouches down next to him. The host looks up to see a green bear wearing a beret. He was the chief and told him that everything is going to be alright. That his son is going to be taken care of and they found the driver and others that hit them survived. It turned out to be a pink chipmunk, a purple lamb, hanging out with a blue pig who just came back from navy were out partying and went to get some beers. The pig was drunk and not paying attention to the road smashed them head on which sent the host's wife forward to the dashboard, smashing her head which snapped her neck instantly and crashing her head to the window which cracked her skull. The Host sees the three survivors being treated as he looked at the bear and at his nametag which said Flippy. The Host thanked him for telling him what had happened and asked if he can help him call a lawyer so he can sue. Flippy nodded his head and got up. He reached his hand towards The Host who grabbed it as he was pulled up. They walked away as it fast forwards to The Host in court.

He was sitting down on the bench. He looked down to the ground and held his present to his son that was slowly recovering from his burns. The Host had called one of the most well-known lawyer suggested to him by Rager, Flaky, and Luna. Luna was his therapist and helped him on how to cope with the accident which helped. She gave him certain advice on what to do and how to not lash out at others when certain flashbacks came back and made The Host go insane. When The Host came back to the next appointment, Luna declined it and told him to find someone else as she couldn't help him anymore due to The Host not being able to pay or get much worse or angry during the appointments. He begged to her and she felt bad but when told about the court issue, she gave him the name of the lawyer that will indeed help him. The Host went and called The Lawyer named DJ. After months of planning and what to do, they were ready to get the money off from the three. Now The Host sat there and notices the lamb from the accident walk up to him.

She apologized about what happened to his family and that none of this shouldn't have happened. She explains that she wanted to drive since she was the one sober and didn't want any accidents. Truffles then talks her out of it and somewhat threatens her that only he can drive the ladies to wherever he wanted to go and that it was his car. She had no choice and was forced to sit with them. She gave The Host money and a present for his son and walks away. The Host looked at her and called her and said that he forgives her. She cries and nods as she enters the courtroom. The bailiff then comes out and calls him into the courtroom. The Host gets up and enters the courtroom.

Benches spread out to show different people sitting and watching The Host find his seat to see that his lawyer didn't arrived. The Host was surprised to find out that DJ dropped his case for a much bigger one of the most well-known bandits Lifty and Shifty. The Host was angry and notices the Jury watching him. Judge Spazz as he wanted to be called was a mean and grouchy judge that treated The Host with disrespect and like crapped. Never giving sympathy at all and with the evidence placed in front of his face by The Host and The Driver who stood up and helped him since Flippy wasn't able to show up due to be drafted by the army. The Host lost the case and had to pay the three money for damages of the car and bills. The Host walked away as Lammy refused the money as Giggles was happy and Truffles cursing a storm with the money. The Host showed a devious look and walked away. The Driver and The Host later enter the Hospital to find out by Dr. Sniffles that they were going to pull the plug on his son since they can't help him anymore. The Host then in the middle of the night and took his son and have him on life support in a warehouse which inside had technology left behind by the owner which became useful to the Host.

The Host had to think of something as he cried that night, holding his sons hand and see the wires placed in his body to feed him and remove the waste from his body. He couldn't bear to see his son like this any longer. Him and the driver then place out flyers to do a certain experiment for money. A few people noticed it and were interested. With one look of The Host and The Driver, they left. Only one gave them the chance and that was Oscar. A monkey who surprisingly smart and was kind to them. He went in with full of confidence and observed the technology and inventions The Host had and was amazed by them. He talked on and on about what each one was able to do which made The Host happy. The Host asked him to lie down on a panel and saw The Host lock him up. He told him that he was going to make the monkey immortal which surprised Oscar. Oscar noticed another figure across from him. Oscar was shocked to see a young teen, burnt in third degree burns. Oscar fought with his might to escape but sees The Host laugh softly. He told Oscar that he needs him so he can place his son's soul inside of his body with a machine that will make him and his son in one body immortal. They could never die. Oscar cries out for help to see The Host use the machine. The machine begins to work as the souls of Oscar and The Host's son lift up from their bodies and begin to merge as the machine then blasts sparks, leading into overdrive and errors popping up on the screens. The Host kicked the machine which then made the machine explode. Clouds surround the ware house and begin to disappear.

The Host sees his son not moving at all to Oscar shaking uncontrollably. He walks towards Oscar and calls his sons name. Oscar then opens his eyes and gives a big goofy smile and says stupid things that were immature. The Host looked away and saw that his plan was a failure and didn't know what to do. He lost both of them. He wanted his son to control Oscar so he could live on and have a young life forever. Oscar went on; bragging on being macho and sexy which The Host knocked him out. Then The Host was angry of the failures that happened to him in his life. He then began to plot revenge on the people that sought out to help him. He became a different person as everything of feelings soon faded away. He was left with anger and rage. He then planned on seeking out the ones that ruined his life and those that were associated with them. The Host smiled and laughs like a maniac and went on to the final plan of his which was a game show named Paradise Getaway. The Host smiles as the light goes off, leaving himself in the darkness.

End of Flashback*

The Host Sits back on his comfy leather chair as he looks at Oscar/Austin. The Host's face changes in different emotions on what to say or do as Oscar/Austin stares at him.

"I'm sorry son… it was just that… The Driver wanted to play some music and her song came on. He wanted me to play it for the contestants and I sang since I wanted to remember all the good times you, me, and your beautiful mom had together. I didn't know that it would have brought you out and take control of Oscar since I thought the experiment was a somewhat success or failure from what happened." The Host said to his son who gave him a glare.

"Well now you know that it was a complete success. The pain I had to suffer through in that experiment. The burns I felt in the hospital. I knew you were always there, watching over me and taking care of me. When I heard they were going to pull the plug on me, I was more than happy to have the suffering end for me but you came and made the suffering and pain much worse! Why couldn't you let me die?!" Austin/Oscar yelled as The Host slams his hand down on the table and looks at him.

"I couldn't bear to lose you! You we're the only thing I had left! The only gift from your mother! I lost her in that fucking accident! I wasn't going to lose you as well! I did everything in my power to help you! I did! You should be thankful that I made sure that you're still alive today! Is this the thanks I get from you? You yelling at me and telling me that I should've let you die? Your mother wouldn't bear to let them pull the plug on you. She would've done the same but in a different manner but she would be doing everything in her power to make sure that you're still living! You meant everything to us and I'm making sure that you get to live out your dreams." The Host said to his son.

"Yes but not by kidnapping me and planning on making a show to kill every single person that screwed your life over! You're showing me that you're not a man at all… not even a father! Killing these people won't bring back my mom or make me love you at all. She would hate you for doing this." Austin/Oscar said as The Host looked at him.

"You take that back…right now!" The Host said as Oscar looked at him.

"No…cause I know mom will hate you and leave you for someone else if you ever did this sort of sick demented shit! I can't even look at you anymore. I witness some things in this body when I couldn't control him. But seeing you change…it's not even the same dad I know from long ago. You never should have made this show if you cared so much about me. You should have stayed by my side even if the experiment was a success or not. It would've have shown that you still loved me and cared about me still." Austin/Oscar said as The Host got angry.

"I do love you son. I'm doing this for you. I still care about you. I want you to do the best you can and I'm very proud of you." The Host said as Oscar opens the door and looks back.

"You're doing this for yourself. If you cared and loved me so much that you place your son in a competition to die… then I understand how you feel about me. I hope you rot in hell. I don't see you as a father anymore or as a man. Just a pussy that hides behind the screens and lets the people he hates kill each other instead of doing it himself. I hope your wife is proud of you…"Austin/ Oscar said as he leaves to hear The Host scream and throws his chair at the door and falls to his knees and hits the floor. He smashes his fist into a screen and throws the cabinets and tables around, destroying the room as the monkey walks away. The Monkey walks and passes by The Driver who looks at The Monkey and walks towards the room of the Host who still is in pure rage. Oscar finds himself back in the room with the other contestants sitting on the beds as Splendid is being treated along with DJ and Giggles. Oscar sits down on his bed to see one of the medical helpers comes towards him to see that Oscar refuses and lies down. Giggles slowly wakes up to see that her leg is being treated with blood pouring back into her body. Splendid turns his body and sits on the bed and stares at Giggles.

"You feeling much better Giggles?" Splendid said to the chipmunk, giving off his smile. Giggles nods her head and sighs.

"Yes I am. I'm so happy you were there to save me. Nobody else ever did that for me except you. I'm so happy to meet you." Giggles said and blushes to herself, looking away as Splendid smiles and looked at her. Shifty looks at the two and nods his head in disagreement and pretends to barf. Niki laughs to herself and face palms of the two flirting with each other. Flaky is by herself and opens her bag and looks through it and finds a picture of her and her family. She places it on the small desk next to her to see Flippy places his bag on the bed next to her.

"Sorry, is this bed taken?" Flippy said as Flaky looks at him. She smiles and nods her head.

"No, nobody yet except you so far. So go ahead." Flaky said to which the bear replied a thank you and placed his bag on the bed and took out some clothes and his other uniform with a few medals. Flippy looks at them and places them on the bed as he pulls out a revolver and places it under the bed.

"Don't worry, its only there just in case if anything happens ok? Don't think I'll do something bad to you. I'm here to protect people since I feel it's my duty." Flippy said as he notices a picture of Flaky and her family.

"Is that your family? They look sweet." Flippy said as Flaky nodded her head.

"Yeah they are. It was taken when the fair was in town. We rode the Ferris wheel and it stopped at the top. We took a picture right there with a beautiful view of the town. I was scared but I pulled out a smile. It was one of the best times I ever had." Flaky said as she takes the picture from Flippy and looks at it with a smile. Flippy looks at her and sees her crying a bit. "I… really hope I get to see them again… I know they are probably watching and… worried about me. I feel the same as well. I don't want them to see me like this… Killing other people to win… it's not me."

"Don't worry Flaky, I'll make sure I'm there for you and that nothing happens to you ok?" Flippy said as he places his hand on hers. Flaky blushed lightly and pulls her hand away and covers her face. Flippy notices and apologizes. Flaky forgives him as silence takes over them. A few minutes pass and it becomes slightly awkward.

"I see that you we're in the military. How long did you served in it?" Flaky said. Flippy looks at his uniform and takes out a picture of him with his father in uniform.

"I served the military for about 5 years. I was previously the chief of police for Tree Town. I was well known and served to protect all citizens and make sure they felt safe. They did and I've became respected. On the day I was drafted, I was supposed to come in and testify and help a citizen that went through a horrible car crash and lost his wife. It was horrible. His son had third degree burns as his flesh scorching black, blisters were popping and blood was all over the stretcher. It was horrible to see his son in that position. I was ready to come in to see that I was enlisted by the military and taken by a few of the soldiers and met my father who became general of the force. He accepted me in and had no choice but to start working in the army. I felt bad that I wasn't able to help the poor guy. I hoped he won the case. I really did want to help him and now I guess I'm trapped here to survive as well with my evil counterpart. He came after a terrible incident in the war which had me, my friends Sneaky and Mouse Ka-Boom and also Hollow which to this day hates me with a passion. Due to what my evil counterpart had said, it made him hate me with a passion." Flippy said to which Flaky turns around to show Hollow sharpening his sword. Hollow looks up quickly and stares back at Flaky as she turns away quickly.

"I can see. I'm sorry you're going through all that. But I happy that you did everything you can to protect us. I want to say thank you for that." Flaky said as Flippy smiles.

"No problem at all. It's my duty anyway." Flippy said to see Shifty walks towards them and sits next to them.

"Look, I pretty much don't like anyone here and I know you because I pretty much was scarred due to your evil counterpart. You I know as that shy girl with an ok personality. I pretty much have no one else to talk to here since it's pretty much either crazed people or people that keep to themselves. You two are somewhat close to being normal around here so what's the point? Have you two figured out a way out of this place?" Shifty said to hear an ahem. They turned to see DJ, fully healed from his wounds and sits on the bed next to him. He crouches towards them.

"That was offensive of me being a loner coming from the one that steals for a living. And if you want to escape from here, then I think I know how to escape from here. It may be a problem but I think from my brains and your experience with stealing… I think i may solve a solution for us to escape." DJ said to the three as Shifty smiles.

"Now that's what I'm talking about! Now if you can spill the beans and lets us know, it'll be good for us to execute our plan." Shifty said as DJ places his finger on his lips and points to the camera on the far corner of the wall.

"I feel that'll be hard to do with these cameras around. If we can find a secure place… then I'll let you know alright? Now I have to go. I need some rest anyway." DJ said and walks away to his bed and falls asleep. Shifty looks at Flippy and Flaky and scratches his head.

"Well what are you two talking about? I pretty much suck at talking or striking conversations unless it deals with stealing or something with robbing I guess." Shifty said and gives a stupid looking grin.

"Well we're pretty much trying to get to know each other since we're pretty much fighting for our lives and not die. And it's much better than watching the two lovebirds flirting their hearts away." Flippy said as it shows Splendid was doing some superhero tricks which Giggles smiles and cheers for him and claps. Shifty looks away in disgust.

"I see what you mean. Even I feel that she and Cuddles did much better as a couple then anything but it's sad to what she is doing now. It's really degrading. I will like to talk about myself for a bit I guess." Shifty said to the two. He sighed and stared at the ground, trying to form the words going through his head on the story to tell them. He slowly looked at them and let out some air.

"I wasn't always like this to be honest. I used to be a much kinder, less greedy bastard that never stole or sold away or people's things. I was a different kind of person than you see now. Me and Lifty… we lived in a nice home and my family made a decent amount of good money on the jobs they respectively did. My mother was a nurse. Helped in the surgeries and saved a couple lives herself. My dad worked at a bank. He was the branch manager of Tree Bank. He kept a close eye on the customers and all the investments. He always checks the vault and help with the other employees with their jobs. A very nice man that was well respected. My mother was a local hero in this town. I looked up to those two. When my mom had us and a few years passed and as we progressed in age they began to fight over little things about us and sometimes of the neighbors or the bills. Like the usual things. But the thing was that they always had a solution and solved it and we all became family again. Lifty was always the one they focused on the most since he was born after me and was still their cute little baby. My dad taught me a lot about the responsibility and to always take care of my brother no matter what happens. I always had my brothers back. In fights, arguments, everything. My dad had a fascination with fedoras. He gave me the one that I still wear today. It was given to him by his father. He passed it down to me and it reminded him of himself when he first wore it. He wanted me to pass it on when I had my own family. It became my most prized possession ever since." Shifty said and had a look of depression. This concerned the both of them. Flippy placed his hand on Shifty's shoulder.

"Something bad happen after that didn't it Shifty?" Flippy said as he looks at Flippy and nods his head.

"Yeah it did… My dad was caught one day… stealing money from the vault. He did it when our family was starting to struggle as my mother was laid off when the economy began to plunder. My dad worked as hard as he could and the money he got barely passed as we got less food, less presents, less everything to see that he was doing his best to make sure we live a good life. But when he got fired and came home. We found out he had plan this after so long and had been stealing the money from the vault a couple of times when he came home with a "raise" My mom was horrified and we didn't understand since we we're still kids at that time. They broke out into really bad fights and our father began to drink and take his frustrations on the next thing he could find… me and my brother. I still have the marks after all these years." Shifty said and turned around as Flippy moved the fur around to show his flesh was whipped and had gashes across his back as Shifty showed long term bruises on his face. Flaky covered her face and cried lightly.

"I'm sorry to hear that Shifty… you and your brother didn't deserve that." Flaky said as Shifty forgave her.

"It's ok… I took most of the gashes and hits from my dad. I took my brothers place. I defended my brother from the monster that was my father. He was the reason that we got kicked out from our home, lived on the streets for 6 to 7 months, begging for money and robbing from stores to survive. My mother was beaten constantly. Her screams that night when we lived in our new home that was dirty and destroyed that only a homeless person could live in it. Just hearing her begging for the pain to stop. Glass being destroyed and the two fighting and struggling as they destroyed that bedroom. I held my brother close as we both cried, listening to her screams…. I couldn't take it anymore…. He came in that night with that whiskey bottle. He watched us and looked to see if we are sleeping. He told us that he was going to kill us after he finished with our slut of a mother. He laughed and I knew he meant it. He always had a gun under his bed; always threaten with us when he lost his job that if we didn't do something that he would shoot us. He almost shot Lifty when he ignored him. He missed him by a few inches. One day he taught us on how to steal and not be caught. He was my mentor as you may say on making me the person that I am now today. Stealing from others and making a living off from other people. My mother left and went to live with her family. Fought for as much as she could to get us from that horrible person. He won the case and we had to live with him. She cried and begged to let me and Lifty lived with her. But we had no choice but to live with him. One night after dealing with so much pain and abuse from him… we…I ended it. He was so drunk and left his guard down. I pull the gun and aimed it at him. He looked at me and told me that I didn't have the balls to kill my own father. He told me that I was a coward and that I was the worst son and that I was a disgrace to him and to the family…" Shifty said and began to control his anger as Flippy tried to calm him down.

"You shot him…didn't you?" Flaky said to Shifty who didn't say anything for a few minutes and gave a silent nod.

"That's when I took his van and it led to the life I have now. I got this bloody invitation and I joined and saved my brother's life from not being killed. I just want to leave here and see my brother again. My greediness got the best of me but I thought of the vacation and money could help us have a better life and now look at me. Telling my life story to you two that I barely know except your names and the locations of your home to steal. That's pretty much it…" Shifty said and slowly got up from Flippy's bed and looks at them. He waved a good bye to them to hear the intercom go off. The Host gave an angry tone over the intercom and pretty much shouted on the top of his lungs.

"ALL YOU BASTARDS REPORT TO THE MAIN HALL NOW! YOUR NEXT CHALLENGE IS READY FOR YOU!" The Host said and cuts off the intercom to see Oscar walking down the path in between the beds and passes all of the contestants.

"Well I see someone is not in a good mood. Let's see what the crazed psycho wants from us now." Oscar said and pulls out some black sunglasses and walks out of the room like a wannabe badass. The others looked at him and shake their heads in disagreement.

"What the heck is with that crazy monkey?" Spazz said to the others.

"He's Oscar, the funky monkey. What do you expect from someone who's immature and all weird?" Niki said to the others with a smile and walks towards the double doors to see the others following. Hollow slowly walks behind Flippy, Evil, Truffles, and Flaky. He laughs softly to himself and places his arms around Flaky and Truffles. He gives them both a glare and a devious smile as Truffles pushes him off.

"Don't you dare fucking touch me…. After what you did to Lammy… I hate looking at that ugly structure that you have called a face. I despise you for killing such a sweet innocent girl for your guilty pleasure. I hope that you're the next to die on this horrible show." Truffles said as Hollow looks at him and smiles as he shows Truffles the way out of the double doors.

"You first…" Hollow said with his trademark smirk. Truffles looked away in disgust and walked back into the room that had they enter in the previous challenge hours ago. Splendid took off his cast to see that it heal due to the medical treatment and his powers. Giggles limped lightly into the abandon room except a stand, a projection screen along with a desk and the projection itself. The Projection itself turned on to see The Host, sitting on the torn leather chair with the room behind him all destroyed. Papers scattered everywhere, screens smashed, cabinets and desks flung across the room. The Driver looks surprised and smiles to see the contestants. The Host breathes in rapid breathes and slowly calms down with the angry look remained. Staring at them. He slowly moved his body toward the screen, not saying a peep, look still on his face. The Driver waiting to see what will happen next as The Contestants were ready to hear another blowout from the crazed Host.

"Well… Hello everyone… It's nice… to see you all here. Well except one but let's forget about that for right now… I'm not in a mood like I usually am. I'll be much better once I see one of you die today. Today, you're going to be going on a lovely bus ride to an asylum that I was recommended to by Luna. Says on her files that I did nothing but talked gibberish and had a look of a crazy maniac in our later appointments. You may not remember me very much Luna… but I'll make sure that you don't. Now you're all my insane patients. This challenge is very easy for you. Someone in this asylum needs to be rescued and escaped there from our station guards and The Driver. We all know that Shifty and CrayZee are good at escape from lots of things. They will be your guides and can give you tips on how to escape. You need to find Patient X. He needs to be brought here. Do you all got that? Oh and I have some others that are just dying to see you all… Now get ready… the doors are about to open." The Host said to see the camera going into static and turns off to see the projection screen going up to show two doors with bars on the windows. A sign is placed on top of the doors as they read it. It was old with cobwebs around the edges of the sign. The lettering faded over the years but it was still readable.

Happy Tree Asylum: The Nuts don't always fall from the trees…

The doors open to hear an alarm set off which roweled up the crazed patients to smash their fists and bodies against the doors as screams echo throughout the asylum. Flippy, Aurora, Evil, Hollow, Splendid, CrayZee, and the others walked through and are ready to face whatever is inside. They hear The Host laughing and hear another buzzing sound to see all the doors begin to slowly open, letting each and every one of the crazed patients except a few to leave the rooms and walk out. They stare at the contestants and laughed crazily and moved slowly towards them. Flippy cocked his gun and aims it at the patients.

"Get ready everyone… aim your sights carefully and be prepared to fight to live. They are around us and are dangerous. When the first strikes, fight back. Get ready… get set…" Flippy said as they run towards them and jump over the railing to fight the contestants as Flippy pulls the trigger.

To Be Continued…. In Part 2

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